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  • Fab.
  • Fab - very helpful.
  • Theres a great little music shop on Crouch Hill near Dunns... I forget the name..
  • Fab Music is a really cool shop that helps you buy what you want quickly buy not stocking too much commercial crap - just good music. Who is this Peyoti for President anyway..and has anyone bought a CD?
  • Listen, FAB, Woolies, charity shops.
  • Hey, no contest - it's gotta be 'Listen', at 144 (i think) Crouch Hill. CDs and Vinyl, both brand new and second hand. What impressed me was the price of new release CDs - at just 10 each, something of a rarity these days. A few advance promos of things too. They seem to be just branching into dvds too. Fantastic vintage music memorabilia decorate the walls. Just discovered it, and i'll go back !
  • FAB has a good selection and after four years of regular custom I now qualify for something almost equating friendly service. Steady on boys!
  • FAB is a really nice record short. Sanity has just closed. No real choice of classical, though a good second hand one opposite the Haringay Arms.
  • FAB music is the place to go. Not the cheapest but they're sooooo helpful and you can get the obscure music that woolies and virgin don't stock. If they don't have it, they'll find it for you. The boys are a mine of information.
  • The Glaswegian in listen! on crouch hill is a friendly and knowledgeable sort of cove.
  • listen records in crouch end johnny reece yes radio caroline fame runs the shop and you never know you might get to meet andy brooks another caroline dj there sometimes 1995 they did have a cd of johnny zero and the london angels there
  • Terrapin records has sadly closed . . . Instead we have another homage to all those forty somethings with adleast three children (and more on the way) kitted out in gear bought from the toddler range at Gotham Angels! Whilst Gotham Angels is a welcomed . . . . I think the huge shop that Terrapin occupied is currently misused as a baby 'stuff emporium'!
  • Listen records at the bottom of Crouch hill sells second hand stuff - loads of promos and a real mixed bag, I bought Eminem's I Shit On You and Donna Summer Live for less than a tenner...not bad. Crouch End's also home to one of the smaller indie label moshimoshirecords, worth checking out, they have a website at
  • I'm glad someone mentioned Listen, which I only discovered by chance a month ago. Locals make the mistake of thinking its second hand only, yet they have new chart cds at around 9, cheapest I have found in the country. The guys there seem to have a great music knowledge too, but look out for the hilarious Album of the month which goes in the window, or the sarky comments on the Specials board - very funny, if oddly cruel to artists that the staff don't like ! Russell
  • i can't believe no one has mentioned "listen" the greatest second hand record shop in crouch end and anywhere in the 2 mile is the best and the shop staff are friendly 2 ....its on crouch hill and opposite dave stewart's studio... :o)
  • FAB Music,55 The Broadway 0181 347 6767 Pop,Rock,Dance,Back Cat Listen,Crouch Hill 0181 342 9633 Second Hand CD & LP Shop,New Titles,Collectable Vinyl & More.
  • 'Fab' the little CD shop on Park Road is really cool and quite cheap.
  • I think you should correct your site regarding the listing for Terrapin Records,the shop has ceased trading is no longer a valid listing,you should remove the details as this misleads people to think the shop is still open & trading Please do this little service & update the info on the page to be correct Yours A former customer who now goes to FAB
  • One thing you should know about Crouch End is Terrapin Records, a shop dead-icated to psychedelia, progressive and folk-rock. This is tie-dye mecca, stacked with Grateful Dead merchandise and memorabilia. They also specialise in bands such as Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, Fairport Convention and, of course, Crouch End's most famous resident His Bobness Dylan. They also sell chart music to keep Crouch End's more unenlightened citizens happy.

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