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  • Corby is a dump and should be demolished and start fresh, the residents are dopey.
  • Cable guy = two faced troll
  • Corby Councillors = Trolls,Trolls,Trolls
  • The White hart also runs a cool comedy club.
  • Love your work. Keep it up!!
  • loacal bands of the past........disturbed,lost souls,sly wicked and slick and theres one who was out in late ish 80s/early 90s cant remember their name but bought their cds in DISCOVERY ......OH THE RECORD SHOP THAT USED TO BE AT WILLOWBROOK SHOPS
  • the only gd thing bout corby is some ov the ppl and the cracks that we have thats the only gd thing bout corby
  • Hello this is for your section famous people from corby.Eamonn Carr former popejohn school pupil lived in wharfedale road ended up as a member of Freddie+the Dreamers.He used drink in the hearth 1970 and does frequent the place from time to time although lives outside the area.
  • the new town centre will never happen.
  • George tinto is a legend..he hasnt actaully doenanything thta greta but everyone knows him. But he was a co founder of corby cougars. Aww and im their longest raining player. yay!!!
  • The only thing Corby has that Kettering hasn't is social deprivation.
  • get rid of all foreigners their ruining this town
  • If the money promised is spent wisely , as promised and quickly so we see results, this town MIGHT become a decent place to live again and bring up kids in.
  • is it just me or has your mum nd dad allways said "dont talk to strangers" yet when you walk through asda they say give you "aunt and uncle" a hug nd a kiss, while your standing there thinking who the hell is this?? ANOTHER THING?? did anyone go to corby summer camps theres millions of stories to tell anout them
  • unfortunately i was run out of corby because my sister is a spoilt brat and decided to make up some shit about me so she could take over my mums house id love to be able to go back there i loved the place!!! its home and i miss certain ppl they know who they are ill always love you!! R.I.P sean paul mckay thanks 4 reading this.
  • Mrs Duberry still runs a massage parlour from her home on Severn Walk. Well worth a visit it you have a spare 10-20 pounds
  • i would just like to mention that the white hart for the second year running held a fun day in aid of lakelands in corby, the event organised by local musician jed stone, was a great success, with all the participating bands donating their time free of charge, it was a great day and over 600 was raised for lakelands in corby, the atmosphere was brilliant steve the landlord also put a bbq on with all monies going to this home town charity who i might add do not receive any government money what so ever, the bands that contributed were THE LONESOMES/ COUNTERPARTS/ BJAZZ CLUB/ BAD BREED/ AND THE QUESTION MARK, they were all terrific and i think they all deserve our appreciation,
  • the willows arts centre. venues hired for weddings and parties. in house catering and bars at decent from anything from 20 to 600. for inf tel 01536 402233
  • Hedgey
  • Corby is not very good do not come, the gospel hall is a nice place, friendly people, a youh group is held there on a thursday, ages 10 - 16 at 7 o clock its great fun
  • altho corby iz kind of a shit hole most people actually arereally friendly, but u get the odd person tryin to mug u for ur fagz, cyder, drugz, etc but u learn to deal wiv it nd figure out how to hide ur money in the insoles of ur trainers so tht no1 can find it :D
  • Dont go to Corby!
  • bouncers in life are being to heavy handed.they all need sacking and more friendly faces working there.after all they are much more friendley in kettering and lets face it they have alot more pubs aswell.
  • Free speech and the right to an opinion has obviously been abused with some (not all) of the users of this site. The most disappointing thing about some of the undeserved and unknowledgeable comments on this site is that these people expect others to respect their bigoted opinions about Corby and the people who live there. As someone who grew up in this town I am thoroughly shocked at some of the opinions expressed on this page. Whatever happened to the ability to objectively express an opinion? I admit that Corby has its fair share of difficulties but is it really necessary to tarnish everyone that lives there with this sterotypical nonense? Many of the people i care about are single mums, teenage parents, people who have been in a certain amount of trouble with the law but they are not "bad" people. I sincerely object to the trash on this site from people who obviously refuse to believe that there are people in corby capable of achieveing a great deal in their lives and make a huge difference to society. The town centre may be unsatisfactory but surely with huge deprevation and such low self esteem (magnified by opinions expressed on this site) what can one expect? The people of corby have the right not to be oppressed by outside agencies such as this and to be fair, although i recognise the need for improvement and change, there are many places in the country in similar situations if not worse. For whatever reason these opinions have been printed on this site ( I would not normally validate a response to these things but in this case I feel is necessary) I would invite the people who visit this site from corby to actually start defending their self respect and become the community I know they are proud of. For all its faults the people of corby, young and old, have always formed a strong sense of community and should not have to be forced into the unfortunate position of having to "fight" in order to gain some respect from bigots such as some of the people who have been all to quick to pass judgement on an area they know little about. As for the mocking of the scottish accent, you have not only insulted those people from corby but managed to insult an entire country. I am disappointed with some of the views expressed on this site although I am adult enough to be able to respect these unknown individuals and have not had to result in childish name calling in order to express my opinion. I wholly defend the people of corby if not the facilities, something the website seems to have negelected.
  • A job at waterway frieght it is shit and we get shit pay
  • Corby doesnt work. It has social disease amongst the youth who have nothing to do but drink, smoke and other drugs, fight and fuck. The kids are dumb; dumbed down by lack of entertainment, apart from burning things and breaking things. There is no hope, tracksuits are the uniform of the thug.
  • We really need to help the corby residents before all the immagrants they are simply here for a new life and lets face it for most of them corby is like buckingham palace compared to where they have come from. However the people of corby who have been here generations are getting nothing back nothing new
  • at least wen theres some charity thing on, corby comes 2getha instead of dividing like most towns.
  • PLEASE CAN WE GET SUM DECENT SHOPS AND STUFF IN CORBY OR CHEAPER BUSES!!!!!!instead of raising the prices by 10p every mth.
  • Now that Scotland has it's own parliament within the de-volution process does that mean that all us true ENGLISHMEN of Corby can send the porridge wogs back to Scotland. Industry brought you down from Scotland and now that you've managed to destroy my town and countryside why don't you all go back!!!!!
  • ive lived in cordy for 22 years, the only thing that i have learned that its full of idiots who like to fight with their mates behind them, try-ing to make a name for themselves, i would like to see how some of them would end up if they were put in a place like liverpool or london, SHOT!!! probably.
  • How the local guy's know when a Corby girl has had her orgasm or not? When she drops the bag of chip's she was eating and asks for the packet of ten she was promised.
  • Maybe the reason corby raised the most money for kettering general hospital is because corby residents use it more than anyone else. Theyre all unfit, drunks, smoke like trains and fight. Honestly, i've sat here trying to think of something good to say about corby but i cant come up with anything.. It truly is the ugliest, dirtiest, roughest and useless town in england. Corby has lots of industries BUT no-one in corby actually works. All workers come from nearby towns and then go home after their shifts. They cant get out of corby fast enough. The busiest place in corby is the police station and doll office. Good job there are regeneration talks going on, but lets face it - the new developments will be burnt and smashed down before they are even built by the lovely corby public. So a note to corby people: Get a job, stop drinking, use condoms so it stops any more wasters being concieved - and talk english! Together you can pull the town around!
  • Send all the asylum seekers here, then they'll soon be off back home sharpish. Those that still want to stay should be given a a passport immediately and the Victoria Cross.
  • hdh
  • I hope Catalyst Corby can really turn the town around, though it's fairly obvious we don't have the facilities to support an expansion of the town to 100000 people, almost doubling in size. Fuck, where's the town centre we deserve? I have to go to Kettering to buy a BOOK i'm after. That's shambolic. It remains to be seen what will happen, but i'm dubious myself.
  • BYLES FIRES AND FIREPLACES The only place to buy a fireplace in town. Sales and installation by Corby bred Tim Byles. Massive range in a recently extended showroom in ROCKINGHAM RD (Next to Coopers Carpets)
  • People are quick to slag this town off but i have lived here my entire life, i have travelled the globe, and now landed a very successful career,i have never been mugged or battered. Corby is my home and always will be. i have seen and heard of many bad things happen but no more than anywhere else. There are some great people here but as every where a few bad one's too. if you don't like the clubs in corby then don't go there then! if you really don't like the town then don't stay here an slag it off move away, it not that hard. most off the bad things wrote on these pages about corby sound like they have come from people that really haven't got a clue, there just preaching the reputation that people love to hold on to. Corby really isnt really that bad.
  • look people yas r pure sad about corby, i know tht its got a reputation 4 bein a shithole but ya's r jus bein sick. Wr r proud of bein scottish m8 2 ne1 hu ses that thers nefin wrong wif that n the ppl here r probs well sounder than u r. I'd rather b a corby lass neday, than a wee sheepshagger like half the people writin in2 this site, get ya facts ite b4 ya start fuckin wif the people of corby;)
  • County Salon on the balcony has the best haircuts in town
  • Corby is full of skagheads, alholics, gypsies, tramps,theives
  • Big up 2 ta da GT OAKLY crew!! gettin ppl ta go inta safeway 4 cider (whitelighntin) n blak!! dwn the bk traks!!! :):P wiv the sheep tat r well scary wen ya reked!!
  • I wish I would have never moved to Corby. It's true life is inexpensive compared with other parts of England but that does not compensate. Too much vandalism and drugs. Young people is hopelessly sinking into drugs and alcoholism. There is nothing for them here to keep their minds occupied.
  • people from corby are all scotish puffs, they rekon theyre all so solid,but us kettering'ers could av em all, cause they r all little battys, ive seen them all comin out of the local school,(C.T.C)AND ALL LOOK LIKE RIGHT TITS! THEY REKON THAT THEYRE HARD BUT I COULD AV THEM THEM ALL!!!!!!wankers.
  • Corby is the sh*test place in the whole universe. The end.
  • join the nuke corby campain
  • Corby needs to spend more money on its housing estates and residents rather than painting the bloody town centre a different colour and putting up ridiculous signs like he one pointing to the taxi rank (every single person who lives has lived or will live in corby knows where the bloody taxi rank is!)IT WON'T MAKE US SHOP THERE! ITS CRAP! U CAN ONLY BUY SO MANY GREETINGS CARDS OR THINGS FOR A POUND!!! Why not put its resources to good use? Build a cinema, a bowling alley or an ice skating rink, anything before the next generation ends up like the last! Druggies, alcoholics, teenage parents or worse! Anyone who actually makes good in corby LEAVES or are planning to! This must tell you something about our town!
  • I bet a lot of use remember the spirit of corby which used to stand in queens square! Remember it was at the end of a pond, it was a sculpture which represented the steel industry in the town. It was a present from the Developement corp to the town to celebrate 25yrs as a new town and it was dedicated in 1974 by the dutchess of gloucester. In the early 1990s tops estate took it down and gave it to the council, but for some reason or other the council allowed part of it to be scrapped. The only part to be saved was erected on a roundabout at phoenix parkway, where in 1997 it was blown over by bad winds.The council wanted to scrap it but Dennis Taylor thought it could be saved and repaired which it was. To addd to the saga when the former Iron & Steel works office block was pulled down By Weldon plant they saved the portico which was above the entrance to the office block it is 12ft long and 5ft high and says 19 S&L 33. this is the only remaining part of the steel works in the town. Dennis thought that the council should erect both the sculpture and the monument as our year 2000 project the council at that time thought it was a good idea and started the project off but due to the lack of funds gave up the project. As it stands now Dennis has been trying since 1997 to get both these items re-erected as part of our pride in our town and its history. To rememeber the steel industry and the rise of the town from the ashes of the steel closures,ie THE SPIRIT OF CORBY. There has been a steering group formed of like minded people who have got Corby companies involved (giving work to Corby people)and they are right now seeking a grant from the lottery fund to re-erect the sculpture and monument within the town centre. We the steering group would like members of the community to give their support to the project you can do this by writing to Spirit of Corby Care of community Dept, Corby Borough Council, George street Corby. Or EMail the council site PR Dept I would also like to inform you that so far all the work which has been do for this project has been done by those involved for free that includes the repair and transport of the Spirit OF Corby.
  • We badly need a bulldozer.
  • If it can't be bulldozed in it's entirety, then move it brick by brick back to Scotland, where 99.9999999999% of it's inhabitants would probably be happier, since they all harp on about how great Scotland is and how shit England is. Funny how someone can be so Scottish when they, their parents and their grandparents were all born in England.
  • crap. crap. crap. nuff said.
  • Rockingham Motor Speedway does driving experiences from about 40 up to about 500. Go to fo info. Asda is open 24 hours now. Ideal if you need that tin of spam at 4am.
  • me and danielle used 2 live in corby and its da best place in da world!
  • Corby may have a bad reputation but it is the best place goin!!!
  • i really can't emphasize enough how nice the asda trolley porters are. They are probably the most attractive blokes in town.
  • is the place to shop for computer parts in corby
  • town centre needs serious work!!!! as does just about everything in the place. - crime, pollution, stop the rot.
  • Did you know that Winston Jones lives in Corby - He is a 6th Dan Wado -Ryu sensei. He is the National Free-fighting Coach and has previously been the Japanese (vary rare for non-Japanese to win), European and Welsh Champion. He currently hosts classes in Corby, Kettering, Desborough, Grantham to name a few
  • hmmmmmmm please give us a sk8 park i weally dont like being stuck doin nuffin!!!
  • Corby has rebuilt its industrial area from scratch, it is I belive 16th in the country for industry at the moment. The rates are high as is the population paying extensive council tax to receive nothing in return. If all you want to do is work! corby is the place for you because aside from that there is nothing left to do, except swim because there is still a swimming pool. Our council must be the worst in Europe, where is all that money being spent???
  • Some of the views, not all, aired on this site have thoroughly disgusted me. OK Corby may not Beverly Hills, and it has its problems. Where on this site is it mentioned about the wonderful community spirit which comes out of Corby. All the money raised for local amenities. The money raised for Kettering General in Corby, far outstrips any other area. The way that people rally round for each other, i.e the support received by young Cody Hall, and the McKelvie children. A rising education system which can boast one of the best comprehensive schools in the country, the CTC. Everyone is to quick to shout abuse, yes there is problems, yes it will take time to rectify them, but this is our town and we should proud of what we have in it. Corby has an atmosphere and heritage which can be matched by no other town, and while many of you on this site will say that is its problem, I would say that, that is its strength
  • personally I wouldn't know about Corby since coming from Kettering means that as soon as I step over the dividing lines between the two towns some little fool who claims to be Scottish but has never been will jump me!!! And what is that accent all about?? Oh and I have met someone who comes from Corby and got arrested for sheep shagging, you all know that its true, apart from collecting their giro and having babies at 13 thats all people in corby do.
  • Being in Corby for alotta years i think its disgusting that we still have no cinemas or bowling alley or anything for people to do... If you ask me theres to many pubs and not alot of anything eles maybe if we had other things to do there wouldnt be to many drunks or violence or crime... So that way we might be able to walk the streets without fear... Corby is boring near on dead.
  • i love stuart!!!!!!!
  • Corby need to pull their fingers out stop moaning and elect people to represent Corby in a positive in stead of a negative
  • Why don't we have a real (classy) restaurant?
  • The Most Shell Suits, Celtic tops, cans of tennants super and ginger fright wigs bought per head of population in the world section.
  • East Carlton Country park is a pretty good place to visit if you've been out of Corby for a while. I re-visited Corby and took in the park. The museum, steel works hardware and drag liner bucket from the old quarry brought back lots of memories of my childhood adventures growing up in Corby.
  • er some of the ppl are pretty kool, but then u have the twats that like to beat ppl up cos of how they look/what they wear.cos they wont tap u a fag etc...BASTARDS!!!!
  • Corby, with some of the most prosperous areas in the UK and such a stable economy is an area which is worth investing in for the future.With an average retail spending power of 10 million pounds (Northants Growth Statistics 1995) it is a town on the up.It is not the Shithole this site has led you to believe, and i think the town has a prosperous future.
  • people that dis corby shouldnt corby rocks
  • The east side of Corby (towards Weldon) smells, permanently of sewage. Will someone from the council PLEASE sort this out!
  • Having lived in or around the Town for 44yrs I think I am qualified to say that some of the comments made in this section give Corby the image that others have of it. A run down 'Couldn't care less' place full of whingers and scroungers. This is NOT true there are some really good and genuine people in the Town, who work hard for Charities and voluntary organisations. The Town needs a shakeup and it is only by people getting off their backsides and making a concerted effort to change things that a Town we can all be proud of can emerge. Don't sit there moaning do somethong - support something - demand better from your elected representatives OR CHANGE them. Corby has potential but it is held back by apathy.
  • There is a general opinion that corby sucks, this is true only if you grew up there and moved away!
  • chatters hair studio in studfall avenue is well worth checking out. Alex, Cath and Tracey have a total of 84 years experience in hairdressing between them, so if you want a great haircut and a good slagging off while you wait you better get your hairy ass down there, no appointment required, just turn up if you dare or call us on 01536-269655
  • Everyone on this site seems to have forgotten about the Corby Pill. A contraceptive that seems to work everywhere in the world apart from this dismal little pisshole; hence the high rate of pregnant 13 year olds.
  • The Corby success story keeps rolling on. In October, Stagecoach is cutting nearly all of the towns bus services, leaving us with two measly services for the whole town, the number 1 and number 3, taxi drivers must be laughing.
  • There is a paragraph sent into the page that mentions a website - this is NOT THE CORRECT URL!! It SHOULD be PLEASE correct this cheers muchly!!
  • First of all i'm Corby born and bred and have lived here all my life (39 years)(unfortunatly) so i think i'm qualified to say what i'm saying below. If anybody's thinking about coming to Corby DON'T just keep on driving past - you won't miss much, Corby is what i call 'THE DEAD CENTER OF BRITAIN' there's no decent shops, no Computer shops, no specialist record shops, no train station & no swing parks for the kids, the council offices have been knocked down and in my opinion they should knock the rest of the town center down and re-build it from scratch. The only reason i'm stuck in the god forsaken hell hole is because of my wifes family still live here and she doesn't want to leave them (ahh) The best thing about Corby is the main road out of it. and has anybody been to the Corby Top 20 web site and IT'S ALL ABOUT CORBY web site - good for a laugh i suppose.
  • Ian Forsyth`s Poetry Book, A Corby Brickie and a Poet, The Book is called A Bleak Outlook. ISBN 0 75410 643 8
  • The stardust bingo used to be the premier 10 pin bowling alley in britian, it was built by AMF themselves and had the latest in hi-tech scoring equipment, not available in some american alleys. In about 1971 it went down to 5 lanes or so and half bingo. There was a bitchin' Disco with "Big Dougie" the hotest DJ of the day ( who went to america to try his hand on radio ) I saw the legendary "Van der Graff Generator" there, and now it's a Bingo Hall.... stop the world I want to get off!
  • The steel works closing made corby into the biggest arse hole in UK. My best friend is from Kettering and he knows how to drink and therefore he doesn't know anyone from Corby. He has a sense of humour and knows how to talk coherently even when he is pissed. Considering I am a Kiwi and Australian this is a hugh thing. Therefore, if you come from Corby, do not bother coming to Australia coz we will beat the crap out of you in anything.
  • There has to be a CORBY MARKET category. This is a gold mine of freaky things and freaky people.
  • I know I havn't made it sound too good but Corby has a heart. From Scottish decent Corby thrives on its people and its history. Come and have a look. But get in touch first and we'll show you a great time and all the best bits !

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