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Arts, crafts and such
  • Print shop in Croydon that produces posters, stickers, signs and stands. Showroom and website
  • Croydon Craft Studio - art & craft workshops, classes, courses & social events. Papercrafts, needlecrafts, textiles, creative journaling etc.
  • Where has Turtles of Croydon moved to?
  • The STUFF undercover market in the old Beanos building has a wide range of high quiality jewellery, cool and unique gifts, accessories, aromatherapy, tarot reading, new age and spiritual supplies, photography and stonemasonry plus much more. It's a hotbed of culture in the centre of Croydon- just what Croydon needs!
  • Very good art/craft shop (Turtles) near the holy shop parallel to Katherine Street. Courteous staff.
  • The Hothouse - Pottery paiting and similar - excellent! 24 St. George's Walk, Croydon, 020 8681 1517
  • There's a good craft shop in Coulsdon opposite Turner's bookshop.
  • i get my arts and crafts crap from hobbycraft.
  • 'Secrets' is an exhibition of photography, a loosley-woven tale of death, mystery and intrigue by Croydon photographer Eric Hands-from the secret lives of balloons and hairdryers to burnt out cars and graveyards. You can find it at Books Etc., Whitgift Centre, Croydon from 6 May - 2 June 2004, or check out
  • the shop on st georges walk.
  • Croydon Clocktower and the Fairfield Halls are usually hot spots for local artists.
  • the shop in the clocktower is good for nifty odd presents for people
  • The Crystal Garden has closed I'm afraid, nowhere to get your pagan needs anymore
  • It'll sound strange, but check out The Works Bookshop opposite Marks & Sparks. Downstairs has loads of artist materials.
  • Croydon has none unless you count the library. Actually there is a cool crafts shop on 2nd floor whitgift, main entrance selling african wood work
  • Turtles often suprise me with stuff that they stock, which you couldn't for your life get anywhere else in Croydon. They have a nice arts/crafts section as well.
  • croydon art gallery is quite impressive inside looks crap from the outside
  • Very good art shop in St.Georges Walk, sells anything and everything!
  • many, many tattoo studios. Croydon college exhibit over at the clocktower every year, among others.
  • The Clocktower Gift Shop
  • Warehouse Theatre, Dingwall Road, Croydon - presenting the best in new writing Tue-Sun all year, a mix of drama, comedy, children's theatre, youth workshops etc...
  • The Crystal Garden a new age/pagan shop. Sells candles, incense, magazines, crystals, books, aromatherapy oils and other stuff. Actively sympathetic to all pagans, as the shop is owned by one!
  • Stupid candle shop in the Whitgift centre, smells bad.
  • Croydon is hardly a cultural mecca but the Library has a gallery which exhibts art from time to time, especially if the artist has a local link.
  • Hi from CODA (Croydon Operatic and Dramatic Association) I've just tried to email this info...not sure what happened... Our site has moved from: to If you could update our entry in your lists we would be very grateful Thanks Claire
  • Poetry - now meeting at the Dog and Bull - worth a look in defo.
  • Croydon Operatic and Dramatic Association (CODA) - Go and see their excellent productions at both the Ashcroft Theatre, Fairfield Halls and the Braithwaite Hall, Croydon Clocktower. If you're interested in knowing more you can pop over to their new website:
  • The Clocktower - big public art and everything
  • Are there any local artists in Croydon or any of its borders, who would be interested in presenting an Internet art exhibition? The venue would be @ The Cyberzone cybercafe in Croydon and would be free for all exhibitors. To add to this any artists who wanted to have their work on display for the purpose of possible sale would be welcome to do so. Content of the exhibition is free, however there must be an Internet feel to it. Anyone wishing to participate can contact me at Cyberzone on 0181-681-6500 or e-mail me at All suggestions on this subject will also be welcome.
  • Good craft shops sometimes to be found in the back of the Drummond Centre (tend to appear and disappear again!)
  • Twice-yearly Fairfield Craft Fair definitely worth a visit - usually in June and November. Also the Camelot themed Craft Fair in Lloyds Park which had its first appearance in summer 1996, and was good!

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