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The Best Things
  • Fucking love Corby.
  • The people are brilliant. Good sense of humour, there to help if you need it.
  • The people are brilliant. Good sense of humour, there to help if you need it.
  • it can be alright but most people are shocking
  • best thing bout corby we are all livin here so the ones that hate it that much move out ive lived here all my life never had anyprobs ,u will get an arsehole in everytown but hey deal with it
  • ITS NOT KETTERING................
  • corby is the best, i am not afraid to go out at night. the british people here are some of the friendliest people you could ever meet!I moved away a few times but always came back. here to stay. CORBY i love and salute you, my home and i am proud to be CORBISH.
  • the ladies
  • corby is a ace town i was a wee shit at school cant spell to save my life now drank up the 12 archers but made the best of friends and so many good memories so all them posh fukas who r callin all kids chavs n hoodies give a kid a break a dress sence does not make u a littile cunt !!
  • Oh yeh um well on my first ever rock to fakie when i was 6 i went to this huge ramp that is almost impossible to drop into its amazing
  • Eggy Language...WTF are they on about
  • The good people of the town
  • To the gobshyt that spouted earlier twice about the scottish fkin off out of corby to go bk to glasgow or other parts of scotland . well let me tell you this off you ...cos we built this town...grrr....ya know nothin...if you dnt like it here then u fk off cos i tell u this now....your the minority and if you carry on with your nonsense someone stick the head on you lmao fkn idiot grrr
  • Exeter Estate
  • I live in the old village area and i wish that it had stayed that way the silence is GOLDEN, anyway if it did stay like that i may not have discovered irn bru at the age of 2 (i am not a chav btw)
  • the people.......
  • People are friendly and a good laugh in general.
  • mad terry
  • The people in Corby
  • watching the band the fitz in the raven club...
  • da people ma mates n the crack we have in skwl lol
  • all the pound shops!!!
  • the great range of trammpy shops
  • My family lives here....thats probably the one thing thta keeps everyone here.
  • marshal
  • The social depravity.
  • The undeniable supply of any drug you want
  • Whilst i have to admit there are slightly better looking towns round and about, at least i haven't grown up with a Northamptonshire accent, me owd boodie. Even Corby Sassenachs and Micks should be glad they've got a Jock accent instead of that.Get down on yer knees and thank the lord that you don't go to the boozer on a 'Toosdee' and order a ' swift aarf'. The craic, of which there's still plenty even when the surroundings and facilities are shite. And i think the barbers are ok !
  • storm
  • the peoples friendhip, cant go to asda for a quick shop ends up taking 5 years as you recall the past with sevral million people you know
  • the roads out of town
  • Cheap drink, any old granny can buy you at the age of 8 from the local shop.
  • corby overall is a great place if u where brought up there which i was but if people dont know you keep it that way!!
  • Free Shopping in WH Smiths in Town Centre
  • the best things about corby are all the people in it the town is a legand everyone loves it here innit people big up corby
  • u gt 2 du woteva u wnt realli lolz ...4 teenagers ..jst hang owt on da streets...der aint nuffin else 2 du...n dey wna y der is truble wit teenagers...hello were bored!!
  • Lots of lovely countryside, and the surrounding small village areas. The fact that Catalyst Corby are taking action - give it a chance!
  • most stuff here is gd
  • corby people
  • most of the people
  • The MOnring after best band in town
  • uh, oxfam/?!
  • o god i dno wot corby wud do wivout the kidz stotin outside the shopz cus theyve jus ad a cyder lolly nd fink they r hammerd..askin ppl to get them fagz that they jus pretend to smoke and then throw away?
  • The 'WELCOME TO HELL!'graffiti which can be found in the old bus station. Nothing could be more fitting.Its almost poetic...
  • the scottish majority of course!
  • Being able to speed, drink n get stoned pretty much wherever you like because nobody really cares!
  • knowing were all going to a better place. even if were going to hell
  • The people, despite the ripping i have given the town, its the best in the county! If not the funniest. The way they speak is great,
  • You can bye loadsa drugs in corby anything at cheap rates
  • corby
  • I dont live there anymore!
  • The best thing in corby has to be Rockingham motor speedway, Only good thing to happen to Corby for a long time!! The only other good thing in Corby is the road to Kettering or any road that leads out of Corby.
  • The best thing in corby has to be Rockingham motor speedway, Only good thing to happen to Corby for a long time!! The only other good thing in Corby is the road to Kettering or any road that leads out of Corby.
  • the irn bru! friendly scottish people!-ur all da best! ma bf hehe!
  • dirty hoes willing to suck the cock off anything that moves [wicked init] drink beany shops free bikes free hash
  • theres a geezer called ross gallagher if u hav a car or a bike the theiving cunt will nick it or hav a jolly good try a no cuz tthe little theif stole ma cavalier sri
  • the people with their 90degree burberry caps who say ''oh n that'' - they rock!!!! IRON-BRU!!! we were one of the first places in england to have it.... YAY!!!
  • loadsa celtic fans, being blessed with irn bru all our lives unlike the poor bas***ds everywhere outside of scotland who've just got it. being able to get scotch rolls and pies etc. sense of community.
  • Having the intelligence to get out and see a civilised world, the world that strives more towards your ideal life rather than Corby, a socially diseased place, run by twatty kids in trackies with their own inbred accent and twatty parents who chuck them out of the house all day with nothing to do except burn cars and drink cheap cider outside shops at night, getting pregnant at 13 to produce more and more of these useless fuckwits.
  • The people always friendly you cannot walk through the town centre with out someine saying hello alright etc etc AND THE NEW CORBY STAR bus service is great
  • it's home, u can still escape elsewhere!!!
  • sexi lads,(not many here though) alana, n jay mcdonald, he is a proper legend
  • if ur from corby hav the accent(go round shoutin o`u gimp ill batta u) and wear the latest townie gear and blingin jewellery then ur accepted and can get any 1 battered when u leave the town as u all stick 2getha.
  • That by some act of God, Allah, Buddha, Mohammed and Yoda Corby has avoided being listed in the 50 Crappiest Towns in the UK book. Unexpected, most defintely. Will it last, probably not. Expect a rapid rise to the top of the list, at least its something for all the neds to aim for isn't it?
  • There's so much open space, woodland and greenery in Corby. A trip into town means a stroll stroll through the woods, stopping off at the boating lake and lettin g the kids play at the park. And traffic is still free flowing, minimal congestion, rarely a queue. You could even count the number of traffic lights in Corby on one hand.
  • Any road away from Corby
  • CTC, the opportunity for sane children to leave and join the real world. The cheapness of everything. Always a taxi available
  • Corby is full of a few selective characters tho everyone knows just about everyone, its a wacky place to be!!
  • Corby is full of a few selective characters tho everyone knows just about everyone, its a wacky place to be!!
  • Best things friday and saturday nites gettin shitfaced up the shops wit ya mates and meetin somone mongin goin off and gettin ya greasy kebab lovely !!!!
  • The Pen green center.This center is a great escape for those are pregnent or already have children under 5 years . People r really frendly once u get to know them,they dont judge u,and if u need support there's someone there.
  • There are some great skateboarding spots and you will always find skaters around anywhere you go (around the town centre mostly)
  • The best thing about corby is the town centre. There are always lots of skaters up there. If you fancy a swim Corby Swimming pool aint thatt bad.
  • being at the bus station wrecked out of your face in summer sourrounded by all your friends makes you feel appraciated
  • being at the bus station wrecked out of your face in summer sourrounded by all your friends makes you feel appraciated --jr--
  • You will always be in the good knowledge any gear bought in Corby will be of the finest purity and match any bought on the streets of Amsterdam or Kabul.
  • Friends and sex drink and drugs...
  • The English minority
  • I managed to escape. Oh, and no matter where I am in the world, no matter how bad life is treating me, I always know that there are 60,000 people in Northamptonshire who are far worse off than I will ever be. The Corby sense of humour is however, to be unrivalled throughout the world in my opinion. The one good thing that living here does do is make you find hilarious ways of enjoying yourself. Like cutting down trees in East Carlton Park at 3 in the morning. Steve...
  • Memories of winter's afternoon's and Tuesday evenings at Occupation Road with thousand plus crowds shouting on the Steelmen and fish and chip supper on the way home. Playing rugby at S&L and then Corby where it was more friendly. All the woodland in town as a kid and the countryside to cycle in (this is all when motor cars were scarce you understand)...bombing down Rockie Hill on me bike, and in to the Sonders Arms when old enough. Corby being right next to Rutland-shire and the 'forgotten Cotswolds'. Caring folk.
  • hsh
  • The fact that despite suffering years of neglect, mismanagement and no investment, the majority of the people are friendly and outgoing. People in Corby CARE. It's not our fault if that isn't matched by our governors.
  • Tim Byles as Showrooms is now extended and revamped, newly named BYLERS FIRES AND FIREPLACES
  • the community of the place - see a person from Corby outside of corby and they act like ure their best mate and all of a sudden u know several of their cousins/uncles/aunties/brothers/sisters
  • all your friends and family are only ever a half hour walk away
  • the people in this town are some of the friendliest i've met, many close communities.
  • hahahahahahahahaha
  • The generosity of the people wwho live here. We're fab!!! no, I mean it!! An article in the paper said that research into charity giving by Barclaycard had show that Corby was the 5th most generous town in the whole of the UK. Our annual giving per person per year is 36% above the national average.
  • the lincolin aint a bad place in corby wen u live der its good its jus cus ppl dnt like da estate
  • the people are usually sound,n most corby ppls can look after them selves!!! most people eitha suppoert celtic or rangers so evry1 belongs 2 a wee group!!
  • The Spirit of the people who live here, a newspaper recently reported that Corby is the 5th most generous town in the whole of the UK, with average giving to charity per person 36% above the national average.
  • its only 8 miles away from Kettering
  • GREENBOX!! gd old dirrty berty!! <<< legend GO MONTY ITS YA BIRTHDAY!
  • cida n blak n gr8 oakly prk (only if ya got drink tho)!
  • c.c.c!!! known 2 pplz as corby cabbage camp byt datz cuz der all spaz'z who went beanie n der skewl got knocked down ... or they go lodgey another boofy skewl!!! or popey der jus bible basherz!! STEVIE WAY!!!! KICKZ ASS N ALL DE PPL IN IT R WELL GD M8Z!!! ecky iz alrite dat not az w0rse 4 crime no more!! seein all de estate fightz!!! e.g stevie way, ecky bogratz, stinkin lincoln, arron way, pluto mob .... but a mus say all de ppl r sound from lincoln n pluto!! all de ars0n, theft,graffiti gettin chases of old bill all de yummy ladz!!! like Jordan Linsay, STEVEN EARL!!!! steven mitchell!! Venard!! ect ect ....
  • Corby Police. They are fantastic, I swear down. I am a typical Corby whinging f****er I always ring the police for poxy non police matters but they always respond with a caring proffesional approach. Give them a pay rise. Big up to the Corby massive.
  • what best things there are none they dont exist they are aload of p**s
  • the green town (was painted green instead of blue, how wonderful!)
  • The only good things about Corby are the boating Lake, Rockingham Castle and Rockingham Speedway.
  • being in so many records, like guiness book, and worlds worst towns
  • mates
  • The fact that there is a road that one day will take me far far away from this place
  • The best thing about Corby will be the day when all the sweaty jock tossers go back to where they came from. They all stink of tinned beefburgers, they all talk shite and they can all fuck off back to Scotland and see if there so hard up there. Why don't they realise that their culture of drinking until they are sick, eating deep fried mars bars for breakfast and telling everyone who will listen that they are really from Glasgeeeee and that they are as hard as fuck is about as interesting as their strange obsession with tracksuits with Celtic or Rangers tops(male dress code for a Friday night looking for a fight), shellsuit bottoms with stilletoes and boob tubes(female attire for a night out at the Bingeeee). GO HOME, DO US ALL A FAVOUR COS YOU STINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • When u get 2 a certain age u can leave! unless ure like half the Corby scum and u either have a kid at 13 or get hooked on drugs!
  • Storm, KFC, Our Price, the horny girls.
  • the best thing is about corby is wen the fair comes and hangin around with ya mates but every thin else is pretty shit to me
  • I don't live there any more.
  • Generosity. Not as snotty as Kettering (which has just as much drugs and crime, they just don't shout about it like Corby). Loads of work - if you're on the dole it's cos you don't want to work! The fact thet people know what's wrong with the Town and want to make it better-pity nothing will change till they get rid of the parcel o rogues in Grosvenor House. House prices are cheaper than everywhere else and you don't have to wait years for a Council House, downside is that 15 year old single mums are lined up to get one soon as they turn 16.
  • Gettin high and havin a laugh wiv ur mates!
  • The morning after.
  • Corby Community College
  • Plenty of clubs and bars to keep most of us ammused
  • A43, gets you away from Corby to the mototrway in super speed.
  • The only best thing about Corby is the hope that one day all the sad jock tossers will finally fuck off back to Glasgow, and give us all a rest from shell suits, boob tubes and the fact that they all think it's glamorous to talk with a fake Scottish accent, drink cheap cider untill they piss themselves, and eat tinned beefburgers from Aldi. Also, I'd like to know why some people on this website go on about the Corby Community Spirit? what the fuck are you on about, open your eyes and see what most of the Corby people are, sad, violent, drunken misfits.
  • The common understanding amongst locals about holding doors open and being polite to one another in the town centre. Friendly shop staff, neither of which you will find in Kettering.
  • all the people speak proper unlike devonshire gimps . WE HAVE DA BEST ACCENT IN DA WORLD!
  • Ecky Estate kicks ass! It mite look trampy but the people r gr8!
  • asda trolley porters are well nice.
  • not bein in kettering!!!!!!!!!!
  • The best thing about Corby is, no matter where else you go in the country, it is always better.
  • Rockingham Motor Speedway. An Amazing Venue. The CTC. Not as posh as it seems and gets top class results year-on-year. Not having the annoying Kettering accent. It is possible to drive at above 30mph in Corby, just try that in Kettering Lots of open spaces/woodland etc
  • Corby Womens Centre, 45 Queens Square, Corby, NN17 1PD tel 01536 263156 (above Boots adjacent to the Library.) Provides confidential services for women: emotional support, counselling, pregnancy testing, health info., condoms, and all this for FREE. Women only space. Also great place to come and change the baby, have a chat and cuppa! Call in during drop in times which are: Mon 9.30-12.30 pm & Tues, Weds and Fri 1.00 pm to 4.30 pm. Alternatively you might like to telephone to have a specially arranged one to one session with one of our counsellors at another time. Feel free to call. Corby Women's Centre has been running for 16 years in Corby and is brilliant!!!
  • The sense of humour of some of the inhabitants.
  • a labour councillor resigning!! the whole labour council doing the same!!!!
  • Loads of Celtic fans. The fact that this place IS so bad will make you work like buggery to leave and start a new life somewhere nice. I am currently in Kabul, Afghanistan the views not upto much but theres less drugs here and no Rangers tracksuited ballbags.
  • The comunity spirit, which has remained strong throughout Corbys traumatic years.
  • When the rangers v celtic game is on all the police for kettering and corby get drafted over to corby which means we can have some fun in Kettering!! Thank you Corby for not being able to watch a simple football game without killing atleast 3 people.
  • I think the best thing in Corby is Cameron, he is a sex god.!!!!
  • Summer afternoons @ THE KNIGHTS LODGE, good beer and good company & plenty to smoke, in the garden of pleasure ya no.Ali & Cheek
  • knowing i will be at uni soon
  • Corby people are made of true grit,we have to be to live here and love the place.
  • What? The A6003!! It leads out of Corby
  • Tim Byles Gas Showrooms on Rockingham Road
  • The Golden Cockerel up the Lincoln in 1982 to 85, the maple leaf down Canada Square 87 to 89. Cottingham fishing, with Jimmy Halfpenny, The gamebird 1987 to 1989, Shafts only on 2 september between 01:56 a.m. and 02:00 a.m.
  • The best things about corby is the amount of car theft and motorbike theft i think it keeps corby alive. Big it up to the corby twoc'ers crew.
  • Councillors dont live forever!
  • Blow jobs for a tenner round the back of the pulse
  • all the pubs and clubs
  • Lads in Escape!!! How fit????
  • everyoneknowseveryoneandisalmostascloseasthissentence!
  • Carpet King..... on rockingham rd.......sound quality carpets.....and pretty cheap to , makes a change from that rip off carpet right.......fitting and delivery....i got a football rug from there 2 years ago and its still sound
  • canada square
  • Corby has a warm heart. Good friends. old pals. It never changes. People always come back! The Corby grapevine.
  • Watch the nightclub 'Channel 2' burning down
  • I used to love the multi-coloured train in wessie, easy to be impressed when you are 6 years old (circa. 1976). Pity it's no longer there. Burnt out cars don't hold the same nostalgic appeal.
  • da reefa
  • Lodge park school
  • Living 30 miles away
  • the bus station to get out
  • corby rocks and i dont care who said it dont either they are stupid or from kettering
  • Escape & Stars, the best thing with a real Pulse, and Big In Pumping Sound.
  • Well, this Isn't exactly a best thing, but it's quite interesting. It's about Corbys past. Where Corby swimming pool and Civic Centre is, I've heard that there's tunnels underneath the ground, that were used when the Steelworks were open. Now I don't know if this is true or not, but there's a door in the carpark of the swimming pool which is always locked, this is ment to be the entrance to the tunnels.
  • You can walk to the countryside from anywhere in town and you can be in deep forest with deer and all sorts of wildlife.
  • The people are generally friendly. Netto - Cheap and cheerful food, sells brand names too!
  • Not being Kettering.
  • the people of corby are the sort of the earth you will not find anyone else like them in the whole world totaly unique
  • Matines (Bips!)
  • Cheap Taxi`s, Kebabs at Pytchley Court Chippy.
  • Taxi`s there are millions of them. Look out for a semi famous DJ. who drives Taxi`s, Dougie King.
  • Irn-Bru widely available owing to strong Scottish contingent
  • Bips (sorry I keep metioning it but I like it), my friends, Gamebird (Raven Hotel),
  • The Free Parking!
  • You can get really good bargains at the weekend sports sale at Spencers Auctions - the sports memorabilia mentioned by the other contributer sells for an excellent price.
  • Also, there's beautiful countryside surrounding Corby with picturesque villages.
  • Rockingham Castle's worth a visit too.
  • The People are sooooo friendly ! The pubs are packed ! It has a great History ! Its cheap !

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