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  • no record shop which for a town of its size is not good
  • no record shop which for a town of its size is not good
  • discovery, goes without saying. spent hours looking fer obscure gatefolds and picture discs x
  • Discovery records corby owned by the dj fat controller
  • no shops but Allen has a stall on the market every thursday cds and vinyl
  • nothing now.......
  • Nothing. We used to love Discovery in the 80's.
  • there arent any in corby, so get the x4 bus to kettering; sonic boom, hmv
  • our price was the only record shop now we got ermmmmm, nae where !!
  • another music shop
  • There is none, there was hmv or somehting but that shut years ago! So porobably Wh SMiths or Woolworths
  • spinadisc in northampton,no decent record shops in corby
  • Our price was the best this town had to offer and they took it away, now i just settle for cheap copies from anyone selling them.
  • My god , where do i start ? Actually really , where do i start ? It's all gone downhill since Alexander's shut.
  • Asda man oh and woolworths n the market sell bangin foreign tunes dat r out ov dis world!!!!
  • there isnt any good record shops in corby the best place to go is tidy in kettering they have an excellent selection of tunes
  • Nowhere in Corby! they all shut down unless you count Woolies
  • asda at the mo do cd's for 9.77
  • There isn't a specialist record shop in Corby anymore since Our Price and Discovery closed, I have to go to H.M.V in Kettering Newlands Centre.
  • ther used 2 be a proper wiked music music in sum industrial estate somewhere... i cant remember...
  • Corby only had music shops to remind you that it wasnt a completely pointless place; then they shut them all down!
  • rocky road music
  • The dude on the market on a thurs. check out his live box -- some amazin rare tunes in there
  • All the decent cd shops are closed all we have now are woolworths betta known and shit worths or WHshit
  • The only good record shop in corby has been closed down... DAMN. But theres still wolworths left and whsmith i guess.
  • Well, the only decent record shop in corby was closed. But there are great record shops in kettering.
  • virgin megastores in reading its huge
  • Discovery was top but that's long gone. Our Price has just recently closed as well. That leaves ... er ... does WH Smith count?
  • Our price is shut now so don't go looking 4 music in Corby
  • Leicester HMV or Ainsley's(good music cheaper than most places)
  • our price is half decent
  • i go to leicester, its full of music shops.
  • our price is crap, not worth the space, we need a decent music shop, but will we ever get it, NO
  • wolf man sells all the best vinyl in town 2 for 1 as well Timeless records owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!
  • the crown courts
  • if ur lookin 4 a bargain look no more when asda is right at ur front door. if u wanna b ripped of look no more our price is ur store.
  • spinadisc northapmton, or ourprice corby, good sales all year
  • Just to correct someone (sorry!!) but Our price hasnt been taken over by HMV and their aint gonna be a dance area thingy!! However, it HAS been taken over by a company called Sanity from australia, lets hope they bring down the prices!!!
  • better to travel to northampton or leicester
  • Asda would be the best and the cheapest, but only for music in the charts
  • spin-a-disc records in northampton or hard to find records in briminngham
  • yo yo yo our price! in da middle of da street !! our price is where we go 4 a meet! ( LEAH N WEE MURRAY ;))
  • Our Price has just started getting good. Thursday, Thrice, BoySetsFire, Shai Hulud; all the best bands are in there now!!!
  • If you live in Corby and you want good records, go somewhere else. Probably not Kettering either. Best to go to Peterborough or Leicester where you will find some good shops with a lot of rare vynil about.
  • Record shops, well we have ourprice which is ok but guess where it is situated? right slap band next to a new poundshop, as if we need another one!!! Its ok i suppose it sells CD's not records so i dont know why im writing this! If your looking for records recordslike for decks then get ya ass to leiscester cuz there is none here. There are loads over there now cuz my brother goes.
  • mmmmmmmmmmmmmm we have one. but its a nice shop. on the other hand there are always dodgy blokes tryin to sell u copies for a mere 3. no competition really!!!!!!!***
  • Cant remember the name but it was the one just up from the candle, great place to by concert tickets and all sorts of music
  • Corby doesnt specialize in anything, never mind records
  • there arent ne
  • Our Price, although they have began stocking large amounts of cheap and nasty cd's that wouldn't get stolen if the cd's were left in the boxes at the front door!
  • Poundland
  • most of corby sells copied cdz,
  • er well our price thats bout the only 1! O! there is woolworths but dont go there cus ur cds r scratched when u get them from there!! oh and asda and safeway that we hav a safeway!!!
  • We now have an our price but it sucks, if you want metal, punk and all the other delights that the music industry hold (like the shit i listen to, Rancid, rage against the machine, pearl jam etc,) then you must go to kettering HMV where the good shit is lol, oh yeah and W H smith sells some good cd's but they have to have been in the top 50 chart first (no good for bands like korn or rancid lol)
  • ourprice, woolworths - what a great choice of music.... great prices too!
  • There is, was, and only ever has been one shop selling a diverse and profoundly smashing range of grammophone wax cylinder warblings by contempary artists, viz, Discovery Records.
  • Countless charity shops selling crap back to the often dim witted scruffs
  • wot record shop....oh!....our price?....yeah right bring back discovery! guy on the market wen it was round by the posty....45s galore....could get anything ya wanted. most people get their records from the local court...
  • Our Price is the only other music shop in Corby other than the few records Woolworths do sell, but then our Price may well move its shop out of the town like many other decent shops. Pound shops!! if thats what your after can be found ten to the dozen, other than that you may well need to travel to the neighbouring town of Kettering. unfortunatly the current towns Council seem uninterested in the damp shops falling into disrepear and more interested in keeping high rents and spending masses amounts of money building unattractive metal stuctures which suport the Corby Town sign.
  • The whole of Corby is a record shop - record thugs, record scumbags, record crime, record teenage pregnanices, record number of useless councillors who would rather spend all day figuring out what to claim expenses on rather than serve the public.
  • Our Price!! More like their price...what a rip
  • I mean come on, Discovery Records used to be pretty good from about 1980 to 87. That litle guy who used to own it though, he was a bit of a lunch. Sookie used to work there, didn't she?
  • Oor price still too pricey
  • erm theres like only ourprice in the town
  • I use to work in Discovery Records 79-83 in Corby, sadly the owner Pete Brennan died earlier this year. The main reason for it's demise was that Our (over) Price moved in dropped it's prices, killed the competition and then said a big thank you to the Corby public by hiking up the prices.
  • hahahahaha.....try leicester for nething decent. There is an Our Price that sells the usual chart crap and a few overpriced good albums.
  • HMV plans to take over the struggling Our Price and turn its fortunes around by buying up extra retail space for new a Dance Music section and 24 hour video retail outlet, one of the first ouside London
  • Our Price is about the best place in town 4 choons;What that says about us is up 2 u????
  • Discovery records is a legend in its self.
  • If you want to buy records in Corby you can forget it. Ever since the closure of Discovery records many years ago, if you want to be anything out of the ordinary you have to go outa town
  • Our Price has all the new singles the day they come out.
  • john menzies
  • Erm...OurPrice, WH Smith thats about it.

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