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The Worst Things
  • comming back
  • commin back
  • All the rudies hanging around and the lack of music venues
  • the train station is too far away! wen your drunk it takes ya three hours to walk home from any where cos the taxi firms are crap and won't do single journey's on a sat nite!!
  • the fact that although weve got cameras, it hasnt made f**k-all difference to the vandalism, break-ins, fires being started all over the place, cars being broken into ect ect. did you REALLY want to move here?
  • Anyone under 18, wait....everyone who hangs out here. No police, station? no cops in there. Choices dont have any of the best PS2 games, they get all the mainstream crap, when sumthin great but unheard of is in there, theres 1 copy and its out untill a month later, dumbasses dont check how popular games are so good luck. There aint any peaceful places to hang out like in summer when the suns out, you wanna come out but dont wanna suffer the biggadi bitch boys with thier FAKE 6 packs posing near the bike track. Theres about 2 forgotton realms books in the library.
  • As for posh people in Church Road in green wellies, there's only 2 people with dogs. Proud to be posh in Church Road, I worked for it!
  • it smells, u cant go out past 4 at night
  • I here at the moment!!!! SHIT
  • "Corringham Boys" How bizarre. These strange creatures descend upon Jumpin Jax (Satans Very-Own Theme bar in Festering Leisure Park, Basildonia) religiously at the weekend and well, everyday really with the intention of DANCING in an anti-social manner to cause havoc and attempting to breed with the 'locals'. They are very weird indeed and their vocabulary leaves little to be desired. None of them are able to handle their drink and they assume that anyone who looks at them wants to snog them. NO! No-one does! NO-ONE!And they all seem to be called "Paul". Why IS that?
  • the amount of little girls going around smokin like nobodys buissness
  • old bill and the nobs in the gable hall year ten ( simon rolland )
  • The fact that the subway by Corringham park has now been filled in. Many a teenage year was spent in those subways having a sneaky cig out of the rain. Iknow this wasn't the purpose of these subways but now the kids have spilled out into the community! Which is worse?
  • Jessica Schmidt's beard
  • mr king of gable hall school, right money maker and complete tosser!
  • The smell of the Oil Refinery.
  • the kids if the parents got them in a at a sensible time and didnt let them roam wild then there would be less kids getting knocked over on the roads less vandalisum and more peace for the residents maybe the corringham police station could be open a little later at night then some of these bad cases might not be happening
  • all the posh sods who live in big houses on church road and walk their dogs in their wellies
  • kids walking round breaking things for no reason. The total lack of a police presence after 8pm
  • The trains to London.
  • bloody kids with cans of shandy staggering about the place throwing up and kicking over the dustbins...and nicking my mountain bike...ill find ya dont worry...

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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