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Cheap Food
  • Pizza king, Whitbys (fish shop), KFC, McDonald's, subway
  • Pizza king, Whitbys (fish shop), KFC, McDonald's, subway
  • Pastures Lodge serves great wholesome food at a reasonable price.
  • Pastures Lodge serves great wholesome food at a reasonable price.
  • ALL restaurants in Doncaster are cheap, its to cater to the cheap women.
  • chinese near what used to be called white bear he once cooked for tony blair
  • Tara lounge, Warmsworth - great Indian. We got complimentary coffee at the take-out counter!!
  • Mc Donalds or polish restaurant
  • A bit out of the way but you cant beat, The George & dragon, A19 Whitley, just past askenr for a meal, they do the best Sunday carvery on the area, up for a refurb jan feb 2008, so may be closed for a bit just after xmas.
  • Vege Cafe on Copley Road and Istanbul Restaurant in Town...GREAT STUFF
  • Golden Pond HARWORTH ANY Cooplands
  • Central park, wokmania, both 100% bute!!
  • small budget as in pie and chips for all the fat bastards
  • dont go to le rude are the staff!!!
  • if you want value for money and friendly service then emilios in bawtry is your place to dine .and they dont charge extra for vegetables unlike most places now
  • The Rod Rest at Hayfield Lakes a Family Bar & Restaurant is now offering 2 steaks (ribeye, sirloin, or rump) and a bottle of house wine for 17.50 every Tuesday & Thursday 5.00p.m. - 8.00p.m. until 1st Dec 2006 and is also taking Xmas Bookings for all your parties at reasonable rates See for details.
  • For decent food (of which there is not a great variety) check out bflat, along Priory Walk... Or Central Park's lunch offers... Or for a good tasty kebab, Bodrum is the best in town! Out of town, the Glasshouse is a cool venue to eat and drink...
  • For decent food (of which there is not a great variety) check out bflat, along Priory Walk... Or Central Park's lunch offers... Or for a good tasty kebab, Bodrum is the best in town! Out of town, the Glasshouse is a cool venue to eat and drink...
  • wokmania. unlimited chinese for a fiver. there's another shop for the same price down the road that kfc's on near silver street and that's the same idea but not as good.
  • Ma Hubbards!
  • Wokmania next toi the mansion house is great. All you can eat at dinner time for a fiver, between iu think 3 and 6 its 7 and after that its a Super Buffet for 8 and you should try the duck. Hell yes! Also Maccie D's, KFC is never busy and u gotta love the Popcorn Chicken with Chicken Gravy! Also if u want an Italian try Fratelli's I know the managaer and thats nice food. Carlo's is great delish food if youre willing 2 pay a bit more but i have to say San Remo's does it for me. Cheaper and just as nice as the other 2. All are on Netherhall road and theyre prettyy much next to eachother.
  • Manana's in Bradford Row has excellent & different food if you can stand the noise (club-level)
  • A party of friends just ate in Carlos, Netherhall Road, Doncaster. Great starters but can they serve a main course or consistent house wine. Of course not. Having a menu that claims a choice of veg and potatoes or chips and then losing the veg when you order chips is simply cheap. A fault of the menu printers apparently; I'd say a fault of the restaurant. The manageress is rude, aggressive, and sladerously offensive and the menu misspelled and incorrect. Avoid this restaurant and its staff like the plague.
  • Wokmania is great - nice food and good value. Cactus Jacks is brilliant - lovely food and great lunchtime deals. I used to love Mekong Thai restaurant and I am gutted that it has now being turned into another Italian - how many do you need down one road!!
  • Lots of restauants in Copley Rd and Netherhall Rd - Chinese, Indian, Italian etc some nice places to eat
  • Doncaster is shit for food.
  • Wokmania next door to the mansion house is a great place to eat and it is not really that dear and I definatly recomend the as much as you can eat menu
  • mcdonalds i guess
  • San Remo's Italian restaurant is a joke, cheap but unpalitable, undoubtedly the worst Italian restaurant in the known universe. try Carlo's, not cheap but good food, watch out though, they charge extra for vedgetables! There is another one a few doors down, good food but beware in winter, the tables are right up to the door and it is freezing! The Italian restaurant opposite the College is pretty good too, they do some good two for one menu's.
  • Joes Plaice in Balby on Balby Road, superb fish n chips, but the best of all is the sexy, tanned, 6ft blonde that works behind the counter, top totty or what, worth a visit lads,
  • I'll second the comment on Mucky Mo's, I'm sure I've had a strain of gut-rot that is unique to the place.
  • the Palace Tandoori on Carr House Road is the best Indian takeaway this side of Karachi.
  • San Remos, cheap italian food!!Excellent!!
  • Mucky Mo's, a fish/kebab place on waterdale - opposite the college. If ever you fancy a week off on sick with a dodgy gut then eat here!
  • Newtons fish and chip shop! need I say more?
  • Wonderful 2 (chinese take away, Balby Road) I think the food is fantastic, and the service also is brilliant.
  • not a bad selection of restaurants. May I suggest San Remo italian. Quiet but very nice as most people seem to go over the road to the hugely overated Carlos
  • carlo's - a fukin excellent place stay clear of the speedie bar also- the eating hole - a great vegetarian resteraunt - my mates dad owns it... nice one jeff
  • On the high street there's 2/3 pizza shops, loads of Kabab shops serving all night, a KFC, McDonalds, cantaneese, mexican really there's planty of places to go in the town centre within walking distance of all the drinking spots.
  • Chillies Indian Take away is not bad for kebabs and burgers after a night out,and theres a mini cab office next door to get you home
  • Just south of Doncaster in a nice little town called Bawtry there are two great Indian restaurants: dower and lancers, a superb chinese: the china rose and a nice italian emilios. these are superb and quite reasonably prices nosh houses.
  • Try Cooplands for a big sandwich, the 'ploughman' is a match for anyones appetite. TJ's do good home-cooked grub at reasonable prices and portions.
  • There are more Indian restaurants in town, noticeably 'The Indus' on Silver Street which I thought was OK. Needs more sit-down Chinese
  • Eating Whole on Copley Road is an excellent veggie cafe/restaurant.
  • The Taj Mahal, also on Copley Road, is about the only Indian restaurant in town.
  • Ho Ho on the High Street is a good Chinese.
  • I always go to McDonalds, although Four Seasons cafe (used to be TJs) is really good, and quite decently priced.
  • A cool little chippy just outside the Market area, called Rothwells, there dead nice Fish and Chips A new Italian......Ristorante Italiano.......Naff name , Good Food

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