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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • mathew maynard(went to rydal)
  • Baggy No is a Captain on one of the premeir Scuba Dive boats out of Los Angeles
  • Yes. Ken Barlow (William Roache) went to school in Colwyn Bay. He was probably in Corrie back then...
  • Ken Barlow from Corrie went to rydal School James Bond (Timothy Dalton , he was only in 2)
  • Lemmy, used to live in Mochdre. And worked in Hotpoint, Llandudno Junction. Terry Jones' mother is burried in Llanellian. You've got the rest covered mate. Good job!
  • Timothy Dalton
  • fergal sharky is the dirt faced celebrity who is friend to everyone. he makes regular apperences in the local shopping centre, be sure to pay him a visit.
  • Wayne Chesters....shot a copper shot himself and still walks the streets man:)
  • did you know that Jimmy Savile went to the toilet on The Prom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • lemmy of motorhead/hawkwind must be the bays only credible ex-resident
  • Mickey Thomas (old Manchester player) lives in the area.
  • Did you know that Sir Jimmy Savile Once Drove Through Colwyn Bay! While he was in his Jim-will-fix-it Era!!!!!!! WOW!
  • When Colwyn Bay was an ancient "little chef" kind of place during the reign of angevins, it was said that his father laid camp here and had a vision of a man in a cloak walking towards him and saying (translated): "you must follow what in your minds eye is for the benefit of the human race. you have done enough for yourself and for others, it is now your priority to look after the future".
  • Anybody who's anybody will have lived in C.B.
  • Laura and Steve Edney of the 'Edneys' fame, she famous handstander of the Imp he footaballer of prodicious talent and frequenter of various milkbars all over North Wales, also, Foxy, megashagtastik, in his own view.
  • it was either richard madley (him of the pinch 'n' Judy fame) or ken barlow who went to ridel high or that school from grease i dont know any more ive confused my self ... did i go to riddell or am i olivia... don't know!!
  • What about Darren (surname escapes me) used to lay with Thin Lizzy, he lives here and he now has his own band called "Dare" - excellent too - they play in lots of local pubs in the area - and Paul Usher (Barry Grant - formally in Brookside)plays with them too sometimes
  • Helen Willets-BBc 1 weather girl, used to go to Eirias High, play badminton for Stella Maris and live in Colwyn Heights What about Barry Grant from Brookside who live in old Colwyn
  • Lemmy from Motorhead used to live in the Bay. Terry Owen (Michael's Dad) used to play for Colwyn Bay F.C.
  • Reference to 'Colwyn Bay Grammar School now Eirias High School' is wrong. Colwyn Bay Grammar School was actually closed down by the then Education Secretary and then, three months later, a new school was opened using buildings from both the ex-Grammar and ex-Secondary Modern schools. It may not seem important, but it matters a lot to the kids which attend the other schools in the Bay.
  • Paula Yates (so legend has it) went to Penrhos and was expelled. Hoorah.
  • Paula Yates R.I.P. was born in CB in 1960
  • Terry Jones (Pythons), Timothy Dalton.
  • Mike Walker (former Norwich and Everton Football Clubs manager) and Mickey Thomas (former Wales, Stoke City, Manchester United and Wrexham footballer).
  • What about Alun Michael who is the shadow home secretary? He attended Colwyn Bay Grammar School, now Eirias High (an award winning grant maintained school). Also Gareth Williams the Bass singer with the Flying Pickets is a Colwyn Bay lad.
  • Neil Crud, one time editor of Crud magazine which lasted eight issues before he was arrested under the Obscene Publications Act(!). In its short lived career the 5,000 per issue circulation magazine managed to recieve libel writs from Express Newspapers after a cartoon of Rupert Bear growing cannabis was published, from an ex-BBC producer & the local Chief Supt. after they had been ridiculed. Four front page news headlines in the local newpapers for writing articles such as A Guide To Shoplifting, Being A Successful Arsonist & advertising a fun phone-in where the participants are encouraged to dial 999 from as many call boxes as you can & leave the phone off the hook! Geoffrey Dickens MP was sent a copy by a concerned parent in Manchester & he sent it to the Home Office who immediately ordered an investigation into the magazine, subsequently record shops selling the 'zine were raided & the owners arrested, as was Neil Crud. Owing to the nature of the magazine (humourous but very rude), and the way the police handled the case, all charges were dropped & the officers in charge of the case were demoted to the rank of constables! After having his home upturned and the threat of a potential two years in jail for his magazine, Neil Crud decided that it had run its course, along with his band 4Q who managed to get banned from 23 venues across North Wales for various actions such as inciting violence, spraying the audience with a hose pipe, nudity, as well as outraging the surviving Beatles with a version of John Lennon's 'Imagine' with the lyrics: "John Lennon got a bullet in the middle of his chest, if I had my way Paul McCartney's next..." he decided to call it a day and pursue a more financially viable career.
  • Rod Richards - conservative MP for Clwyd North West and former Minister of State for Wales.
  • Wasen't Hannibal Lector from the Bay???
  • Alun Michael is now the Secretary of State for Wales. Timothy Dalton (ex James bond) is Colwyn Bay lad.
  • Rod Richards (Conservative) is no longer the MP. At the last election Gareth Thomas (Labour) was elected.

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