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  • The new Wetherspoon's (the one that used to be All Bar One) brings a welcome flavour of proletarian realpolitik to the buggy-infested High Street. Particularly interesting in the morning, when solitary alcholics nurse their liquid breakfasts in sombre contemplation. A fine place for a cheap drink or a decent 99p coffee, but UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES consider eating anything.
  • can't beat the Kings Head
  • Hornsey Tavern- excellent beer, clean, smoke filters, cosy
  • Three compasses on Hornsey Lane is a faveriot of mine.. Its not to far away from central Crouch End and serves loverly food! Victoria Stakes at the bottom of Muswill Hill is nice as well... For late night drinking Os bar on Crouch End is available but go wearing a stab proof vest... Or drunk out of your face..
  • 'The Three Compasses' on Hornsey High Street has the best jukebox in the London. It has good bar staff, excellent food at reasonable prices and I once saw Simon Pegg in there.
  • all bar one is like drinking in the reading room of an east german stasi academy ( has that been said before) only there is a price....
  • Coming soon... I will keep you posted as to the when and where but just to get your appetite going I am opening a bar on Crouch Hill within the next 3 months. No chain I promise. I have taken the best out of all my favourite bars and merging it into one great place! Watch this space!
  • The Flag Bar *Final Months* The Flag Bar 29 Crouch Hill is set to close down in March 2005 after over five years "Its been fun but time to move on" do pop in and say bye bye before March if not thanks everyone. Dave xxx
  • Crouch End does not fare well for pubs. QUEENS HEAD: absurdly poncy. KINGS HEAD: desperate. ALL BAR ONE: one trick pony (or just pony). HARINGEY ARMS: has its moments. The LION LOUNGE is quite good but they keep running out of wine (how is this possible?) The HORNSEY TAVERN is great for a pint, a footie match and for smoking loads and loads of fags. Also full of old men who can't take their eyes off your chest (if you're a woman), which is quite amusing if you're in the mood.
  • The Haringay Arms is the nicest, local, no muzak pub around.
  • The Harringay Arms is fast becoming (by the simple expedient of being the only pub in the area that doesn't reinvent itself every five minutes) the ONLY pub an adult can go to. Good music at The Princess Alexandra, Park Road on ... oops, can't remember. Friday or Saturday - maybe both.
  • The Maynard on Park Road has the best bar staff in town - so friendly. The Karoke on a Friday night is pretty good too!!
  • The Hogs Head used to be a great place circa '99 - 01 with a mixed crowd and a decent busy vibe to it on the weekends. Now however its been run into the ground, being dead even on the weekend. The food Is terrible even for a hogshead, I ordered something that arrived suspiciously early and the chips were cold with tomato sauce that had a skin on!! The bar staff are the worst I've ever encountered and and the beer is nearly always 'off'. I tryed to take a pint back once and it took 3 bar staff to tell me 'politely' that I could always try the beer before I buy!! as if I thought it was possible to f*ck a pint of Stella!!!
  • UPDATE: The best, at present, are the Haringey (a proper pub, not a posy bar) and the Great Northern. And thank God the Queen's, one of Crouch End's few listed buildings, has not been turned into a pizza joint.
  • All the pubs seem to be selling out to become commercialised bars and stuff. Shame.
  • The All Bar One is really quite a nice pub - if you like me prefer a pub that doesn't have a TV and keeps the music quite enough for a conversation then this is easily the best pub in Crouch End - The food there is quite good for pub grub if a little pricey.
  • The best, at present, are the Haringey (a proper pub, not a posy bar, and the Great Northern. And let's hope the Queen's get's restored to it's former Victorian glory.
  • Faultering Fullback, strictly in Stroud Green but the best pub in the area and frequented by a youngish crowd who play pool and listen to top notch jukebox tunes...check it out onPerth Road
  • Railway Tavern, Haringey Arms. Hogshead serves nice food like veggie chili.
  • The Yellow Kipper is the place to watch football. Big clear screen, friendly people, decent beer and grub.
  • Hogshead on Crouch End Hill isn't bad considering it's part of a theme-type real ale chain (owned by Whitbreads I think). Draught Hoegaarden is £2.60 a pint.
  • The Maynard (formerly The Hungry Horse, now reverted to its original name). A busy local in Park Road with good pub grub, the portions are large but don't expect much choice if you are a veggie. Good for sunday lunchtimes. Has a garden.
  • Why can't we have some decent fashionable pubs in Crouch End? Chains are moving in like the plague, such as The Hoggshead and All Bar One. The remainng pubs tend to be dirty, smelly, full of carpets and fruit machines (which no good pub should have) and people who should quite frankly have stayed at home.
  • "The Yellow Kipper" referred to is actually "The Orange Kipper" in Tottenham Lane although it will soon revert to the previous name of "The Hope and Anchor".
  • I cannot believe that no one has mentioned the wonderful Harringay Arms on Crouch Hill, but is a bit of an insider's secret. As a born and bred Hornseyite, I shouldn't really be telling you newcomers, but it is the most perfect, unpretentious, friendly, and odd put in Crouch End Jim, Sheila, Laughing John, Paul, Max the Dog - all life is there. And the Guinness is the best in the area.
  • Maynard Arms, Queens, Kings Head, Hornsey Tavern, Elbow Room, Hogshead, Railway Tavern. Don't forget Hornsey High St. too, cos it has the Three Compasses, the Drunken Newt, and the splendid Great Northern Railway Tavern. I've been on two pub crawls in Crouch End, and I've never managed them all.
  • Bar One - Dead boring..... King's Head - Juke box needs to be complimentary - One pound for 3 songs is just not good..

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