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Musical Instrument Shops and DJ Gear
  • CVS DJ STORE has moved to 408 Radford road,For all DJ equipment call 02476 593929
  • CVS DJ STORE has moved to 408 Radford road,For all DJ equipment call 02476 593929
  • Brams / Music World on Croft Road in Nuneaton. He's easily the most knowledgeable guy I've ever met when it comes to Guitars, and they have all kinds of gear in stock, new & used. Well worth a look!
  • TMC in Binley Road are the 'best of the bunch', though they are - akin to most of the shops in this sorry place - rather pedestrian in their wares. It's either cheap 'jap crap' or really expensive North American stuff. Want to buy a decent guitar without bull**** attitudes and hordes of rich trust kids in skinny jeans buying 1500 Taylors that they can't even play? - Try Regent in Leamington.
  • strings n things in far gosford street is the place to go. its got everythin you will need.
  • oooh there are some good shops down Far Gosford Street near backbeat and all that...
  • there is a few up gosford street
  • TMC- situated on the Binley road. Fast, freindly, and very informative service makes this my fave music shop in the uk. well worth a visit.
  • noise works
  • Strings and Things,Noise Works and that Music shop up Binley Road.
  • TMC Binley road - kick ass synths etc.
  • I found a good seconhand shop at 84 Far Gosford Street, Coventry called xchange & mart, selling studio equiptment, amps, speakers,guitars.flutes, clarinets etc., dead cheap.
  • TMC Binley road or Noiseworks on far gosford st. They r both cool.
  • TMC Coventry,just don't bother,for goods bought there and then brought back for part ex,waste of time.Value 4 money..don't think so....London is an hour away and the shops there value your hard earned cash.
  • Either NOISEWORKS at the top of Far Gosford Street or TMC on Binley road
  • bc rich birmingham
  • music shops..hmmmm...just near to the coventry footy grounds is quite a good range of music shops. a couple only reallyspecialise in the piano range, but the rest offer some pretty range of instruments andadvice. very sexual guitars!
  • noise works iz da best i fink. i got both my guitars n all da accessories for em. plus the fact that the owner knows my dad n so gives me discounts (not very big ones but evry penny counts innit)
  • yammaha on far gosford street
  • Strings'n'Things in Gosford St has a good stock of vintage gear. However, most of it is just for show and not for sale at all, as the owner freely admits. DEFINITELY ONE TO AVOID!
  • noiseworks down far gosford st
  • TMC on the binley road. Noise works on Gosford st.
  • TMC is the best by far they have guitars for 75! I don't like strings and things there is a scary old man who works there and i dont think he likes me!
  • I play the recorder, clarinet, flute, sax, etc. I always got mine from a music shop near CCFC. It is on the corner of Far Gosford Street and was quite good.
  • Total Music Company on the Binley Road
  • Yamahas on Gosford street. Bit trampy but sells most things
  • Musical World sells cheap guitars and expensive keyboards...its more for sheet music and professional stuff. Coventry Music is the second greatest music shops i've ever been to. It sells all the most wonderful guitars you can think off. plus you can just jack them into an amp and rock away while you shop.
  • Town - somewhere or near gulson road theres a guitar shop!
  • Noise works, TMC, Strings and things. TMC is the best.
  • musical world on far gosford street
  • Loads of them in Far Gosford Street
  • the one in earlsdon!
  • Sutherlands in Earlsdon
  • hmm theres buswells in earlsdon but thats more classical. coventry isnt really the place to look for guitars etc.
  • Noiseworks on Far Gosford street.Theres some other good music shops there too.
  • A few in far Gospford Street
  • Strings and things and Noise works in Gosford street are the best places to go to buy your Tamborine.
  • Binley road, Musical Exchange, if they don't have it then it aint worth hav'in.
  • Musical Exchanges is the only good and proper music shop!
  • Hot Strings used to kick, and is still probably the best guitar shop, now called Noise Works, on Far Gosford Street, on the way to the football ground.
  • Musical Exchange Binley Road best for drum kits and guitars!!!!
  • the cathedral, the rolling stones are popular
  • oh bugger forgot its name, near Ball Hill :)
  • Top shop on the binley road Musical exchange evrytype of decent instrument for sell or part x new and 2nd hand plus decks and pa stuff upatairs
  • Greens Organs Ltd, Musical World, Musical Exchanges, M.B. Sunderland, Noise Works and Strings'n'Things.
  • Brian Sunderland on Earlsdon High Street. Always friendly and accomodating.
  • A few - never had call to go into one though!
  • Probably Sunderlands in Earlsdon is the best if not the only one
  • Sutherlands on Earlsdon High Street one of the better ones
  • Strings n things in far gosford street is excellent for guitars etc there is also a shop in Earsldon street that sells sheet music and a few instruments
  • earlsdon music, earlsdon high street, good for guitars
  • Hot strings & Strings and Things

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