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Skateboarding Spots in Crouch End, Greater London*

Skate parks, street spots, waxed curbs, stairs, steps, handrails, skate ramps

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Skateboarding Spots
  • Outside the town hall
  • Skate park coming soon to Priory Park.
  • Leave the kids alone - nothing else happpens outside the town hall
  • Town Hall seems to be the most popular place for skating although the police are getting involved now... miserable gits!
  • Parkland Walk
  • Outside the town hall.
  • Parkland Walk
  • the kerb outside the town hall is pretty smooth
  • John Cork the skate pro lives in Crouch end - dont know if he has spots though.
  • The ramps by the Parkland Walk on Crouch Hill aren't too bad... but it's always damp there.. (are they still there? Im not even sure!)
  • New skate park just opened in Ally Pally.
  • Crouch Hill community centre on the Parkland Walk: Ramp. 8.5' trans 1' vert; 20' wide; 14' flat; 4' platforms. Takes a long time to dry out. Metal surface. Also mini-ramp. Enjoying a bit of a revival since '95. (If you're looking for vert, you should also consider the bigger ramp at Kingston/New Malden in South West London.) Also banks nearby in Mayfield Road, half way down the hill. Transitioned smooth brick with curb at top. In the basketball courts in the playground.

    There's more information about this spot in the Slam City Guide.

  • Don't know 'bout skateboards, but Priory Park is a popular rollerblade spot. It's particularly good at one point where the smooth concrete path becomes uneven, where you can spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon watching them pile up.

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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