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Hookup Spots
  • the bus hut in abbotts drive
  • Corringham park next to Somerfields is good when your in gable hall, teenagers mostly get along there, and not much goes on. But its somewhere to go. If you're older then 18, and arent with a kid, why are you there? Sticking around the town is lame, its for one thing: shopping.
  • Like where have the grungers gone? we have more sense than the chavs, so i recon woodbrook park, summer time, with the football games goin on, walkin down there in ur shorts, tee shirt and flip flops. Decent summer evenings drinkin n e thing u can get ur hands on..
  • you'll also notice ya get the slightly older drugies hanging out behind KFC! bowling it round think there 'ard! woodbrooke park is also popular with the well know yr1o's from gable hall getting drunk!
  • The town centre. Ideal if you like tucking your joggers into your socks and talking like this: 'ugh' 'uuh?' 'aaay' 'eeeah' and so on. Also the police seem to give them a wide berth which is just as well as we will be finishing them off pretty soon; the should be easy to catch as it must be hard to run wearing a burberry cap 3 sizes too big covering your eyes or with your kneecaps missing. THE LOCALS OF CORRINGHAM HAVE HAD ENOUGH
  • Well these days someone got the scum organized (?) so now they dont have a spot, they patrol in set routes around the main center and outwards in a 1 mile radius, pretty much stopping anyone staying still for more than 5 minutes. The concrete blocks 'ave gone from near choices video and the groery stands, but yoofs still stay there by bringing thier own furniture. Great place for DJ wannabes and trendies.
  • well ya see the problem with corringham is that whether it be rain, snow, hails stones you name it there will always be 14+ yr old posers trying to be gangstas sitting by the grocery stall picking on helpless passers by.
  • No where it controlled by 10-21 year old asswipes with an attitude we are watching you! The all seeing eye in on you look at the bike track!!!!
  • The blocks at the town square where everyone likes to get on a bong and get some stellas from vicky wines. Dan gray will give you a laugh and michael wheatley will slobber you to death.
  • the blocks or the lung bush down the bottom of the park
  • The town is the only place to hang about and we dont drink shandys we drink beer! old bill are always up there but they dont do nothing cause there are too many of us! they tell us to move on so we move but then come back! The bloke on the bike with the beer is called red eyed roy!!!
  • All me little possy come and gather up the town and the whole towny possy come and then we go on the rampage. If we are not over the town then we meet up woodbrooke park.
  • the local spot for the kids seems to be in the middle of the town centre asking anyone who walks past to buy them drink and fags from the offy and when they get bored with just standing around they have a couple of games they like to play the 1st is see how much noise we can make and wake up all the residents and the second is lets see how much of the town centre we can smash up including the shop windows this is a great place to be if you are an idiot and under 14
  • used to be somerfields car park, now its the concrete block monstrosities in the middle of corringham tc, only go there if youre under 14 and enjoy'doing bongs'....twats

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Last updated: 2008-12-01

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