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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • Only those that performed at Fairfield Halls, Linda Lusardi and wrestler Marty Scurll who once appeared on ITV's Take Me Out.
  • Kate Moss definitely went to Riddlesdown, as did her brother, they also did live on Forestdale. Ronnie Corbett did live on Shirley Church Road, near the junction with Spout Hill in a house backing onto the Addington Golf Club. Derek Bentley, of Craig-Bentley case fame, was hanged in Wandsworth Prison in january 1953 - his sister Iris campaigned for the rest of her life to obtain a pardon for Derek who was judged guilty of murder on the almost whimsical fact that he had stood that night on the rooftop of Barlow and Parker's warehouse and is reported to have said to Christopher Bentley "Let him have it". Bentley was at that time being restrained by a police constable. Craig shot this pc, and the question then remained about what Bentley meant when he'd said "let him have it". Bentley's defence always stated that he was telling Craig to hand over the gun and not to shoot the policeman. Anyway, whatever, he was not the last person to ne hanged in Britain, two people hold that dubious honour and they (Peter Allen and Gwynne Evans, an alias of John Walby) were hanged simultaneously at Walton and Strangeways (in Liverpool and Manchester respectively) on 13 August 1964, over elevn years and countless hangings after Derek Bentley of Norbury. For the record Riddlesdown is in Croydon, and was in Croydon during the period that Kate Moss went to school there; the county borough of Croydon and the Urban District of Purley and Coulsdon were merged to form the London Borough of Croydon in 1965. Derek Guyler, the janitor in Please Sir! lived in Norbury (he was also the voice behind the skeleton in a long running series of TV adverts for a brand of magnetic recording tape for audio and video); Roy Hudd the comedian and expert on Music Halls hailed from the Mitcham Road area; Lord Liverpool when he was Prime Minister, had a house in Croydon; the Honourable East India Company had many notable people and they had a training college in Addiscombe that gave rise to the later road names in the area between Addiscombe Road and Lower Addiscombe Road. The Lord High Admiral who was actually in charge of the English fleet that defeated the Spanish Armada was Lord Howard of Effingham and was lord of the Manor at Haling, his house stood where the Whitgift school now stands (Francis Drake was second-in-command, but his family lived down the road at Beddington, they were the Carews, who also owned Norbury manor!)- you can see all of these names in roads and schools around Croydon. The list of famous people associated with Croydon goes on... Patrick Moore has often been seen in the Hillcrest road area south of the old airport, Douglas Bader flew from Kenley aerodrome, not to mention Linbergh, Mollison (and his wife!) and other aviation heroes and heroines who flew from Croydon aerodrome.
  • I have heard that Noel Fielding of Mighty Boosh hails from Croydon.
  • Louise Redknapp lived on Davidson Road, dam that Jamie Reedknapp!!!!!!!
  • Ok, are you ready for this? J.K. Rowling's Grandfather came from Croydon. I know. Isn't it amazing to live in a town so touched by celebrity? Also, Ashley from X-factor.
  • loads, mostly list. but hey! nasty nick is prolly our best
  • John Galliano went to Wilsons. Bloody brilliant.
  • ian write livs on a private road at the top of gravle hill not to far from croydon
  • Jacqueline du Pre (Purley)
  • Actress who plays Dot Cotton lives in Pampisford Road, South Croydon Kate Moss DID go to Riddlesdown High School in Purley (Riddlesdown is NOT a part of Croydon - as one person incorrectly said) Kirsty McColl grew up in Beech Road, Selsdon, a private road off Old Farleigh Road
  • That bird that used to present late lunch, sue something from mel and sue fame, wernt she born in croydon
  • Kate Moss (often seen with Johnny Depp in Surrey Street Market when they wer going out) Derren Brown Angus Deayton Dane Bowers The last man to be hanged in Britain was a brain damaged bloke from Croydon Katie Melua Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle Ian Wright Ronnie Corbett D H Lawrence Rick Parfitt Dave Prowse aka Darth Vader and The Green Cross Code Man
  • Plasticman - he's from Croydon. The top UK Garage / Grime DJ. He was on channel 4 the other day talking about how grime music is spreading worldwide and stuff. He's a really good producer too - has produced tracks for Lethal B and loads of other people.
  • david beckham lives in Foxcombe
  • ROY BUDD was from the Croydon area. Actually we lived in Holmsdale Rd next door to the Crystal Palace football ground. Roy became a famous jazz pianist and film composer, and I decided to move to Chicago in the early sixties. Fora little bit of musical history. I still visit Croyden when i get to England once in a while. Dave Constable the drummer from Dickie Pride , lives in Maine, and we still are good friends. Dave is from West Croydon.
  • Roy Budd was from the Croydon area, and his brother me Peter. Although Roy passed away some years back, and I move to Chicago in the 60's. I still have a soft spot for Croydon, and always pay it a visit everytime I go back to England. I still have some relatives in croydon and Thornton Heath. Check my website out for some ineteresting facks about that era. Peter C. Budd.
  • Dot Cotton, Kate Moss, Gary Spencer used to , but I think now hes a star he lives up in chelsea or somewhere....Ronnie corbett....iAN WRIGHT, WRIGHT WRIGHT
  • Kate Moss. She still denies coming from Croydon or going to Riddlesdown High School. The Kray brothers, Croydon is a Breeding ground for the unwanted.
  • Dane Bowers(and the lads who think they are 'ard cos they hang with him)
  • D H Lawrence, has a room named after him at the old Davidson school (davidson road, now the davidson professional centre, used for various council stuff) as he used to teach there. What a clever chap.
  • DH Lawrence taught at Davidson Road school whose later famous sons included such as Paul Nihill (road walking silver medallist, 1960's Commonwealth games) and the now disgraced Gary Glitter under his proper name. Ronnie Corbett actually lived on Shirley Church Rd near Spout Hill. Kate Moss and her modelling brother lived on Forestdale and certainly did go to Riddlesdown. Edward Woodward on the other hand actually lived in the neighbouring borough of Sutton and went to Elmwood School in Carshalton. The Craig-Bentley affair occured on the roof of Barlow & Parkers whose premises were in Tamworth Road next to the old school that was originally named for John Ruskin. This smae John Ruskin often lived with his granny who ran a pub in High Street near Surrey Street. The Watney family, of brewing fame, lived at the house now occupied by the Whitgift school in South Croydon. Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle, author of the Sherlock Holmes tales, lived for some time in Tennison Road, South Norwood (the other side of the railway line from Davidson Road).
  • erm - didn't that bloke who wrote sherlock holmes used to live in norwood? yeah, there is a blue placqard thingymawotsit on a house on a long road where the 410 turns into just before it turns into Davidson Road. Will update you with the name of the Road, but if you already have it listed, then I'm sorry about that. Rumour had it that Ian Wright lived somewhere near Ronnie Corbett - I remember seeing him in Croydon once, trying to look inconspicuous, but at the time I was a big fan and shouted out IAN! IAN WRIGHT! Wotcha mate! and blew his 'cover'. Oh well.
  • Rat Scabies, punk drummer, and Sue, out of Mel & Sue, both born with Croydon Town Limits. Ronnie Corbett lived near Addington Village. Bernard Ingham, Thatchers spin doctor, lives in Purley.
  • Rick Parfitt from Status Quo
  • captain sensible
  • don't know about resident, but david bowie and ray davies both went to croydon college at some point. that's pretty cool, i think, not that cringey. except for them of course ;)
  • Derren Brown
  • Jordan!!! Sums up croydon itself. Trashy, fake and full of shite
  • i saw dane bowers mincing round croydon by moss brothers the other day in a particularly snazzy white cardigan
  • The bloke who played Beppe in Eastenders once got beaten up outside the Black sheep bar. The Bill's been filmed there quite a bit. Alot of films as well - because apparently it looks like New York from street level (!???!).
  • David "Ziggy Stardust" Bowie himself hails from Croydon. Oh yeah, and a lot of shite UK Garage and R&B acts do unfortunately! Give me David anyday!
  • Kate Moss is from Croydon, and Naomi Campbell is from Clapham just around the corner. Few people of So Solid Crew are too (cringe)
  • dane bowers rot in hell is from this region as well as various girls from eternal, and they were all sooooo successful!
  • Ronnie Corbett lives near me. Never see him though.
  • Jools Tavernier from Eastenders.
  • tommy out of ground force
  • DH Lawrence lived at Colworth Road, Addiscombe and the guy who played Darth Vader lived in Carlyle Road
  • One particular superstar living right under your noses! You haven't noticed?? Well, he's pretty sure of himself, seems yet to convince everyone else though!
  • Ronnie Corbett!! Addington village!! Dane Bowers - Monks hill.
  • Dane Bloody Bowers & Ranan
  • Dani Filth of Cradle of Filth is rumoured to have a house on the outskirts of crodyon somewhere, but I dunno about that.. Ronnie Corbett used to live on Bishops Walk apparently, though I dont think he does any more. Dot Cotton of Eastenders lives in South Croydon somewhere aswell apparently
  • Edward Woodward is from the 'Don. At least when the odds were against him and he needed help, he fucked off out of the borough to Cornwall, via New York!
  • boring....kate moss, eternal, ian wright lives here, as does angus deayton, and ronnie corbett......
  • Adam Faith eats in that cafe in South Croydon opposite the Firkin (RIP).
  • Kirsty McColl.
  • The famous case of Derek Bentley (the guy that was executed despite not actually killing the victim) happened on a warehouse on Tamworth Road, just down from Forbidden Planet.
  • David Lean, Ronnie Corbett
  • Matthew Fisher of Procol Harum and "A Whiter Shade Of Pale" fame lives in South Croydon. D.H. Lawrence once lived in a house in Croydon and even applied his DIY skills to the place.
  • Darth Vader lives in Croydon
  • Good old Ronnie Corbet!! Lives up in Shirley Park! Very nice man!! Good golfer too!!
  • Maralin Manson
  • I meant Louise Nurding, ex-Eternal singer and wife of Jamie Redknapp.
  • Kate Moss and Louise Burding were born and raised in Croydon. See, were not all ugly!
  • Sue from the Duo Mel and Sue on TV lives in Croydon, She went to Cromhurst School. Lives near Selsdon
  • Jay Aston ex-member of Bucks Fizz used to live in Grovelands Road, Purley Des O'Connor used to live in Kenley
  • Dame Peggy Ashcroft came from Croydon (hence the Ashcroft Theatre, part of the Fairfield Halls): she lived in George Street as a kid. Roy Hudd comes from Croydon, making us as cutting edge in comedy as in everything else. Talking of comedy, our local team, Crystal Palace, doesn't just attract joke chairmen; the following non-Croydoner comedians all support Palace - Sean Hughes, Eddie Izzard, Jo Brand, Neil Morrisey, and Kevin Day (well, Kevin's from Croydon, I think). Palace's best ever player, Ian Wright, still lives in the borough, and there are rumours that Jonathon Pearce, the, ah, 'enthusiastic' Channel 5 and Capital Radio footie commentator, still lives in South Croydon.
  • Martin Clunes (of Men Behaving Badly fame) was born in Croydon.
  • Ronnie Corbett. Yes, he lives in my town as well as various other celebs including Dot Cotton from East Enders and Kate Moss (who went to school in Riddlesdown, part of Croydon).
  • Loop
  • Eternal
  • Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs from Saint Etienne
  • I don't know if you can call this a "Best thing" or a "Worst Thing" about Croydon, but one resident is a "Mr Francis Rossi", singer and lead guitarist to the... ahem... veteran rock band... Status Quo. He lives in the bottleneck south of Croydon, known as Purley (where I live).

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