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  • The George, a wetherspoon pub I know but it has a great bar at the back and their steaks on tuesday are very affordable and tasty.
  • LMAO @ escapade yer right what happened to cluskys at least the atmosphere was great now they are all over 30 and dance like mr bean
  • the harp rock bar attrackts a very very fresh faced croud. sum of them look like they arnt even half way fru secondary school yet. but they r tightening up on id l8ly turning ppl away very ocasionaly
  • There is only one pub I like in Croydon: the Builders Arms (Addiscombe).
  • The George - Wetherspoons Pub so nice and cheap. Most places pretty hot on ID though.
  • The Ship Of Fools pub in west croydon! ok, west croydon, not a great area, but a great friendly atmosphered pub with a big sofa in the ladies loo! cheap drinks (wetherspoons-says it all) a great starting point for a good croydon night, but being oogled by old men? not so appealing. the stumble up the high street to the bars and rest of croydons nightlife has one of 2 effects: sobering, or the fresh air advances the affects of alcohol!
  • The Beer Circus, one of the best pubs in the whole of London for decent Belgian/German beers (the real stuff). Over 21's, no yoots, friendly atmosphere, people from all over London come to drink here, its a bit like Quinns in Kentish Town. Also The Harp, great rock pub, decent brew etc.
  • the cunnighams closed cos its crap randall taverns nice man on the moon welcomes locals well really addington's pubs are shite.
  • i can't believe the amount of people that slag off croydon's drinking holes. i have worked at the blue orchid for some time and have seen a few punters come and go. so they slag it off, but they still come back. croydon is a " go where it's happening" place. one month its the bottom end of town, then its the top. ive been a d.j. there for some time and very rarely see trouble. yes it is about but i feel those who want it will find it. top bars at the mo' are walkabout and palls. don't be shy, give it a try and see what all the fuss is about.
  • Right, Blue Orkid is shit, it should be called Blue School Kid coz my 12 year old sister could probally get in. The best night outs are probally walkabout in the back room, quality music etc and u dont get all the crap u do in orkid. For week nights go Lloyds, well good and better than the weekend coz its not as packed. Stay away from Pals and Yatses, no one goes there anymore.
  • Milan Bar aka Lloyds No.1 is very busy BUT at weekends the bouncers will only let in 'couples' so don't bother going if you're with a group of friends, you'll just waste an hour or two of your night queing to be turned away when you reach the door. And this has happened to me and my friends when we've been together or when we've been on our own and joining up! If you really must go there, get in early before the bouncers start their shift or go to the Walkabout. And don't wear trainers either.
  • The Ship of Fools and Milan Bar
  • Lloyds:milan bar)- usually a good atmosphere, range of music age range between 18-25. only lairy around christmas which is what I discovered the other night. cheap drinks and open till about 2. gets very packed and queues are huge on weekends after 9pm. Good on a sunday and busy every night of the week. Edwards:-Started off as a really good starting off point then started getting far to packed in there and the attitude and people where just horrible. Noticed a few underagers in there, Now they have stopped playing R n B and garage and now its always wuite empty in there but the people are better! Tiger Tiger:-Was surprised how big this bar was. over 25's. few rooms of different music. can usually be a relaxed mature place but u will always get a few lairy people in there (nothing like school kid tho) Do not sell pints and drinks are more pricey than most bars One 92 One: was Once Joe Bananas then Buddah Lounge I actually Like it here. Club is downstairs and entry after 10.30 is only about £5, Playing R n B, Garage and all sorts. Doesn't get rammed so you are served quickly at the bar and are not being shoved all over the place, bouncers are nice enough to. Walkabout: (once called club vision) I hated this place at first. I wont ever get my mates there but it is a laugh when I went to see the rugby in the morning recently. range of ages and good atmosphere, people there to have fun and not fight! Black sheep bar: take the name...for the strange grunge dressers and the blokes wearing make up. have been there a few times, stuck out like a sore thumb! very relaxed though. everyone really friendly and talk to eachother. dont think u get many fights in here McCluskeys: Nothing good on a weekend. Tuesday nights are cheap nights. Not to take ur other half to. This is fpr the groups of girls and boys to come out and meet the oppisite sex for a fling. most girls dressed in belts and blokes in tracksuits. No one sober by end of night. £1.20 for wine. very cheap!
  • litten tree is rubbish, the music might be ok but the attitudes there stink
  • The black-fronted pub on the market is in the Good Beer Guide and has a good bbq in the summer. The Crown and Pepper sells Hoogaarden and is quite relaxed and the Folly has a great atmosphere during big sports events. Heroes is a dive.
  • I happened across The Harp Rock Bar in West Croydon the other day, and discovered on of the best pubs in the local area. It is sort of like the Ship, but with a better atmosphere and friendlier staff. There is rock/metal music every day due to the fantastic jukebox, with rock nights at the weekend and jam night on sundays, which is good because most of the musicians can actually play. As a girl in my early twenties, I was astounded at the amount of young fit men that were sitting at the bar when I walked in. So ladies it is a veritable feast, as much as you can eat. Definitely worth a visit.
  • Lemme just say one thing, best pub in croydon is The Spreadeagle on Catherine Street (or 'the spread' as me and my mates have affectionately come to know it). Simply put, it's the best traditional pub in croydon, an 'old man's pub' some mite say - which means there's no young tossers. Over the past couple years my group of mates have been their most regular customers, we are now in there sometimes 3 times a week. Serves a mean pint of Carling. What more can i say? GO THERE!!
  • The Ship
  • Um The Ship is good.
  • For something different (‘alternative’ I think the trendy people call it) and away from the central Croydon scum try… The Forestdale Arms, selsdon, this pub has really cleaned up its act as it used to be a bit scary on a week end, music every Friday & Saturday (sometimes Sunday) everything from Karaoke, discos, live bands, generally a good party pub, it now somewhere you can go for a laugh and take your kids for lunch and your partner for a night out… The Stag & Hounds, South Croydon, laid back, due for decorating soon, nice patio… The Hare & Hound, Purely Way, nice cosy family fun pub with good food… The Horseshoe, Thorton Heath, Music at w/e, nice crowed, patio.
  • SELSDON… The Forestdale Arms has got to be the best bet in this rather dull town. The stag is grubby, un friendly, and people seem to somehow get slaged off or slapped whilst minding there own business due to the general level of education in the place. The Weatherspoons is typical of one of there pubs… Cheap! Cheap drinks meaning no entertainment, no music, no sport, no atmosphere, staff that don’t want to be there and display it in there lack of interest and cleaning skills who rather rudely serve half flat beer through dirty pipes, I know iv worked in there cellar! The Forestdale Arms down the bottom of the hill… due for redecoration which is planed for the summer 2003, loads of music on stage but areas you can sit to get away from it, decent grub, big screen, pool tables, pub games, quite seating areas, play area for the kids, and a nice big garden, and now there seems to be less twats using the place you can now go there for a fun party night out or take your loved ones on a week end afternoon with out hassle. The place is big anoth to cater for all.
  • Sod’s law! They had just started sorting Brannigan’s out, kicking out all the wanna be’s and twats that brought the places reputation down, improved the door team, tuned up the screechy sound system and generally started running the place properly – inc cleaning – and they bloody go bust! Who ever takes this over learn from Brannigan’s mistakes, it used to be such a good, wanker free venue which was nice and chilled during the day, and fun at night… and they just started getting it back.
  • Croydon ain’t as bad as many make it out to be, at the end of the day there is more bar’s per square meter in central Croydon as there is in the ‘oh so grate’ west-end everyone bangs on about, if the companies are still opening these bars then there must be the demand… that’s cause we all keep going back for more! Top shit hole… tiger tiger, overpriced retail unit which you would expect to find comet selling electrical good on the purley way, with a few trendy seats, a poorly engineered sound system and a load of kids that wanna be gangsters or old fart trying to be fresh! Dogeist drink… the fake Smirnoff ice they sell at the Walkabout… ACID! Top tip… word is that a small operator is to open a gaff called Bar ru-ru or something similar this year, ment to be a clean half classy all rounder but only charge pub prices. Wait and see?
  • South Croydon is sertanly becoming the place to head for, unlike central Croydon you don’t have to watch some poor bugger getting glassed at closing time (which is a regular event up by the Grants area) Weatherpoons (skylark or something ) is the cheap. Personally I rather pay the extra few pence for a drink and get more than almost out of date flat beer for me money. You get what you pay for! Cheap beer = no atmosphere, no entertainment, inexperienced staff that you have to ask 6 times till they get your drink right, and a bunch of doll queue twats that like to harass girls till they get into a punch up! STOP BEING CHEAP AND GO SOMEWHERE DECENT!
  • What happened to Rat & Parrot? It used to be good. The Stop that’s there now is nice décor but dead. Can someone buy that and put some music and atmosphere in there. South Croydon is now the place if you want to avoid the central Croydon teenage knobs as so many of the bars up there are trying to attract them. Skylark is crap and dirty. The big provence restaurant is supposed to be turning into a food and drink during the day and classy fun party at night which will be greatly welcomed by us that don’t want to get bottled outside the kabab shop opersit McCluskys.
  • A little old style pub I found by accident down West Croydon by the Lombard roundabout called the George (Canterbury road I think) is pretty nice. Nothing fancy, no frills, and no assholes. It used to be a dirty shit hole when I went there years ago, but no in the hands of a young lad that has really done some work on it, it clean, normal priced, decent lunch menu, anoth people to be interesting but not at all crowded and there all pretty nice foke when you get talking to em.
  • George pub down Canterbury Road oppersit the VodaFone building (NOT the dive on George St) Sexy 25 year old landlord that always wears shorts… rain or shine, which is a treat for us girls at lunch… yum yum, cyclers legs on toast please. xxx
  • da goooooooooooosse
  • CRO is *THE* place to be. I'm joking of course. Why not go heroes. I'm definately joking now. Oh god, even thinking about this shitty town is making me depressed, just don't ever go there, for your own sake.
  • All pubs in croydon are created equal. My god, if you're too f'in lazy to go 20mins on the train to somewhere decent you deserve the croydon "bars"
  • the ship is pretty good and comfy- a tad expensive compared to the goose across the road, although the goose (being a wetherspoons) has no music and thus no atmosphere. so a recommendation is to get tanked up in the goose then stumble across the road into the ship to enjoy the music, atmosphere and bearded men named charlie
  • The Ship, good music, pagan friendly, and they do some great shooters - chocolate and strawberry - for something different!
  • The rat and parrot! We used to think this place was class! But then we discovered some better places. Now it's been knocked down and changed into a fancy resteraunt or something. Oh well.
  • CR0 in St. Georges Parade is great for good quick food in your lunch break, bit smokey though!
  • Check the Black Sheep on Saturdays for a really mixed crowd and a pretty eclectic selection of music (expect to hear everything from Masters at Work and James Brown to the Strokes and the Rolling Stones). The Rendezvous Bar is great for a more chilled Friday/Saturday night out. Nice design and interior (including some great leather sofas), a slightly older crowd and DJs spinning soulboy classics. A definite bonus is that both these places have a late license.
  • I like bars, particularly black sheep, casa, the george is cheap, pals is ok tiger tiger is amazing but extortionate and so forth
  • Still a few decent pubs left in Croydon: Dog & Bull, The Standard, Princess Royal - avoid the 20+ grotty bars in the town centre, all daft dress codes and violence. How about a campaign to abolish dress codes???
  • The Firkin in South Croydon has now become a 'sports' bar, the Dukes Head. 3 pool tables, big screen for the footie (but they don't have ITV sport).
  • Definitely the Goose on the Market,great atmosphere and smirnoff ice are only £1.25 each,very cheap so a good place to go before heading to any clubs!!
  • If you're going to Croydon make sure you book your ambulance before you leave. If you look at anyone the wrong way you're going to get trouble. After traveling many citys around the world and the UK I have decided Croydon is the most unfriendly place on the face of the planet. Most bars in central Croydon blare out music, so conversation with the anyone is almost impossible, unless you bring your own megaphone. If you're a postman you'll fit in at Mcluskys or Brannigans. If you like alternative go to the Ship. Hip Hop / Drum n Bass, Black Sheep. The Blue Orchid is great if you want a broken glass in your neck, by a kid trying to make a reputation for himself. Palls would be good if they let a few less people in and the music was turned down so a girl could actually hear what you say when you attempt to chat her up. Certain places are more relaxed in Croydon than others. Step on the wrong shoe and it will end in violence. Croydon is the epitome of suburban life. Same type of people, wearing the same clothes with the same miserable faces, talking about the same stuff. Men have shirts untucked with black jeans and some slip-ons, women dress like whores. In Croydon no one has heard the word "class". Stay on the train and head into London.
  • the crowd is very fresh faced, like they just washed for 6 hours and shaved not, because they need to but it makes them feel manly.
  • Just wanted to give an update, Wig and Pen CLOSED yonks ago, under new management, v.boring now, no one goes there!!!!!
  • Yates Croydon, the place to be and pull loads of top class birds from Croydon
  • I had to fill this in following the previous statement about the security @ Litten Tree. Agreed, the lady is lovely as with one of the guys, but the rest...I've heard of legal action being taken.
  • Dont listen to anything anyone says about the ship - possibly one to avoid on a friday if you dont like the younger crowd (Though they /dont/ serve minors, and they will ID you if they dont know you), but apart from that it's a really nice pub, low prices and nice people there. For really low prices you might wanna check out the weatherspoons places - the Ship of Fools in West Croydon and the Skylark in South Croydon. There's also the george but personally I dont like that place, gets way too packed. Also theres the Goose on the Market, at the top of Surrey Street - does some very cheap stuff, and it's opposite the ship so you can pop over after having a few cheapies :-)
  • All the Wetherspoon pubs are popular for getting tanked up in before moving on somewhere else, as they are cheap. Other than that, central Croydon has enough places to drink that you could quite easily drink somewhere new every night, it depends on your taste. Don't expect to get much change in any of the "classier" establishments, though, and note that quite a few places have bouncers on the doors at 8pm weekends, but let all and sundry in before then.
  • Rendezvous in South Croydon is a pretty chilled out, independant bar. Old skool 80's soul from DJ on weekends. Older crowd. Some sofas, high ceilings in an old original tiled cold store or pharmacy setting.
  • Yeh loads , the george
  • depending on what music you go for: House&garage:yates/& the place opposite it/bar coast Rock&metal:the ship/the rose & crown No music:ship of fools Karaoke: opposite west croydon station
  • The Eagle (Tamworth Road) is a very friendly and relatively inexpensive place to get drunk. The landlords are friendly, but DO NOT get on their bad side.
  • The Ship is the only independent pub left in Croydon. Most of the rest being the same horrible chain pubs you see in every town centre across the land. Luckily, it is a great pub with a very friendly clientele whose gothic/skaterey looks tend to scare away most 'trendies' who think about coming in. Otherwise, the George for typical Weatherspoons cheap booze and no atmosphere or the Gun Tavern if you want somewhere to watch sports games in peace.
  • Wigg and Penn for the younger lot playing Garage on Fridays, Heros the same only with a dj, The george is for the older older lot! used to be a meeting place for younger people. the CRO once called wigg and penn is now quite nice with a few sofas. Ship of fools full of different age people
  • Undoubtedly the best place for cheap drinks for young drinkers (18-20) is the Ship of Fools near West Croydon (over the road from the train station entrance and travel a short distance away from Central Croydon). It's a Weatherspoons, so it's cheap, does great food to, and is increadibly nicely done up - there's even a fountain in the ladies toilets (so I'm told).
  • The Skylark. £1.49 for a pint of Stella. Need I say more?
  • Try the Skylark. Its down towards South Croydon amidst the many many restaurants. Its a Wetherspoons (so no TV or Jukebox unfortunatley) however its a great place to get tanked up before a night out. The bar guys are pretty friendly and the prices are cheaper than most. But I dont think they took too kindly to me and a bunch of 5 mates ordering sixteen 99p Smirnoff Ices...
  • The Goose and Carrot is great on a saturday night. Dance night
  • the cartoon good live bands leanient
  • Fiddler and Firkin, bit small
  • If you are on a shoestring try: The Black Sheep Bar - £1.50 all drinks )5 to 8 every day); The Pane and Table - 2 bottles for the price of 1 Smirnoff Ice and Fosters or 2 glasses of house wine for the price on 1 (3 to 11 most days); Bar Coast 2 bottles of Holston Pils for the price on 1 or 2 glasses of housewine for the price of 1 (5 to 8 every day). Other good pubs to visit are All Bar One, Bar Med, Hogs Head or Bar Cassa. For a mre traditional drink try the Dog and Bull or the Cricketers (Down by the fire station).
  • please ignore all information on this section apart from this bit, if you have to drink in croydon, then at least get it right, head for Bar Casa ( modern and trendy minimalist bar, old townhouse) Bar Monaco ( dark but cool bar) Pane & Table ( quiet) Bar Coast ( alright ) and bar med ( only ok when dark and you can't see the garish colours) Pals ( fine if you are very drunk and fancy a dance) and All Bar One ( opening soon). All other pubs in croydon are outdated and rubbish, so avoid at all costs!! apart from Bar Latino which needs all the publicity it can get!! Places to never venture include Brannigans, McCluskeys,etc etc
  • Right - Croydon is a fantastic place if you know where to go and how to avoid the youngsters. I suggest starting at the George - I am fully aware that it has no atmosphere but it is the best place in Croydon to start if you want to get drunk without spending loads of money double voddie and coke for a mere £2.25 bargain. By rights only stay in there for a couple but, as often happens you find yourself creating your own atmosphere at about 10pm whilst steaming drunk! Then I suggest either the New Bar Med for a dance (watch out for the creepy blokes though), or Bar Cassa to chill (there will be no dancing involved here). Pals if you can bare the heat. Bar Monico/Bar coast if you can stand the younger crowd. And May I suggest no matter how much your friends try and persuade you avoid finishing off the evening in the famous Blue Orchid!
  • The Black Sheep Bar is easily the best place in Croydon for 18 - 25yr olds excellent music policy and range of people. Palls Bar near East Croydon is packed with women any night but gets overcrowded and too hot and the bouncers form a cue outside even when theres no need. Try not to catch the wrong persons eye in the back street pubs around Croydon. Everything u hear about Croydon being a little rough is true.
  • I was working in Croydon for six months, I found two pubs that I frequented a lot: The SpreadEagle (next to the clock) and the Hog's Head...both have decent food and are good spots for a quick pint or to sit around for the entire sitting around a hotel.
  • Prince of Denmark, Portland Road (yes a bit off the beaten track but worth the effort if you want a traditional Irish drinking hole (not the plastic paddy type - you know who you are) has to be the best place for friendly chat, everybody knows everybody by the end of the night (trust me)and of course the Guinness - you will not get better any place else - I promise.
  • Yates is O.K only place in Croydon that sells WKD.
  • Rat and Parrot; tasty refurb has produced a beautifully orange decor; quite a change for those of us who had the fortune to witness the pre refurb state... but where the hell is the juke box? Also top place on a thursday or friday night is the Black Sheep Bar (just before the flyover) which is a haven for all you happening people out there; just make sure you get there before 10.00 on a friday to avoid ridiculously long queuing time. If time then chck out Rawnsleys Bar hidden away at the end of Katherine Street; small, cosy and quiet.
  • The best traditional pub in Croydon has long been The Dog and Bull in Surrey Street. The Youngs beer is usually excellent. New Brummy landlord has taken to extrememly loud Karaoke sessions though, often featuring himself and/or his wife tonelessly making fools of themselves. Avoid the Karaoke though, and it is still a great place for a drink, or to meet your friends.
  • The Townhouse (was Tavern), in the High Street, claims to have the highest bar in the world - don't know if true, but it goes up a long way. Good selection of bottled beers. A lively pub on most nights and home to serious trendies on Saturday. So expect to feel left out if you aren't wearing the latest from Yves Saint Laurent. A great place to spend the evening before you go to one of Croydon's night-clubs, three of which are within 5 mins walk.
  • The George, situated in George St (hence the name) is again a popular pre-club stop for many of Croydon's up and coming, as well as quite a few people who, to be truthful, are too old to be clubbing, but, what the heck, it's Saturday night and time to get some serious drinking done. That is, of course, if you can get to the bar. Yes, the George is one of those pubs where it pays to arrive early to get a bar stool and then stay there all night, many's the time when you'll hear your mate saying "I'll get this round", only for him to return half and hour later with a half empty drink that's been spilt as he tries to break through the gathering rabble clad in 501's or short black skirts.
  • Another pub which is particularly popular with the wannabe counter-culture is "The Ship". But the best drinking place in Croydon is possibly "The Standard". I'm no beer buff, but the Fuller's "London Pride" is really good. What is particularly nice about the "Standard" is its location. It has a little patch of grass outside it where people wile away the summer evenings, right underneath the formidable fly-over road. Although I'd be the first to agree that Croydon is not blessed with the most attractive architecture, this strange and alien concrete structure, juxtaposed with the homeliness of the pub beneath it, is the image that makes me feel the warmest about the place.
  • Also check out The Porter and Sorter by East Croydon station and the Sorting Office as an excellent example of a pukka back-street pub.
  • Another pub in Croydon that derserves a mention is The Oval in Oval Road off of Cherry Orchard Road. It's rubbish. Every night they have something going on to distract from the deadly serious business of drink. Karoake, Pop Quiz's, Pubbusters and Octagenarian DJ's playing sixties tat to cries of "get off". Avoid at all costs.
  • Does Yates' Wine Lodge count? Apparently these places started off as somewhere you grandma could sup a sherry in peace - now they have bouncers! Anyone actually been in there?
  • The George is not too bad, but not much fun for a whole evening. Off the beaten track, try The Prince of Denmark, on Portland Road near Norwood Junction station, or - well, that's it really!
  • My parents used to go to a pub in Surrey Street called the Dog and Bull. I went in there once: very 'Withnail and I'. Is it still there or has it succumbed to the ravages of the respectability brigade?
  • Dog and Bull does still exist and is still fairly basic, beer barrel tables etc. Nice for a quiet drink, but sometimes a little stressful due to locals. Definitely not somewhere to take any one on a first date. Managed to get into Yeats's wine lodge, nice place. Barmen very good; try the hot wine drink its got a great name, but can't remember it at the mo!
  • Most of what has been said is true. Don't forget the Rat and Parrot as another pre-club pub. (What's going on with the id parade on the door? It's all changed since I've been at uni - more 15 year olds in there unfortunately.) If you wander into the depths of Purley or Coulsdon try the Foxley Hatch (cheap Fosters last time I was there) or the Tudor Rose (crap without a crowd of friends). And what happened to the Midday Sun - no pool table anymore!!!
  • The Gun, very good for live music, although I have not been there much myself.
  • Good beer and very good/reasonable food is to be had a short ride out of town at the Harrow Inn, Farley Road, Warlingham. For an authentic 15th century atmosphere try the White Lion on Warlingham Green. Another good food pub is the Wattendon Arms, Old Lodge Lane, Coulsdon.
  • Best place for pre-Orchid drinks - the Wig and Pen. Can be packed on a Friday night, but it's a great atmosphere. Also, Heroes is pretty good too (but very expenisve and packed when there's a decent footie match).

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