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Cheap Food
  • update - I've just been reading the restarants bars etc, section. Have to tell you guyz that Chez Bernard ("best restaurant")moved a few years back. There is even a message board notice asking for it's new address in the main section you mention.
  • Numidie opposite murphy toonz
  • TamnagThai - I can't believe the comments - this is one of the best Thai restaurants in London. Their red curry is fantastic - I have not found better anywhere and believe me I have tried! The service has always been good, the portions generous. One of my favourite restaurants.
  • Tamnag Thai - The whole set up is great - nice environment, friendly enough service. But when the food came it was in very very small portions. If you're looking for value for money, this is not the place.
  • That's an outrageous comment from a so-called ex-employee of Joanna's. More like disgruntled ex-employee! Joanna's is by far one of my most favourite places to eat, - and believe me I travel all over the world. The food is excellent, the staff are friendly and obliging (obviously happy in their work), and the restaurant owner is a brilliant guy that will always have a chat and sing Happy Birthday to your Mum.
  • Lorenzo's, Westow Hill. We have eaten there regularly since they opened. Excellent value. Weekdays lunch at 3.50 is unbeatable. Very clean loos and kitchen. Signed Richard, Peter and Terence
  • Numidie (next to the Tamnag) is excellent for Meditteranean cuisine with friendly service. Took a while to take off, but is now fairly busy most nights of the week. Also has a wine bar downstairs with occasional live music
  • Try Domali, a mostly veggie cafe which has just got a full drinking license and has a good 1/2 price happy hour most weekdays 6-8pm
  • Lorenzo restaurant is one of the best restaurants in south-east London ,so I can't quite understand why you knock it. I personally worked at Joanna's and can tell you that having done so I would never want to eat there again.
  • Ferrari's pizza place (just along the road from Pizza Express in the new-style wood-fired-oven mode. Starters are fabulous. Peter Pan's Pick and Mix late-night-shop-thing is a source of many wonders. Try their mixed olives.
  • lorenzo's restaurant is not so good,I sometimes,went to eat there and I assure you is not so typical is totally different to italian food that you can eat in Italy
  • Cafe St Germain - on the parade for a decent croissant on the way back from the paper shop.
  • Lots of food at Crystal Palace ranging from cafs near the bus stops on the Parade to all manner of Thai, Indian and Chinese.
  • If you can't find it to eat in Crystal Palace, it's not legal! The place has more cafes and restaurants than people. Or at least it seems like it. Avoid Rockwells: very pricey and pretentious.
  • We know of no other place in London where in a small area, known as the Crystal Palace Triangle, there are so many pubs & restaurants. Here's our guide
    • Smokies (Westow Hill) Great atmosphere downstairs in the wine bar. The way to meet people in the area. Food good but not cheap. Friday nights is party/music night. Having a go at Keith the owner of Smokies is a local sport.
    • Tamnag Thai (Westow Hill) Wonderful food, poor service.
    • Rockwells (Westow Street) Burger type place. Decent meals at a reasonable price if you stick to a variety of snacks.
    • Joanna's (Westow Hill) Airy restaurant. Good food & wine. Excellent lobster.
    • Mr Kai Chinese (Central Hill) The best Chinese in south London but comes at a price.
    • Sun Sun (Church Road) Unpretentious and good value.
    • Chez Bernard (Off Westow Hill) Serious French Restaurant. A bit claustrophobic.
    • Lorenzo's (Westow Hill) The best value in the area for Italian. Seafood salad is brilliant. Book early weekends.
  • One of the best curry houses I've ever found is just down the hill, opposite Gypsy Hill station. The Red Rose Brasserie does some unusual food, which is always delicious; it's quite cheap; and you get oranges, hot towels and a small glass of port afterwards.
  • Chez Bernard - down the road opposite Joannas is the best restaurant in the area

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