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The Best Things
  • Two men from Croydon jailed for 23 years for stabbing property developer to death during Downham robbery (Croydon Advertiser, 8/1/2015):'THREE men who stabbed a property developer to death while trying to rob him of drugs have been jailed for a total of 35 years. Afyon Saint-Hilaire, 22, was ambushed and knifed in the leg in his car after arranging a meeting to sell £450 of skunk cannabis. Shyheim Green, 20, from South Croydon, Lance Sloley, 23, from Thornton Heath and Jordache Smith-Challis, 20, of Brighton, were all convicted of manslaughter and conspiracy to rob by an Old Bailey jury. They were cleared of murder.Sloley and Green were both jailed for 12 years and Smith-Challis was jailed for 11 years for manslaughter.Mr St Hilaire's cousin Mickyle Bromfield, 24, was convicted of possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life and jailed for 10 years.
  • Croydon man in court accused of possessing almost 6,000 indecent images of children (Croydon Advertiser, 30/1/2015):'A CROYDON man has appeared in court accused of possessing almost 6,000 indecent images of children and of making 12 indecent videos, photographs and images of children. Dean Stuart Cook, of Towpath Way, Croydon, did not indicate a plea at the hearing at Croydon Magistrates Court earlier today (January 30), where he appeared charged with possessing indecent videos of children.'
  • Library,Fairfield Halls,the many beautiful Georgian and Victorian buildings-so many spoilt by such things as betting shops on the ground floor.
  • East Croydon Station with trains to the South Coast and fast ones to Gatwick, London Bridge and Victoria.
  • Im leaving This God forsaken place to live in Devon Next week.nice little town no Ethnics no council wasting money feeding and housing them they have better things to spend their budget on. People actually say Hello without fear of being attacked......wont even take a Glance back just be glad to escape
  • STUFF undercover market, the Green Dragon pub, Croydon Clocktower
  • Doughnut stall in Surrey street market - amazin value and gorgeous hot fresh variety made as you wait! Well worth a visit.
  • I was about to say East Croydon station until there were two bastards staff saying I dodged the fare! All I did was just forgetting to renew my season ticket and they sent me straight to a 20 fine even I said I could buy it now! What a C**T!
  • Croydon.
  • The transport links, the number of shops. The 'only in Croydon' factor.
  • cool people friendly bars
  • The road leading out...... Enough said
  • Beanos Records
  • The trams.
  • The third largest department store in the country... Allders!
  • The range of shops, green space, concerts at Fairfield halls, transport links to central London and out of town.
  • The range of shops, green space, concerts at Fairfield halls, transport links to central London and out of town.
  • the amount of different ethnic minorities all in 1 place, getting on, its like an after school programme, other places could take note
  • The fact you can leave.
  • making fun of the chavs that walk around
  • The best things - F.M. FairFields and never forgetting SKATEBOARDING
  • The Warehouse Theatre - this must be retained when the Gateway site is redeveloped. The Clocktower.
  • david beckham being a resident
  • APPLE MAC COMPUTER SHOPS - Cancom and Mikro Envika. Proves the World does not revolve around Pee Seas, William Gates and all his (Microsoft) Works (or more often not!).
  • fairfield, the togetherness of the skaters. fairfield skunk
  • Croydon is a Hellish concrete armpit on Earth. The only good thing is the increased Number of Police now walking the streets in Central Croydon.
  • One thing Ive learnt from this site is that eveyone slags off where they live. But we secretly LOVE it. I know if I lived in a clean paradise with white sands, palm tree lined streets, teetotal church going inhabitants Id get bored. Its a British trait, we LOVE our dirty towns full of chavs.. I personaly find it hillarious & it gives me a stronger sense that, at the end of the day, this is home.
  • You are always guaranteed that some tw*t will get mouthy with u or oyur bird when he has drunk his 4th pint of the evening
  • da john fisha boyz n croydon college boyz
  • Fast, dynamic, forward looking, culturally diverse, a town unafraid of new ideas, such as the tram system.
  • Motorbike shops. There are loads, you want a bike in Croydon, you'll get one. Honda, Kawasaki, Ducati, Classic British, projects, Italian, Scooters, 'grey' imports, we have the lot, and pretty cheap, try Bonanza's for very cheap imports and projects, plus very good deals on parts, very friendly staff and know what they are talking about, helpful and friendly mechanics as well hmmmmmm .... If you go on a pub crawl, you'll be pissed long before you even get out of the pedestrianised zones Plenty of parking spaces, as long as you are willing to pay for them (but get back 1 minute late, and you WILL have a ticket if you park on the bays in the road, within 15 minutes you might not have a car to go back to unless you want to pay over £160 to get it back) Shops everywhere, you want it .. then its likely you can buy it in Croydon Good library and facilities for young kids are good and access for disabled residents/visitors is good Its improving very, very slowly
  • It has a lot of shops, and quick transport to London and Brighton.
  • it's easy to get out - good public transport into london. quite a few nightbuses come back this way too so you can get home after a decent night out elsewhere. also the council really does seem to be making an effort to make it a better place to live
  • Shops
  • The transport is good so you can escape, and it is quick to get to Brighton, which is a lot better. The library is good.
  • Up In Smoke, London Piercing Clinic.
  • the way certain things can happen "only in croydon"- hooded men walking around northend peddaling peacock feathers with one trouser leg up and the other one down- to name but one example of a traditional croydon sighting. oh i and i saw spiderman walking up the highstreet the other day.
  • At Christmas. When it gets dark early and one year they put that ice rink thing in the park. The park and library area are class after all. Just the general atmosphere you get in croydon - probably helps me being from there.
  • The amount of shops. You've got everything in Croydon
  • great fun for the budding criminal master mind. actually to be a crim in croydon you dont actually need to have a phd, just a couple of tattoos in latin. oh and a swallow (it might acttually a swift) on your left hand by the thumb of if youre paticuarly ard then one on each hand plus some runes a staff gold earings bad teath and boots coverd in paint. soverign rings arent in at the moment accept with fat ginger ado slags who think they are black. "love if your finger nearly swallows the ring then its time to get a bigger sizwe or stop eating so many cakes. 101 giant gold earings don't look to hot, neither dose puting so much gel in your hair you make garreth gaits looks human.
  • If you keep on your toes and keep your activities to before 8-ish then Croydon can be a great place as a whole!
  • To have your meal alone, relax, surrounded by friendly people.Where ? Mentara Restaurant in Croydon.No awkward feeling.No harm being single.
  • Its close to london and therefore you can escape quite quickly if you catch a fast train to victoria
  • Croydon Clocktower
  • Good secondhand record shops. Annual model railway show worth going to. Lots of wannabe nu-metallers hanging around outside HMV with unmarked skateboards, Slipknot hoodies and huge baggy jeans looking 'hard'. Laugh at them-feel free!
  • Croydon's great for shopping. It's all here. The Whitgift Centre has been great since it was completely covered. Shame they demolished the pub in the centre though.
  • loasd of good shops
  • the WHAREHOUSE THEATRE in Dingwall road - great fringe theatre in the most rickety building u can imagine that has nearly been pulled down 100 times and been saved - great little plays - it only seats about 60 people and is definately part of Croydons history
  • Crystal Palace Football Club!!!
  • cheap drinks from the ship of fools weatherspoon
  • Bar Maids, Croydon
  • The best thing about Croydon would have to be the variation of people. There's every different kind of person here, and of all ages. There's a reasonable "Alternative" (I really hate that word) "scene" here.. Also theres loads of wierd stuff around the place.
  • Unpretentious nightlife and can't be up yourself if you live in bloody CROYDON.
  • The shops.
  • Parks around Coombe Lane and Lloyd Park
  • The 16 to 20 year old girls
  • Surrey Street market - the Thai greengrocers is fantastic, mega-cheap butchers, the Dog and Bull pub. The relative absense of racism compared to other areas of London and elsewhere (see comments about restaurants - these places are often full).
  • live music venues. Chinese herbal remedy shop. Rasta guy that sells ragga tapes while constantly bunnin one, & grins all the time.
  • Allders. 3rd biggest department store in Europe, if I'm not mistaken?
  • The small but fantastic metal/punk scene. Everyone knows everyone else and goes to see eachother's band. There's also little of the petty, small-mindedness you find in the other places in Croydon or in similar scenes elsewhere. There are also loads of great record shops dotted around, most second hand indies. And if nothing else works, you've got London a 20 min. train ride away.
  • Croydon has one of the best cycling clubs in the country - Addiscombe Cycling Club - and the countryside is only 15 minutes away by bicycle!
  • The Crystal Garden is cool if you are a witch or a druid or into that stuff. Relaxed place to hang out, and there arn't that many in Croydon!
  • the foxes, jays and cycling to work on a crisp sunny morning
  • The Trams, although they have fallen victim to vandals, just like everything else.
  • The Trams and the number of shops.
  • Buddha Lounge, Kookai, Top Shop (for cheap out-of-fashion-next-week clothes and accessories), French Connection, Pizza Express, Pane & Table, Thorntons, Marks and Spencer take out sandwiches, Books etc (also v.good Mocha available here)
  • The Mobile and Detached Project based in Selsdon but covers all of Croydon. Working with young people for young people!! Well worth finding out about!!
  • The new tram services - excellent - I use them everyday to-from work - no traffic jams and very frequent!
  • It's 20 minutes from the centre of London.
  • Lively, loads of shops.
  • The staff at the Abbey National in George Street.
  • Surrey St market, good travel connections, some good pubs, good shopping, new tram system, lots of places to eat, good library.
  • The best thing (and the only reason I go to Croydon) is to buy a donut from the bakery down near '101 Records'. Probably the best donuts in the country!
  • Gatwick Airport is just down the road for that quick getaway

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