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  • once you are here you will never leave
  • On the Crystal Palace site the hyperlink to the Crystal Palace Bank is incorrect - it should be and the mailing list should be removed. Thanks very much
  • Hi, The two paragraphs of information regarding the Crystal Palace Band as originally provided by Angela Tregaskes are now out of date, as Angela is no longer a member of the band. The website and eMail contact details are out of date and should be removed. In it's place could you please place the following entry (if possible under a new category of community bands !): "The Crystal Palace Band (founded in 1901) is an active community based brass band which provides entertainment on bandstands and various other events. In the band's centenary year (2001) over 1,700 was raised for St.Christophers Hospice in Sydenham, and more recently (6th Dec 2003) another charity gala concert was performed to a sell-out crowd at St Bartholomews church on Westwood Hill which raised a further 1,677 for St Christophers 'Living Beds Appeal'. If you like to find out more about us (ie. where we rehearse, past and forthcoming events, plus contact details, etc.) then visit our official website at ." PS. I'm a current member of the band committee.
  • The Crystal Palace Band, still going strong after 100 years. Now making plans for link-ups with the Crystal Palace Foundation and brass band contests in the Spring of 2002. Please register for updates via the website at
  • The Crystal Palace Band, still going strong after 98 years are now making plans for their Centenary with a gala concert planned at the Fairfield Hall in Croydon on Saturday 27th October 2001. Please register for updates via the Mailing List or visit our website.
  • The Crystal Palace Campaign has just won in the Court Of Appeal the right to have a judicial review (Date 2/9/98) as to whether the proposed buiding of an 18/20 screen cinema and leisure boxes is 'in the style' of the old Crystal Palace. This is to be built on the highest point in South London and has been descibed as looking like an aircraft hanger! and is expected to have 4 million visitors a year, yet another park made of concrete!and think of the traffic and pollution. Our alternative of of a statue park and a small development more in keeping with the park is recieving huge public support but unfortunatley will not line Bromley Councils pocket with 6 Million pounds For more information please speak to the Press Officer on tel 0181 244 8399
  • come along and meet the 'eco-warriors' who standing in the shadow of the bailiffs, are bravely camped out at the foot of the TV tower to make their stand against madness.
  • Crystal Palace Park has a whole mess of weird tunnels under the ruins I used to explore them when I lived there. Check out the Subway under the road and also see the station, if you look down the side in the park you'll see some very strange architecture. I had a knowledge of 8 tunnels or more when I was growing up though now some have been blocked. Make the jump onto the Sphinx's back, it'll make ya feel better. Watch out for the MonkeyMan, heh heh, he stills roams sometimes, holding a deadly boomerang, just to annoy the park keepers at night!M.
  • The Crystal Palace museum has loads of stuff on the old Crystal Palace (destroyed by fire in 1936), and they organise guided tours of the site - check out the ruins of the old aquarium down the road leading to the BBC transmitter - it was once the largest aquarium in the country.
  • Matthew Davis is the person to know in the Crystal Palace area. If you see him anywhere then be warned thousands of groupies will be chasing him.

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