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Alternative Lifestyle
  • Pins & needles in the town centre and many more around the town
  • Pins & needles in the town centre and many more around the town
  • dont go wellandvale tatto shop the guy does ur tattos propa fukin squinty
  • good tattooist up at Howitts Courtyard.
  • welland vale........ slinging ink used to be up town....think she operates from home now
  • wellandvale for piercings, although if you're getting snakebites they'll probably end up wonky. most corby grebs go to kettering or bigger towns for piercings and that
  • defo wellnd vale wiked
  • tattos and peicings are the thing to do cuz its so easy 2 do underage
  • The hairdressers at Pychley court is good.
  • I guy i know called daz does my tattoos, i had one done up wellend vale but his prices are a bit steep.
  • If you care to come look at the photo albums at Slinging Ink Studios UK in TOWN CENTRE corby you will find that Janet is a good tattooist... She cant choose what piece of shat that people choose to mark themselves with, however when the tattoo is complete it is nicely tattoo'd even if it is shat design. It is a great place to come have a chill.. just a shame that most of ya's arent old enough or smart enough to have a decent tattoo... just wait til your old enough and she will fix those shAtty lil tattoo's you picked up in other places.. alrite numpties.. that's nuff for now.. laterz.... p.s. Tinny the shop's receptionist has a massive wang.. and McGurk has his pierced..come have a lick...??? HAHA LOOK... :)
  • wellandvale man thay ink up all us 14 year olds n fuck r bodies up 4 life
  • wellingvale tattooists
  • Slinging Ink is the new tattoo shop in the town center, much better than the unhygienic Welland Vale.
  • slinging ink up town - not good for tatoos janet aint too great but tha piercings in there are amazin - nice clothes upstairs too wif an ace atmosphere

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