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Cheap Food
  • La bota is quality Spanish tapas served in a real cool atmosphere and the red wine is delicious. Def worth a visit.
  • Excellent Greek and Turkish shops in nearby Green Lanes. Best of all is Medsun on the corner with Pemberton.Meant to be one of the 100 best shops in the world.
  • Banners & the many indian restaurants that ar thankfully still surviving in Tottenham Lane.
  • We eat at Stroud Green. Jai Krishna Indian Veggie (Thali & Samosa delish) Also La Porchetta huge yummy pizza £5 2 normal people can share it, seem to be all italian & gay, love kids. We buy dessert from Tesco& finish the meal at home
  • Cafe Solo is the best cheap eats!
  • Bar Bella - great fajitas, Banners - best chips and great jerk chicken burger, Mauros, Hornsey High Street - best pizza anywhere.
  • Monkey nuts 'two for one deals' can't beat it
  • I love Honeymoon! Its not really very authentic but it tastes nice. I ordered a takeaway from there the other night and a short tubby man with a cockney accent delivered it... Chinese? I think not!
  • 'Olive' on Hornsey High Street is a varied joint - good breakfasts all day and a nice chilled atmosphere with honest Greek cooking in the evening. Winner.
  • more veggie food without cheese !!!! more tasty sarnie outlets...why %3 for a sarnie more COFFEE shops..
  • I had the most disappointing meal in Crouch End at Mezgal. The starter was nice enough but our main meal took 1 hour to arrive and they got our order wrong. After complaining, the bill was slammed down in front of our faces without an apology and a measly 10% discount. DON'T come here unless you want a Fawlty Towers Experience! La Bota, on the other hand, is one of the most fantasic places I've ever had the pleasure to eat at.
  • True Crouch End has plenty of eating places but hardly any good restaurants. The world Cafe has the worst service I have ever encaountered no just a moment I am wrong this new cafe opposite KFC Dairy or so is even worst at least the food is not as bad in the world cafe. Barbella and Pizza Bella have quite nice food and service Banners is always reserved never get a table ad hock what a let down also i find the place quite elitist and the food is not as good as some people say. The only restaurant which is excelent is la ruccula on tottenham lane it has quality staff whre you can see they are trained in their proffession and the chef is a star. The food is very good really check it out.
  • Aix bistro on Tottenham Lane is fab - real proper delicious French food that's quite expensive but it's worth it. It also has a little conservatory out the back and has really friendly service.
  • Les Associes. Went on a weekday. The service was sedate but the vibe and the food good. For delivered Chinese, I recommend the "Seasoned Wok" on Hornsey High Street. Huge portions well cooked. Arrives very quickly.
  • LE BISTRO on Hornsey High Road is a great local and very charming. LE CADRE up the road is pricier and probably better quality, also worth a visit. BANNERS has it's faults but it's quintessentially Crouch End and the food and booze are well worth it. MEGHNA is the best Indian by miles. HARIMAU is great for Malaysian. OBOE is cracking for a tasty salad and glass of vino at the weekend, but gets pretty noisy with kids running rampant at peak times.
  • Rogers has closed. The best two restaurants in Crouch End are, without doubt, the Boombar and Aix. Boombar: Brilliant Madgascan and Namibian steaks, ostrick, antelope, great wine list, superfriendly service. Now serving lunches too. Its really the only place I go out to in Crouch End regularly. Aix: really excellent french food.
  • Having just eaten at Loch Fyne restaurant on Park Road, I thought i'd write in a highly recommend it to you all. The Fish is so fresh and there is a great wine list to choose from. There is a cold counter where you can pick your shellfish and the Oysters are out of this world.
  • Loch Fyne on Park Road is fantastic. The seats are really comfy and the Seafood is so fresh. I had a seafood platter piled with Crab, Langustine, Cockles, Oysters and Mussles washed down with reasonably priced bottle of white wine. You can also use the restaurants as a fishmonger and cook it at home yourself. It is all grown in Scotland in Loch Fyne and so you KNOW its going to be good.
  • I'm amazed that noone seems to have mentioned two of the best restaurants in Britain, both within easy reach albeit not 'heart of' Crouch End: Les Associes, in Park Road, serves simply wonderful French food in a very homely (and very French) atmosphere, while La Porchetta in Stroud Green Road is simply the best pizza place in the country, bar none: fantastically friendly (and genuinely kid-friendly - they're all Italian, so they genuinely like ankle-biters) and superb, enormous pizzas. Les Associes is pricey, and worth every penny; Porchetta is terrific value for money.
  • I have a bad experience in Triangle restaurant recently. My friend & I ordered a sweet potato dish. They both came out overcooked and burnt! My other friend ordered a stew of sorts and was recommended by the waitress to have the couscous instead of the potatoes on the menu - this came as extra on the bill!There was £10 extra added onto the bill from where we couldn't work out and to add insult to injury 10% service charge was added on to the bill for service that was at best just clearing of plates. Really bad, really disappointed. A restaurant that's obviously "taking the michael" out of its locals.
  • Harringtons has died a deserved death and has been replaced by 'The N8 Bistro' I don't like to look of it. The best restaurant in the neighborhood is Les Associés. Real class - but not cheap.
  • Can never understand the hype about the amount of restaurants in Crouch End. There is not one good one among them. Penang Penang was OK but it has been replaced by Harrington's which cannot even get the chips right. And Massala was very good but too far from the Clocktower or too expensive for and "Indian" to make it profitable
  • Just to mention, Penang Penang in Crouch End has shut and been replaced by a fish bar. It's OK, but don't believe it's claims to have been around "since 1870" - it opened in 2002!
  • Avocaria behind Rogers and KFC is always great and the only place to eat outside in crouch end.
  • the triangle at the south end of Ferme Park rd is a great neighbourhood resto. The people there are very welcoming and into what they're doing, the food is exciting fusion stuff, sometimes overambitious but never boring. Sounds and decor are original and fun.
  • Cafe Solo has to be one of THE best places in crouch end for a sunday morning/afternoon breakfast.good food..good service...nice atmosphere.
  • Come on, this is Crouch End!! You can get anything you want here food-wise.
  • Banners is absolutely the warmest, most friendly place in london. And the food is great too.
  • There is a new Portuguese tapas/restaurant called Pradera which everybody should try. Top of Middle lane next to Mauro's (used to be Charlies) pizza.
  • Mazgul is a Turkish restaurant serving among many great meals possibly the best shish kebab on the planet (how do they cook lamb that good?) and right in the middle of Crouch End on Tottenham Lane. Penang Penang, slightly fursther down Tottenham Lane is an excelent Malaysian restaurant despite it's slightly grubby exterior. Le Bistro on the High Street (hornsey) is an excelent french restaurant and far better food than the overpriced Le Cadre just up the road Banners and The World End Cafe have the worst service around (why do right-on places always have this problem). I have walked without paying from both places due to a complete failure to get the bill. To be honest the food really isn't that great at either.
  • Wisteria has gone - Sosta a small but very elegant and stylish restaurant has repalced it.
  • A word of recommendation is overdue for Chilli's – naff name for a great Indian restaurant with friendly staff and excellent food. And Lam's, the Malaysian on Hornsey High Street, is always friendly and reliable.
  • Chillies Indian Restaurant; they will make virtually any dish to suit your taste
  • i weent to dinner at fiction recently. whilst the food was ok'sh, it took an hour for my main course to arrive, and surly service didn't help! added to that, service charge was added to my bill? what service i ask! ok food, but purely for faddists.
  • The Dragon, Chinese. Wonderful food.
  • Charlies Pizzeria on Hornsey High Street - the happiest venue in London.
  • La Bota, excellent spanish tapas bar where the food is reasonably priced and delicious.
  • i was in Barbellas recently,and although the staff were a bit slack in taking my order, the food seemed pretty much alright, particularly the huge plate of tortilla chips for 2. The head waiter/owner was falling over herself to give good service, though she was very touchy-feely [made my night! ]. It could have been that an irate group of people had just walked out of the restaurant, and she had run to find out why, and so was trying to smooth matters over, i don't know. Also of interest to you latinos, there's salsa dancers there on a saturday night, and i recommend a glass or 4 of Sangria of you wish to make an arse of yourself and dance with them.
  • i went to the worlds end cafe on saturday night. the food was pretty, as were the customers and staff, but the restaraunt lends itself to an atmosphere of 'airyness', much to do with it being fairly drafty and cold. Was this to make the salads crisper? Vikas.
  • My favourite restaurant is Fiction - all veggie and with some interesting hemp beer. Second favourite is O's Thai Cafe, but they use too much Nam Pla. (Overpowering fish sauce). The Honeymoon Chinese on Park Road gives you leeke with your crispy aromatic duck instead of spring oniions, which is really irritating. * Why oh Why do 30-something couples in Crouch End HAVE to take their babies in prams to every restaurant? I really hate the smug parents who let their children run around, scream & cry when you are trying to have a conversation with someone. Worse is the parent who insists on reading stories very loudly to their offspring in cafes. aaaagggghhh! *
  • Roger's Seafood Place (now owned by the chap who worked as a chef there and bought it when he won the lottery) is really fantastic food (a bit pricey - but worth it) - opposite the Clock Tower. The Tea House in Priory Park has really scrumptious home made cakes, and usually a delicious hot soup during winter months. Sadly, Wisteria has closed down and is now another antique furniture shop.
  • Eating out. Hundreds of restaurants - Thai, French, Italian, Tapas, and the highest concentration of Indian restaurants 'anywhere in the world' - including Bob Dylan's favourite.
  • Crouch End has London's only South African restaurant (and jolly good it is too).
  • 24 hour 7-11 (frequented by the local drug dealers b/w 3am and 6am Sunday morning)
  • Budgens supermarket. Overpriced but the focal point of Crouch End remains ever popular. Always open and very cruisy around Sunday lunchtime for all those people who didn't get laid on Saturday night.
  • The finest hangover cure known to man is eating one of Barbella's Mexican omelettes. Barbella is an offshoot of Pizza Bella, which used to be the finest pizza emporium in North London but has sadly fallen off in the last year or so.
    [But] re: Barbella as a purveyor of omelette-shaped hangover cures -- I'd like to rescind it in the light of two disastrous meals in the last week :-(
    [And:] Don't go to Barbella's. The drinks are overpriced, I have known the food to be undercooked and the tables are crammed too close to each other for comfort.
    The food in Barbella's has always been a crime but the jugs of Margaretas can liven your shopping trip. <
  • I totally agree - Pizza Bella is absolutely dreadful.
    I totally disagree: Pizza Bella has a warm athmosphere and a friendly service. I think this is due to their manager's success.
  • Wysteria Tea Room on Middle Lane is a brilliantly twee cafe estaurant - a complete contrast to Banner's, however their cheesy spiced mushrooms are excellent. The decor is very 50s, with everything blending in on the basis that it is all different.
  • Oboe is a new restaurant just down the road from Banners which specialises in stuffed pittas etc. Very good
    I would strongly recommend the bruch at Oboe Cafe Bar on Park Road; check out the size of their plates, not to mention what's on them... plus extraordinarily sexy waitresses!
    Oboe do a dreadful breakfast and trendy white ale.
  • Florian's on Topsfield Parade is one of film director Terry Gilliam's two favourite restaurants in the world. The other one's in Tuscany somewhere.
  • Brilliant croissants from Queen of Tarts on Priory Road.
  • Dunns - brilliant bakery; no more need to be said.
  • Just down the road in Hornsye is Le Bistro, excellent French food (limited, interesting menu), reasonably-priced. The big problem with Banners is how rude the staff are. The South African restaurant is called BoomBar - I've been there and didn't rate the food. There's a reasonably good Aussie nosherie on Park Road. Try Lams (Hornsey High Street) for an atmospheric Malaysian. Oh, and if you want a variety of good restaurants to exist in the future, join the local campaign against a planned McDonalds at Ally Pally or Hornsey.
  • 'O's Thai Cafe' has just opened on Park Road. I used to be a regular at the old Thai Cafe at the Victoria Stakes pub where it was always possible to get a seat but now it's in the centre of Crouch End there's no chance of getting in without a reservation. Shame really because the food is really good and 'O' is the friendliest host you could ever meet.
  • La Bota Tapa's Bar on Tottenham Lane is well worth a visit although the service can be a bit slow during busy periods. Unlike in Spain itself, there's a pretty good selection for veggies.
  • Fiction - a newish veggie restuarant on Crouch End Hill.
  • Curry houses (sorry, Indian restaurants). Tottenham Lane has some of the best in the world. The Balti House have waiters who are friendly enough to laugh at all the old Rowan Atkinson curry jokes, (18 onion bajhies and all that shit), and still remember that for the last two years you always spend an hour reading the menu then order Prawn Dansak. They are also pretty forthcoming with the ice cold big bottles of Cobra. The Meghna has the best Moter Panhir, chick peas & cheese - better than it sounds. Avoid the Shamrat unless you like eating with the cast of Eastenders.
  • Best breakfast, (that is after 12 noon), is the re-launched Maynard Arms. Great food, best bar staff in Crouch End and smoking in the garden. Only two moans, what are the fishing nets about and please take down the stupid signs that point nowhere. (Oh, sorry three: someone put a black drape behind the huge Sky sport projection screen so you can see the sports.)
  • Don't bother fighting the MacDonalds, everyone sometimes needs the cheap burger option.
  • (When I last counted there were 26 restaurants, rather than 100s, but that's pretty damn good in a centre so small.)
  • If Budgen's is cruisy on a Sunday lunchtime, I'll eat my hat, which would probably taste quite good after a visit there. No, its better than it used to be after a refurb recently. - but there is no crumpet on the go in Budgen's on a Sunday!!
  • Without doubt, The Meghna is the best indian restaurant in Crouch End and one of the ten best in London. Whether Terry Gilliam likes it or not, as a restaurant, Florians is an overpriced bad joke. Le Cadre, Hornsey High Street, serves passable food but the pony-tailed owner is utterly intolerable.
  • Crouch End REALLY has it all - Lots of Italian, lots of French, Spanish, Thai, Chinese, THOUSANDS of Indians (all opposite each other on Tottenham Lane), South African (yes, South African, two in fact, the BoomBar on the broadway and the BoomRang just at the foot of Muswell Hill). Of the Indians, check out the Shamrat of India - it's supposed to be a favourite of Bob Dylan's when he's recording at Dave Stewart's studio down the right. I've heard tell that you can even order a 'Bob Dylan' from there, and they will sit you where he sits, and give you his favourite meal. Although that may be apocryphal/a lie.
  • Banners - The only place where you can go to chill out, have a great time, and eat food that's noteably unbelievable.
  • The thing about Bar Bella and Pizza Bella is that the owner is a very good businessman who didn't get where he is today by being generous to his staff. ie exploitation city. If they don't look the part, they don't get a job, and if they query anything, they get the push.

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