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  • I'd ignore that miserable shit Richard, White Barn is alright.
  • The White Barn Where do I start!? I think this pub has surpassed itself in becoming the worst pub in the area in such a short space of time. 1) I recently sent a letter to their head office regarding their 12 year old son, who I heard calling one of the barmaids a ‘F’ing Bitch’. According to the letter I received back off head office the son had been reprimanded accordingly, this was obviously not the case as on my next visit I heard the landlord and landlady laughing and joking about it! 2) On three occasions I and others have seen the landlord Joe pour the contents of the drip-tray into a pint pot and leave it there till someone orders a pint then he just tops it up. I’m pretty sure this is illegal if anyone knows anything about this mail me: and I’ll quite happily report him. 3) Until about 6 years ago this pub had a fearsome reputation and admittedly during this time it had calmed down quite a lot, unfortunately it seems to be heading towards it’s pasts ways all over again, mainly due to one of the regulars commonly known as Spike who generally starts a fight whenever he feels like it and with whoever he wants to, prime example last Saturday when they needed to call the police because they wouldn’t serve him so he kicked off. 4) Lazy! Lazy! Lazy! Bar staff – Never in all my years as a pub goer have I seen such lazy people all they seem to do is sit on the chairs and talk to each other, when you walk in they don’t even look up half the time and even when they do they tend to finish whatever conversation they happen to be on before they can be bothered to serve you. 5) On countless occasions I have witnessed the landlords drinking to excess of an evening, maybe this is why the lines are probably never cleaned (no proof - but it sure tastes like it sometimes) because they can’t get up in the morning. In Conclusion, if the staff treated customers as people rather than as a nuisance the pub would be a much nicer place to be and until I here of some improvement I and quite a few of the other regulars will be drinking at ‘The Coachman’ in Hartford. Thanks for reading R
  • White Barn is not fantastic but probably better than any of the other redneck dumps in the area. Very good food cooked by the ever capable team of Riggsy, Puz and Matty C.
  • Not a great choice, the oaklands used to pass before it was invaded by grannies wanting a snog, the bluecaps outrageous prices now only attract the 'upper-class' members of the community, which leaves the white barn, and I'm barred. Damm you, Kenny!!!
  • WHITE BARN!!!!! blue cap..... since its been done up its more of a restaurant
  • White barn in cuddington-lots of cool people there. Quinceys in Northwich-Top posh Totty...Good cocktails The Penny Black in Northwich-attracts fighters but cheap as fuck.Many slappers go here.Likely to get injured or drunk or both here.
  • Cuddington and Sandiway really only have two pubs: The Hungry Horse (previously the 'White Barn') and the Blue Cap. Both seem to go in phases of being populated with 14 year olds and then by older folk (ie as old as 25) who never got out of the place.

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Last updated: 2017-02-07

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