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Musical Instrument Shops and DJ Gear
  • New guitar shop across from RBS in the town centre.
  • Guitar shop in t/c really cramped but the man working in it is friendly if a bit odd.
  • My younger brother got chased in here by the Heffernan brothers. The wee man bravely defended my brother both verbally and physically and the twins ran off, fearing the imminent arrival of security and the police. Why oh why do we allow Cumbernauld to be controlled by gangsters, hard men and thugs??!!?
  • The wee chubby man in instrumentally yours is a gay pervert who advertised online for gay sex hook-ups in his shop during the day he got caught all the time and did it with the guy from the chippy on his shop floor
  • Its true you guys have got it wrong. The guy you have in mind was indeed in the old Instrumentally Yours shop which was nearby. The owner of which was a rather unusual character. The KD Music shop is staffed by a completely different guy.
  • No no no!!! You guys have got it all wrong! The guy you speak of was in the old Instrumentally Yours shop and NOT KD Music!!! The man in KD Music is a very decent guy and would be rather upset I imagine if he seen this. Get your facts straight next time before posting offensive crap on the internet about an innocent man. The posts below are total bullshit.
  • That guy scares me, he groped a girl I know.
  • That wee man is scary!
  • Aye hes called the gimp, it his nickname. Hes a very dangerous wee man though so be warned! He would chop you up as soon as look at you! You have to be very careful what you say to him hes really volatile and unpredictable.
  • A few weeks ago I went in that KD Music and that guy was asleep on the floor. Completely out of it. Sad. Very sad.
  • That wee guy is know as "The Gimp". By all accounts hes a complete nutcase so dont say you werent warned!!
  • aye that shop is a joke! its all cheap and nasty stuff, best avoided!
  • Well, there is a place in the Town Centre called "KD Music". To sum it up, very bad instruments at very high prices. Not worth it. *Hoping we get a real guitar store one day in this town.
  • Hahaha! His wee stool fell apart and now he sits on a tiny 10 watt practice amp! He smokes 3-skinners instead of fags!!
  • Too true about the guy in the guitar shop! He's really weird, I heard he is a big time stoner.
  • KD Music in the town centre phase 1. It stocks crap unfortunately, cheap plywood acoustics and similar junk. The aforementioned wee man who is the proprieter seems to be permenanantly stoned out of his box! You always see him rocking back and forth on his wee milking stool playing an old Simple Minds tune on a cheapo acoustic - tragic, sad, pish lol! He smells bad too.
  • Wee shop in the old town centre across from RS McColls. Wee guy sits on a stool smoking hash and playing eric clapton stuff on acoustic guitar all day. he looks like jimmy crankey! not a serious guitar shop, he only stocks cheap throwaway crap.
  • Wee guitar shop upstairs in town centre with stoned guy who sits on an amp jamming all day...
  • Instrumentally your closed down years ago. There is a great new shop at 17 Tay Walk called Kelvin Delta Music. They have Guitars, Mandolins, Banjos, Ukelele, Amps, Strings...everything you could want...and there dead friendly!
  • Go into town
  • Instrumentally Yours in Forth Walk in the Town Centre which also do lessons in particular instruments.
  • theres one round near the post office, dont think its very good tho.
  • sum gay guitar shop
  • there is one just down from RS My pals in in ther all the time ... they have every thing you need
  • There is one in the Town Centre and it's pretty good.
  • Well, there is a place in ye Town Centre called "Instrumentally Yours". To sum it up, very bad instruments at very high prices. Not worth it. *Hoping neds take advantage of home-made molotov cocktails*

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