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Cheap Food in Congleton, Cheshire*

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Cheap Food
  • macdonalds or kfc
  • Mrs B's
  • Go to the Hot-spot when you are drunk and get a curry. Your lives will be better afterwards i promise. You have to sit outside and eat it like a tramp - its so much better.
  • weatherspoons always cheap and nice, also try heath farm(2 for 1)pub. portofinos yummy and takeaway i recommend chopsticks
  • Portofino italian restaurant in Swan Bank plus many others
  • Highfield's (formerly Lamburn's (formerly Little's)) is nice (and people leave me lots of big tips). Reuben Stubbs and some Italian one where the waiting staff are ALL really angry. There must be about a dozen Chinese takeaways in Congleton.
  • While the Taste of Raj serves excellent food, the prices have been steadily rising. Beer at 3.20 a pint is taking the p155. I think that they are pricing themselves out of the market so I have started using the Bon-O-Phool where the food is almost as good, but is half the price.
  • Chopstix - Chinese takeaway. You can see the food being cooked and it's probably the best Chinese food you'll get outside of Beijing.
  • Go to Al -Amin they do a cracking Phall, Bono (Goddam) phool is greasy and u are never welcome, Taste of Raj, apparently one of the best, in my books its a bit of a schlock curry.
  • The Woodlands on West Road is spot on for food and a good drink. New people in there since Easter, and its improving all the time. Food is good and the beer is too! Definately recommended!
  • Porto Fino, the new Italian restaurant on Swan Bank, is excellent.
  • The pie shop on Brook Street - excellent meat and potato pies. Anne's Plaice chippy in Buglawton.
  • Loads of Indians. Taste of Raj is excellent. Forum is a very good Chinese and Reuben Stubbs is nice. Kel's Pies. Mmmmmm.
  • Taste of Raj - voted one of the best Indians in Europe. And it is indeed.
  • KELS!! Quality
  • The Wharf - I've said before and I'll say it again - BOB ON!!!
  • Reuben Stubbs Bistro does pretty good food, and as for take-aways check out The Paragon (Chinese) in Buglawton, Shahrazad for an after 16 pints Kebab, and just further up Lawton Street is the best chippie in Congleton (Gregory's). Congleton Tandori and The Raj are tops for Curry fans and for those times when you can't even get out of your chair, Parkin Pizza's deliver
  • Kels - Pies galore - quality in a greasy paper bag!! The Wharf
  • Loadsa places. Lamburns on Little Street The Raj - excellent Indian on Lawton Street The Forum - really good Chinese near the Leisure Centre

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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