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Hookup Spots
  • red hall m8 fucking place to be laaaa
  • wtf?
  • WTF HOW DID YOU DO THAT! Dude its soo cool!!! How to hack willu teach me!?

  • I am the biggest haxor on the planet!

  • lolololol

  • hello
  • hadyn please stop eating curry.
  • bum tingggg
  • i know im way to good for dat shit.
  • Danny shouldn't play in Defence
  • dion is the worst keeper ever.. everyone in the clwyd there is really no point in signing him he is a waste of time and come to think of it he might aswell be shot
  • Ur shit at back passes Danny
  • russ is the biggest wanker ever
  • Hi Danny
  • Hello dion you cat
  • Hayden gibbo loves noodles loads!!!!!! He wanks over them every night before bed
  • Dion Lewis is a sex god
  • horrible place to live
  • Wow.. The grammar is shameful.
  • As a 'Mosher' Or 'Goth' I find your comments immature and pathetic. It's okay, you'll all be workimg for one when/if you grow up kiddies.
  • 90% Of this is outdated and all recorded by chavs.
  • The nicest places I find in Connahs Quay are; The Dee and Wepre Park. Although I prefer the Dee as Wepre is infested with chavs, The Dee is a nice place if you want to get away form it all.
  • Connahs Quay isn't as bad as it's made out, if anything it's the people that live there and alot of them are actually quite nice. Don't judge if you haven't met anyone from here because the majority are 'Sound' unfortunatly there is the odd one of two 'Yoof' with around 5-6 brain cells, otherwise known as chavs that live here, actually in all honestly it's around 90% of the population is chavs and they're, well, not really even worth talking about. But the other 10% are good, hardworking people who should not be judged by there standards just because we live among them.
  • hook up spots in connahs quay? you are joking!! i have watched this place fall deeper and deeper into poverty the place is depressing full stop and if you don't agree seriously stop kidding your self. the job rate around here is one of the worst in wales there simply isnt any jobs and if there is every man and his dog cat and wife go for it pubs are shutting down on a regular basis and please don't mention weather spoons is the place to be you just fall into the dead head category if you think that and then there's the town? well if your ever hungry there's plenty of places to grab a bite........ seriously that's all there is food shops pastry shops cafes greasy spoons o and there's a Iceland probably the best place in town apart from all the hairdressers so ye food and a hair cut if you need that this is the place to rock seriously the place is a joke and i was born and raised there so glad i got away from that place but hey on the top side if you are a wanna be drug dealer or looking to sell set up here every one there loves a hit now and then or if you are really hard............ or think you are you will blend in well and there's an added bonus if you have a nice motor you could drive the streets picking up the younger generation and start a worse generation with you young girlfriend...honestly the quicker you realise that's this place is dieing the better get out as soon as you can trust me the place is in a mess and I'm sorry to slate the place as i said i was born and raised there best thing i ever did was get out........ or it would of killed me..... good luck to all and take note.
  • Stu tudor driving round in his sports car still tying to pick up school kids
  • cerris edwards the propa woo woo alcho queen lives by redhall
  • wepre park
  • hi cat heitz
  • 1, 2 mad julies comin4u. 3,4 she gona nok ur door 5,6 she needs a fix, 7,8 she needs a m8
  • leoni legs 11. if u want a quick n easy shxg
  • cerys edwards in the woo wooo alky crew
  • impy lin in the spar ha ha
  • redhall full of mack rats. mad julie wot a legend
  • Looks like the Red Hall Shops is the place for underage drinkers again (Not the Pub). Gettin pissed of 2 cans of stella, your hard are'nt you. Eating your £1 dinners from M&M. Go and get yourself some real food.
  • the cricket pitch! i was 1 of the few people who actualy went there 2 watch cricket lol! well and 4 the piss ups after it, the tunnels many a drunken night getting chased by the 50, top park last day of high school oh so very drunk!cnt belive the police are gunna b there now 2 stop em! let em have there fun! sleeping under the upturned boat doing an all nighter down the docks, the red hall cqe lmao wot a joke! behind kwicks in the trees about 70 teenagers impossible 2 get down from there without falling on ur arse and getting coverd in mud! the field by kwicks rememba falling asleep and getting woken up by some girls in my year who had 2 drag me home, rock park the police never caught you there! the alley by the hare and hounds gettin served 4 alcohol at 13 an drinkin it on the sly lol, the trees on the cricky lol vv good memories there. wepre park getting lost whle trying 2 walk home pissed! oh dear! the jonny field named for obvious reasons, the field at the top of badgers walk liked that 1 was close 2 my house! the figure of 8 good for wackin school! any1 who had a free house every1 was there even if theyd never spoken a word 2 them in there life!the park at the top of the cricky was a massive fight and all the chavs started trying 2 beat up the so called 'goths' found that rly hard as i was friends with both spar park amazin met so many people that i never seen ever again, even if i did i wouldnt remember!normanby park that was always good fun lol!
  • aaaaw the good old days hay. welcome to connahs quay wer the rain never stops qand theres never nethin to do apart from bitch about other people get drunk fight and smash some thing. the good old kwick save car park wer you can go and burn them tires and smoke your motor to impress the girls. it hasnt changed for 18 years its a tradition for the young as i did along time ago to go and hang out to find some activity, get mashed and even pick up a score with your mates to start your friday wicked weakend the kwik save!!! a place for cars birds and lads to mingle hook up and get wasted to start your weekend but if the kwik safe fails you well hay lets walk to the red hall ""smacks fill"" wer we can always find stimulants from the same old faces that have bin there for over 15 years, sort it out and get a life and grow up boys!!! arh the red hall the sweat stench of old ale and piss, this is wer the bad boys hang out..... pmslau..... ye reet in there old batterd tackies and rockys that look like thay havent bin washed for years and there hard skin head hair doos ye u mean u cant afford a hair cut. this is wer u can most defenatly get a score and start ur night off by shouting at passers by then when we have got soted for the night with are cans of stella and drugs we can all move on down to the crickey pitch wer we can all act how we want get mashed meet up with more of r m8ts smash a couple of things and set fire to nethin that burns just to impress the girls that have met up with you. now the nisgt is starting so come on lets go to the weper park the all niter of partys this is the big one this is wer it all goes off its kickin here we can get mashed up here wer no one can see us and tell us of big car park wer all r m8ts who can drive can meet us up there pick some young desperate girls up burn the visiting center down again have a fight get wasted and go home to and do it all again little bit of truth to all you up and comers wen you leave school save up and work hard and move out of connahs quay its the best thing i ever did trust me save up and move away that place will drag you down and im sorry to say.
  • wepre park
  • There isn't anywhere for anyone to go who isn't some kind of junky tracksuit wearing alcoholic scally tbh. Up wepre is alreet sometimes though.
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  • Connahs quay is an O.K. place to be apart from the nunbskulls who live there
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  • connahs qauy goths r wankers dey can go n fuck dem selvz dat al i gta say lyk !!!!
  • Hook up spots are a thing of the past now as the young people of Connahs Quay move away or grow up.
  • The Blue Shelter `roud the rock gone now i`m afraid. All we seem to have are ferral youths all over the place. The Quay is not that bad it`s the `youf` that don`t know how to entertain themselves properly that spoil it. Uneducated, Uncaring, Unthinking. Come on The Quay pull yourself together.
  • Connahs is blighted by the youth of the area who have no brains
  • red hall-this is where people hang around who are not goth's(damien rusvich u nob)an most of his mates. people at red hall dont class them selves as SCALLYS! they class them selves as potheads if you realy new them (goth's) o an for the rigby's an king's ect is right to ya (these are very down to earth) just goth's dont like them!
  • hahahahahaha who bin writin dis shit like? sounds like sum 20 year old goth who was picked on in schoool by tha popular kidz laaaaaaa and i betcha live on tha dole dntcha liiiiiid. Dnt diss Bodnant either cap'n. You're propa solid aswell intcha fella, askin for fights anonymously! SHIIIIIIIIIT ROCKY! Leave a name next time ya ginger biscuit nan
  • We all hang bour up wepa park dese days!!! an yes its fuckin awesome unless ur dem 23 year old lads dat r up der stil tryin 2 pull da quick n easy gurls from dicky gwyn!! an anuva fing if u r guna dis da RIGBYS at least learn 2 spell der names ryt u sad fuckers!! its R I G B Y duh!!! haha
  • Connahs Quay is basically a large housing estate. But it isn`t all that bad, it is full of people from all parts of the country and this makes it quite cosmopolitan. Not everywhere is perfect so we don`t deserve many of the comments made by the "yoof"of the town.
  • if you hate connah's quay so much y dont ya FUKIN MOVE OUT of it PRICKS!!!!!!
  • Connahs Quay
  • connahs quay is a shitty dump and should be blown up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • connahs quay is a shitty dump and should be blown up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • the cricky park is where we hang out loads of soz hard crews cum n start bt we jst tell um 2 go where da sun dnt shine. den da pigs cum n av a go at us cause we r in more than a 2 to 3 croud ( cause ders bout 50 of us) n all flint ppl go bk ome cause it connah's quay n it is already shit enough wiv out all u ppl!!! going up the lanes r da place 2 go now!!! ( only if u r a wanna b )
  • who the hell did this site LOL well funny i live here and it sux arse proper!!!!
  • Red Hall as always , mad jimmy reay , beeping his horn at 3am and throwing stuff in the neighbours gardens as usual. i herd him arguin wiv his mum at 1 am one day cos he was going out with a torch to go peepin tommin
  • Red hall is alright you can allwasy get people to in for ya drink or fags there! And its not a fucking spot where slags and people who think there hard hang round! People who write shit about the place are just nobeds with no fucking life and where bullyed when they where younger, If you dont like Connahs Quay FUCKING MOVE OR DONT COME HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kwiks is getting shit but it use to be alright watching porn in the security mans office, me mates Morgan, Loz, Katie, Anna, Sam, Ste, Rach The rest no who they are!!
  • fishing
  • Fuck you danny i would wipe the floor with your fuckin face nom. love gaz
  • fuck you danny i would wipe the floor with your fuckin face now you little prick. love gaz
  • down the docks
  • Connahs Quay is a shit hole wiv nob heads in it! its alot better where we hang out! no sayin any thing! we all get on no fighting no vandals! jst mates
  • Da Spar 4 all da goths who gt stoned n act like dicks 4 da scally's 2 cum dwn n twat em like dat mong mojo n watty lol. Wepre on a last day of school u guaranteed 2 gt laid
  • Anywhere in the quay there is always DICKHEADS hanging around thinking they are the shit and they all go to Connah's Quay High the shittish school in the U.K.
  • the cricket pitch were me and chris whent all the way
  • back of the kwicks were chris and wez did bad things
  • shit sticks were sexy chris ans me had sex all day
  • yeh the quay is a shit hole but only cos of the wane be scallys 'angin round redhall finkin der `ard, they need to go to l`pool or birken`ead n get twated to realise dat der not ard at all!!!!!! kwiks used to be a laf a few years ago wen we hung round the deg on a friday nite but now were old enuf 2 get inside! arrhhh wayne its not ur fault u ain't growin but we still luv ya an ur bruva an fat gaz n iz wika chair!!!!!! big up to SAM,KEL,AB,KERRI,J,AD,STE,ANDY,GAZ,TUDES,DOZ,AR KID JR AN THE REST!!!!!!!!!!!
  • i h8 red hall,itz sad stupid n pointless.ppl gettin pissd, shoutin abuse 2 whoeva passes. ther is another place. much betta than that. mostly moshers but ther r normal ppl ther 2, like me n me m8s. (damien, mojo, helo. daine ur fukin fit im guna shag u silly) if ne1 readin this nos mojo n damien etc tel em harold, jimmy, clark n mike say a big helloooo! tel mojo harold sed "take advantage". they r nik names by da way!
  • Red Hall -- 3rd most depived area in wales, shit hole UK, Red Hall crew what a bunch of wankers. The Kings And Ribigs come and get sum. Boathouse -- The so called rock hard crew, U SUCK Civic -- Mostly OK Ppl but a few wannabes
  • The field @ da top of hillside where all da lads go to kick da football bout 4 no fuckin reason (yeah dats u wes n bennett)like chris morris who was goin out wit my best mate den he fucked nay n made her fuckin suicidal
  • hi cat (heitz!!) wot the fuck is wrong wiv redhall bus stop n the ppl that sit there?we'v (cider ppl from mold alun) spend hours ther gobbin off n more importantly drinkin cider, lambrini or if it was a special occasion red square!! the best place was the crikey over a year ago that was!and girls remember the docks and ray hankin...say no more! good piss ups at the criky, wepre and red'all! jus wana say hi to cat, claire, jess, nik, skegwinkle, dirk, ray and mark and the other cider ppl who used 2 go the criky every friday from feb 2002 - july 2002 miss u all except ray lol
  • Red Hall - been on telly as a notorious drug area , full of junkies and slags the place to avoid a council house swap to ,be warned. little 5 yr olds run past shouting "wanna shag".
  • every1 one 4got 2 mention the park at the top of hillside! oh and MOST importantly EVER! the cricket pitch park (by the navy club) ! the white lightenin etc: girls u no who u r! (HIYA CLAIRE, LOZ, JESS, SHORTY, N NIK!!!!) by the way people 2morow (friday the 25th of april) big gathering of people on the cricket pitch park (by the navy club) from 6pm til 11pm! b there! LADS N GIRLS 4 EVERY1! free alcohol!!!!!! (ahem....) WE LUV U SKEGWINKLE! LMAO
  • Go 2 the red hall and u will find a group of teens u called them sells the red hall crew. There all a group of NOBHEADS U CAN GO AND FUCK THEM SELLS
  • The Civic This is the place where most of my mates hang. We all skate and have a good time. Unless the pigs come and they tell you about how "We wount tell if you don't" But any way in case your woundering what am I on about its real name is the Civic Gardens, the place witha all the steps all benches and a phone box (01244 814555) Most of the people are ok but there are a dick heads who go past in there cars shouting "GOTHS!" and shit like that. So come down if you want a laugh! (BUT!!! If your a fucking scally walking aroung in ya rockys sayin "What ya say about me MUM?? or a swet meaning someone who where's a Linkin park huddy and skate on a Argos board, then you can FUCK OFF BACK TO TWAT LAND!!!!!)
  • Red Hall where u find a load of fucking salleys acting hard and thinking they are god gift 2 womens. The Top Of Fron Road by the BoatHouse is just as worse.
  • Who are all the NOBHEADS that hang around the the RED HALL siting on the bench under the bus sleather.
  • well has ne1 seen the civic lately & somerfield its full of f.r.e.a.k.s - so if ur one of them thats the plave 2 b!
  • Ahhhhh the kwiks standing by sams chipy getting abuse shouted at u when people start leaving the deg at 11 ...and then gettig into a fight with a puffy 25 yr old who is stuck at 5ft tall ,and twating him even though u r 15 oh yes sleeping on the kwiks roof seems agood thing to do if u decide to do an allniter n e way connahs quay is a sht place to live (only good thing is shelly garside ) cya ,..............!!!
  • hillside park or the albion where loads of under age kids hang out and get pissed and smoke weed in the back by the snooker tables, then start fights and think bug and antony will back them up when they won't.
  • jifs at bodnant grove
  • Those were the days, sitting outside sam's chippy, on Kwiks car park (burn outs handbrakes even a lad hitting a speed bump at 5mph and wrote his bike off. Alot of youngsters hang around there know but as many as when all my friends and I did, I find it quite funny know driving passed and their all standing there getting absolutley soaking. So if your a new kid to the area go up to the Kwiks car park, you might be accepted, who knows.
  • I live round the corner from kwicks and used to hang around there when i was younger. O.k i used 2 go up there every friday night (friday nights u no they were good!!)2 get pissed but there was nothing else 4 us 2 do, dya blame them 4 goin up there? The lads that hang round up there in cars are my mates and i think you will find there not up there trying 2 pick up girls. Theres just nothing else 4 them 2 do, their not harming n e 1,r they!! And who said that 80 people hang round up there? don't think they do!Maybe when i used hang round there, yeah there was loads of us. Remember the good old days girls, u no they were good!! Also who hangs round redhall no one Kappa Slappers who r they ? (NO-ONE)thats who
  • People who hang about the quicks need to get a life and stop talking about things that happend 10 years ago............ As for the rest of connahs quay you might as well call it flint with the amount of lads from flint which live here now.
  • Kwiks car park (you know who you all are)!! great place if ya want somewhere to sleep (talk about boring).Main event of the night, get drunk and act like little queers in front of everyone
  • Wepre Park - easy girls only!
  • The Kwick's Car park! All the idiots still trying to pick up 13 year olds. Wez, Wez & Gaz, u know who u r. The Red Hall mafia nad the Kappa slappers. Same old people with the same attitudes. Wepre park and the bloody fishing pond (Rosey). Youth club discos, nice! Has any one told Fred the News agent that he's an alchoholic. Simon's the newsagents,at the Red Hall nice selection of banned porn on the top shelf. Has the wood across from Kwicks got any trees left?
  • kwiks..........o no,
  • Any where .. like the last person I used to hang around the Red Hall (by the way HI GAZ!) Kwick Save is a good place if u r looking to get battered - I've had plenty of goof fights (oh memories!) The wepre is pretty good - sometimes it's packed other times it's like a ghost park. If you are looking for a good time leave the Quay and go any where - cause as I am a teenager from the Wuay I know howcrap it is. Shotton is even better.
  • The Red Hall is where you are bound to find a group of teens. They call them selves the Red Hall Crew just like the group that hang around the Kwick Save are called the Kwickie Crew. In teh Red Hall you will find desperate girls trying to hook up with the local lads - who will use them for one thing and then dump them. If you are looking for a quick snog that's the place to go - oh and if u wanna get drunk!
  • well i think connahs quay is a great place to live (only jokin) its a bloody dump esspecially normanby drive.
  • Wepre Park is usually packed with lads in their late teens picking up on girls that are even 14 yet. Out side Claytons is a good spot if your looking for under-age kids trying to get served in the off liscence (yes thats you Doz!) The youthy is a cool even though too many young kids go trying desperately to be cool and failing miserably. Another place to go is up Kwix where a kids just drink be merry!
  • Sports Centre ( Astroturf)
  • Wepre Park.

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