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Buskers, Street Entertainers
  • the singing cyclist
  • In the early eighties a band called the jumping pond frogs used to busk in queens square. this abnd became the Housemartins and contained Paul Heaton and Norman (fat boy slim) Cook
  • Plenty of Homeless,Winos,Junkies and Mental cases abound in Crawley.
  • mad mary...but she's dead
  • "fred" the blues harp player can be seen at most jams around crawley, but has been known to enjoy a busk or two.
  • go to broadfeild the piss heads crack heads and local loons will have you entertaind for hours i think thats why the teens hang around there i certainly find it entertaining
  • I like the loonies, as they're not as reserved as typical English people. I LOVE the nutters on the bus who (gasp) try to talk to you.
  • the town outside woolworths
  • Eugene from Big Brother 6!!! (2005)
  • In Queen's Square buskers can sometimes hang out to earn a bit of extra cash and play for your enjoyment. There was even a marching troop of Scotsmen once!!!
  • cunt
  • theres some one usually pissed in town that u can laugh at
  • "Spud" the dude that some people think is homeless but some say he's got a mansion in horley....
  • the japanese craftmen in town near queens square, or get samo drunk an he'll run round the square in a g-string
  • Theres on old man who sings along to the music that he plays off his minidisc player through an amp. Its really entertaining to just dance in front of him and try to make the poor sod laugh, hes usually outside of Woolworths
  • dodgey dave
  • Kevin Muscat "Muzzy" was born in Crawley.
  • A homeless man thats said 2 have a posh house in horley. His name....Spud.
  • You must be aware that Crawley is like a minature London,full of youths and yobs strutting around thinkin they are From London and causing fights and tryin to MC. Dont walk through the dark alleys at night if you dont wanna get caught up in these yobs drinking and generally being loud and insane.
  • "Maski Flynn". General work/tax dodging nasty. Avoids work, and claims as much benefit as she can which she then illegally smokes and drinks away. Can be found beggin around West Green Sainsburys, used to get nasty, but they keep an eye out for her now. Watch out.
  • Not enough that can play
  • The kebab eatin' Graham, hangs about on street corners munchin'!
  • Pikeys selling mobile fone fascia and chinese men bending peices of wire
  • MMMMmmm. Crawley is rather snobbish and some people can be very tight. No buskers really.
  • Here's where Crawley get's one over on Brighton. The regular crooner outside Woolworths has nothing on the irritating nonce's that surround Brighton and Hove trying to scrape from you every last scratch of your savings.
  • Buskers no,only people selling the big issue
  • They daren't risk it - they would probably get their earnings nicked or the tight gits in Crawley wouldn't give any money anyway!!
  • in queens square there is sometimes some very good entertainment however sometimes classical bands sometimes bore the hell out of people on saturdays!
  • why are there no people from which to buy the Big Issue? what's wrong with the gereral public of Crawley?
  • Lots of strange interesting people sing in the high street on a Saturday to raise some money to buy some new alloys for there BMW sitting round the corner! (Opps, political statement, I am sorry).
  • there are getting more by the week, my god us crawley residents must be pushovers.
  • Fortuantely not too many coz they aint that talented anyway, just make a racket most of the time.
  • Unfortunatly there is the usual blind and deaf performer. oh and don't forget the man who butchers the classics with his fender. They can be very annoying...
  • Not enough buskers, i would like to see some talented artists on the street.
  • The bloke who sings the same Ronan Keating song everytime you see him
  • Cops nicking the drunks on a Saterday night
  • Sometimes the curch people 'get on dowwwwwwwwwn' in queens square
  • loads out side the mall, most have scabbey dogs
  • Nice variety of beggars and buskers on a saturday
  • Luckily we have very few of these, because we get very few tourists.
  • Occasional street painters are quite amusing. Especially when it rains.
  • none that can play altho the begger has found a spot or two
  • Some, on Saturdays.

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