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  • fat
  • cov is a great city I don't see any proplems with it like London doesn't have chavs fighting guns drugs and prostitution u silly cunt
  • i live on a large traffic five miles from cov city , i am homeless and its safer by the m6
  • weavers red house
  • why dont you go up north you wankers. god bless coventry, cuz its the only reason we won world war 2. we are the people. i have a degree in history so id hardly say i was un educated. i actually know my facts. a matyre city?
  • Godiva Statue ennit, or cathedralsheerly because we are all dirty little greebo's who dont like to scoialize with anyone but ourselves & our closed minded little friends.
  • Top of owen and owen's was the big meeting spot in my day!!! Or outside cov baths, then onto fishy moores for a cone of chips!!! Heaven!!!!
  • WE usually hang out outside the huge new ikea which is usually good as nobody complains lower precinct is alot better all there is is security
  • who said the bench oppsite spar on quinton??? gotta love that bench!!
  • Hooking up is for noobs
  • Everyone always meets at Godiva statue
  • The Fountain! Nuff sed.
  • GODIVA STATUE, SLIPPY SLIDEY aka SLOPES(near far gosford), TOY MUSEUM, THE FIELD (near london road) LONDON ROAD CEMETARY, MEMORIAL PARK, PRIORY GARDENS. - thats where you can find us. or combe
  • epic skate park birmingham is sick
  • men and women ready to meet up for friendship, love or SEX in your area
  • rathole down the brook in mount nod
  • go to the arcade and hang out on the bench outside body fuel you will see the trampy old men with their bottles of white lightening maybe if you are polite they will give you some and you can get out of your face you little light weights!!
  • DONT ne1 dis Hillz its gr8 yeh nearly evry1 smokes weed but so wot SMOKE WEED TILL UR EYES BLEED
  • meet outside the belgrade but watch out 4 all the little 12 year olds that think their bad as fuck little dickheads!!!!!
  • All the LITTLE twats from Tile Hill all the lads including David Cox hang up Jardine and batter old men walking thru the woods just to rob alcohol frm them THEY NEED A SLAP SUM1 PLZ DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!
  • if you go to HILLZ then b sure 2b attacked by FUKIN kosovans THE DIRTY BASTARDS i say send them all bak theyr nufin but trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • i remember when i used to chill in the annix down in stoke opposite the walsgrave pub. you still see teenagers there now thinking there bad with there 2 bottle of cider. also the bowler in stoke still the same as the annix full of young wannabes
  • Godiva statue is the best altho it's now been taken over by an army of chavs.
  • As a Wyken Viking, I have an endless list of places 2 go 2 sesh it. The Wyken Pippen is a sound place to meet up or go in and get pissed as da gaffer lets u smoke spliffs in there. Booze Plus is over the road and he serves anyone, so get ur Bud Ice from there. Annex is down da road but it ain't nothing compared 2 wot it used 2 b. Caludon Park is sound as feds can't get u wen ur in der, and da 2 bridges by Caludon school r sound. Wen its raining or cold u can go in da flats 4 a spliff, or da nearby subway. If u c a load of youths drinking, smoking weed, snorting coke and kicking off with every1, its probably me and my mates.
  • The fountain in the middle of town if there's people coming from all over the place, or outside varsity.
  • Caspian Pizza on far gosford.
  • me and my m8z meet up at da belgrade cuz da fountain aint dat packed n its easy 2 find!
  • Down coundon at the back of the one stop good place to chill n meet loads a bois on their peds!
  • go to the godiva statue every1s dere cludin me conor aka blondy nat aka 7dats deres also fish sketch simon antony mouse hole corner fingers danty gogo and loadsa more we sk8ers/goths jus come up 2 us well b ya m8 m8 but iff ure a townie bog off !
  • go to the godiva statue every1s dere cludin me conor aka blondy nat aka 7dats deres also fish sketch simon antony mouse hole corner fingers danty gogo and loadsa more we sk8ers/goths jus come up 2 us well b ya m8 m8 but iff ure a townie bog off !
  • coventry has so many places like this 2 go, take coundon park or the wedge for example, perfect place for underage drinking and illegal drugs. a teenage hotspot n a great place to take that bird you just met for a good doggin.
  • outside topshop, jd or the belgrade.
  • well the alternatives of our fair city like the Godiva Stat!! but being fair it is the central area to meet! but you could always use either Fountain (center or Belgrade!) then there is out side any pub in the SKYDOME complex not to forget the ice Rink! (GO BLAZE)
  • Coventry is dingy, dark, grey, dead and DULL. The Godiva statue's surrounded by asylum seekers, they don't need to go to work, they get money pouring in from the govt. The town is very dirty.
  • anywhere exept the statue its a shithole
  • jailhouse
  • In my younger years, spar park on park hill estate used to be the place to go, spent many days and nights there with all my friends!!!lambrini glore back in the day!great laugh!
  • texaco on holyhead road, just past is sherbourne fields, we own that field!coundon has a head count cant be tested! lake view park, sherbourne fields & texaco, watch out on friday/saturday nites!
  • memorial
  • o dear lord... ok AVIOD the godiva statue on pain of death.. it is for what i call 'knobby goths'..'townies'who have discovered eyeliner. not good. if you really need to label yourself then fine youll fit in, if however you have a mind and a love of proper goth the cathedral is a much nicer place.
  • memorial park
  • one of the best places to meet in coventry has to be Browns Bar-cafe. If you can get in that is!!!!
  • edgwick park
  • Outside Sainsburys in town opposite the bus depo. You wil find along line of people waiting for whomever there all the time
  • da best place is in front of the motor museum now it's been refurbished on a sunny day with a bouncy ball messing about with m8s- cos the floor ain't flat, the ball goes everywhere! it's gr8!!
  • The Best place to meet is one which is public and thus you can guarantee to be SAFE. Coventry, ten years ago was the most violent city for its size in Europe. And now crime has gone underground and the odd problem occurs here and there like any other busy city. The City Centre is the safest meeting place, as is Coombe Abbey Park and Kenilworth Castle. All are attractive and most importantly safe. Coventry is getting better on a day to day basis and soon will be the best place to live in the world.
  • The godiva statue is a good spot if your about 14, have about 4 mates who are either think they are 'rock-hard' or are goths. ive got nothing against goths at all, but pissing on the statue in fromt of atown ful of shoppers. thats just not on.ITS YOUR HERITAGE
  • I always used to meet people at McDonald's in Walsgrave, or Megabowl - they are the only places where you can hang around and do something, rather than standing freezing cold on a corner of a street somewhere.
  • Earlsdon Highstreet
  • in the summer the skatepark is defo the best place to go or jus generally around the memorial park except the townies like to start on my skater friends not good. tho is wikkid n the godiva statue has some fit lads wont name names
  • Godiva Statue- everybody meets there or at one of the fountains
  • Godiva Statue used to be a good place to meet but now its been invaded by goths who just look at you funny.
  • Caludon park for all the teens! Got some good talent down there playing footy in the summer hols!
  • The dog and strumpet rocks, says us!!!!!Buy us a drink if you see us ;) kassie and abi p.s any1 who thinks it's dodgy is a pleb p.p.s coli is good aswell, if your drunk enuf for the saturday nite cheezy pop
  • complete rubbish
  • the godiva statue is gr8 to meet m8s but if u don't no any one there it can b quite scary walkin past we r nice tho
  • The Godiva Statue
  • us students meet up anywhere, we're not fussy like you native covonians.
  • godiva statue
  • the godiva statue there friendly ppl if u ain't a townie so i guess townies go find ur own place
  • Under the "tent" in broadgate. Come on who doesn't meet there?
  • When I was a lad, we used to meet up under the Godiva Statue, it is now under a canopy. You will incounter refugees galore now.
  • the memorial park or shelton square!!
  • In Coventry on a saturday or friday you cannot move for kids hanging around cathedral lanes hassling all the people walking by who actually are on a night out. They finally all disappear at bout ten pm when the last of their curfews is up!
  • the beat place to hang out was tile hill, jardine crescent, in the 80's, top totty place to be.
  • The Old Boys on a friday night. Get pissed for a tenner, then walk home and curl one out on King Henry VIII's cricket square. Quality hang out.
  • Corley rocks or the grass outside marks and sparks
  • morial park,
  • we always meet under the canopy by the statue
  • Lake view park or the fields at the back of the Jaguar in allesley
  • Who said Mount Nod was posh. I think you will actually find that is Eastern Green that is posh and Mount Nod is just next to it. People get it mixed up. Mount Nod is where the trampy Londis is with all the graffiti and where the kids hang around down the stinkin brook spokin weed and gettin drunk. And where the rats hang out.
  • It used to be at the top of the ramp on your way into West Orchards when I was younger. Or the Lady Godiva Statue was the place where all the coolest people hung out, but these days its just for the weird looking !!!!!
  • There is a sound spliffhole in eastern green at the top of the first green.....everyone should go there to skin up their weed. and save us a bit out for nathan though..he's queer....if u see a boy on a scooter..bang him out.
  • All people who live in Coventry are townies and tramps. I shall be walking home on the kenilworth road at 17:15, if you want to argue
  • The bench opposite the Spar shop at Quinton Pool
  • sitting on the railings at coventry sky dome waiting for your dad to pick you up after youve been to the cinema!
  • we "GOTHS" that over run the statue are a nicer bunch than u townies ne day of the week, we only meet up there coz there is nuthin els to do, if you decided to climb out of you shells and not follow evry 1 else for a change u wuld realise that we are a decent bunch of people....if u have a problem with this, tough coz we GOTHS R here to stay!!!
  • In the Cov' ghetto, the best place to smoke some concrete is to chill on the porch of NeBuLa the bad boi computer shop. Safe.
  • Belgrade theater, has to be the origional meeting point for me
  • Andy's chip shop on Holyhead Road
  • Belgrade or Shelton square are good places to meet.Go up Bedworth to hang out though.
  • Memorial Park concrete Sk8 Park!!
  • Memorial park in the Summer is great. Ice cream van on 24 hr standby and if you're prepared with booze you can sit in the sun all afternoon drinking and playing frizby, trying to forget about that essay you have to give in tomorrow. If you run out of booze the Rocket is just down the road where you can play pool all night till you get into a fight about who potted the white ball.
  • hillfields where every one smokes weed, crack and sniff a little bit of charlie
  • The Godiva statue and Gringo's are the main meeting points in Cov.
  • The lady godiva staue is the amin place ppl meet up although it can get over run by goths and kosovans (no offense) also their planning to open a new covered shopping big thingy that should be cool.
  • outside the Litten Tree, my house, the monument in the memorial park.
  • The field, in Ernsford Grange which used to belong to the school is the place to hang out. I think its private property but we've broken down the fence and its ours!
  • If you are smelly and like Limp Bizkit more than soap, hang around by the Lady Godiva statue with the other freaks.
  • Whitefriar's Alehouse on Far Gosford Street.
  • Godiva Statue not for townies!
  • The memorial park
  • annex, ansty road.have 2 agree that this the best place 4 any1 to spend their teenage years. what with 2 benchs, a log and lots of bushes, we really believed this was the one and only place to be with our bottles of cider. so any1 still only dreaming of been able to get in2 the pubs, this is the next best thing. well until u reach about 16 that is.
  • tesco cark park is nuff. we are the local skaters and riders they have just took out the benchs because we nailed them but theres a nice big kurbs waxed and small kurbs
  • up my arse
  • Its got to be the Lady Godiva statue. Although I find it funny that people call us "goths" open your eyes...
  • Outside the Leofric Hotel
  • First place we and not alot of others apart from my mates went to id the Biggin hall hotel on the binley road traditional pub with good guest beers also serves a fine pint of stella absolultly no trouble. Great staff and mature atmosphere. The low down id rooms 1st is the bar in here u get a mix from 18 to 80 with big screen tv for the footy. then theres the lounge mainly for the older lot but has a good quiz on a monday night. and as far as pool rooms go this is a top notch room two games for a pound 1 bandit an up to date (plus old) juke box. also with a timer for speed poll this room is seperate form everything alse also upstairs her they hold partys. been voted in the best beer guide for at least 7 yrs running!!!!
  • The Fountain in the centre is a good place for meeting in town easy to find and excellent for jumping in on a warm day and getting dirty looks from the older community who think we should have more sense
  • Broadgate, under the canopy of Lady Godiva seems to be the place. You can watch them doing it live at
  • People hang around the Godiva statue but there is nowhere decent to go really. Now that the new ice rink has opened though that could be pretty popular as a new hangout. Or loads of kids go to the memorial park statue to mess around in the summer
  • Someone mentioned Mount Nod was posh. Noone mentioned Allesley, poshest of all. Posh is a relative concept in Coventry, though.
  • The annex, on the Ansty Road in Wyken opposite the Walsgrave Pub. I seem to have spent the last Five years of the eightees kicking a football around that field. Most of my teenage experiences were had rolling around on that grass. there was a log at the top of the field where most of us would sit late into the night, well at least until 9.30. I still go past now and again same shit different, different setof kids. Ah well, what i would give to be 16 again.
  • The Godiva Statue in Broadgate is good to meet people but better if you went to laugh at the Goths making complete arses out of themselves. The Planet is the best club but you gotta be a student so go to Fattys. Broadstreet are the best Rugby club in Coventry as well.
  • Who said Mount Nod was snobby?? it's not that bad just cause there are a few big houses that dont mean shit. The people there are alright! If it's so snobby why do the kids from Tile Hill and other areas hangs around on Mount Nod's street corners?
  • The bench at the end of Rochester Road. or, before they trashed Broadgate, we used to hang out sitting on the bottom of the Lady Godiva Statue.
  • The War Mermorial Park, is pretty good, but can be over run by boarders, also can be fun at 1am!
  • Pool Meadow bus station, Broadgate, esp, the statue of Lady Godiva.
  • West Orchards Shopping center
  • The Fountain in the centre of the shopping precinct is a pretty good meeting point, plenty of places to sit down, and usually something going on to help pass the time whilst you wait.
  • Theres no hook up spot as such. People just tend to vaugly saunter down to the pubs round about opening time.
  • Megabowl/Crystal Maze, Walsgrave
  • Belgrade Square is the definitive in town mmeting spot if you are coming from the north of the city
  • Caludon Castle Park in Wyken,is the legendary hanging out place of St.George (of the dragon fame). Although there's only one wall of 'the castle' left you can still find a few dragons around (usually on a Saturday afternoon).
  • Tile Hill South is the best area and the Gravel Hill lot are sound. Hillfields is trampy, so is Wood End and places like that. Mount Nod is well snobby so don't go there. The best school is Bishop Ullathorne and the best clubs are the colosseum and Mr Gees on a Saturday night. BYE!!

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