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Clubs (Dance Music) and Music Bars
  • steam nightclub crewe, all this bad press about steam is rubbish, it’s under new ownership now and there is no trouble now since December, when it was taken over. It’s good place to go, and over the next few months it is going to have a re-ferb. No under age now.will Have all music now also bands like tomtom which have just finished a tour abroard.
  • go to nantwich if you arent a chav, simple as.
  • You left out that the Crewe pioneer anglers club have live music every Sat /Sun day night, bingo wed thur friday sunday lunch, and just a little amount while the acts have a break on sat sun evening and a large games room and lounge bar for those that just want a quiet drink.
  • Clancys is now open till 2ish, good night out for a group of girls on the lash
  • Limelight
  • What every happened to the glory days! I used to go Steam every night it was open, even by myself sometimes. Used to know everyone in there. Sadly its now turned into a total shite hole, full of idiots. Mondays nights will never be the same as they were back in the day! Bloor Bloor Bloor :) To all those who know us don't worry the group still lives on, If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find us, maybe you can hire the A-Team
  • Steam in Crewe has been a club under many guises. Now is no different. Its also pants, but if there's no late night matial arts on tv you can sit outside there any night its open and you'll get a good half hour in! The police let them wear themselves out first, then swoop. Which is nice
  • Steam is so bare, itll be good to see how it turns out when it closes and reopens as allycats haha
  • clubs. in crewe? get to liverpool or manchester for a night out....
  • Limelight Club, Rileys, 21-12,
  • steam is still the worst club ever. full of teenagers and old men. avoid this place like the plague, i dont know anybody who still goes. how does this place stay open?
  • Apart from the Limelight it isn't worth the trip
  • Steam - is crap! take my word for it, but because its one of the only clubs in crewe every1 goes there. Gregs, (nantwich) its ok and well better than steam,
  • Er yeah....Steam, the artist formally known as Platform 5. Truth be told if you wanted a better night out, then head for Platform 5...On Crewe Station, then get on a train and go Manchester or somewhere decent.
  • Try Nantwich Road, plenty up there.
  • Steam.....pile of poo! but will sell pints of aftershock!
  • The Limelight-Ok if you lie covers bands, Dizzy Lizzy, QE2, The Australian Doors, that sort of thing
  • Limelight Live Music Club - great atmosphere, alternative and Rock mainly - lots of tribute bands.
  • PIONEER ANGLERS CLUB underwood lane where you can observe that rare breed the addicted bingo player complete with monster pen indulge there habit 7 nights a week and they all leave immediately after the last game.
  • Steam is the only nite club in Crewe
  • The Crosville Club? Dance? 'Strict tempo', more like. My dad drinks there. No, Crewe has only two 'proper' clubs. Neither are good. The 2112 is named after a Rush album, which should give you a fair idea of what it's like. It is, however, the better of the two, playing a mix of rock, classic rock, charts and rock. Cheap beer and a decent atmosphere for a small-town pub. The other club, Steam, is your archetypal provincial nightclub. It's Raining Men, expensive bottled drinks and usually a fight or two. Aviod.
  • The Limelight was always good, when I lived in Crewe. After that, there isn't anywhere else!
  • Crosville Club Chester St

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