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Clothes Shops, Shoe Shops, Fashion and Bargains
  • Edignburgh Wollen Mill for the over 60s. M&S for the middle class. Nothing for chavs - they all have to go to Crawley.
  • dont even bother to go clothes shopping except shrewd which has some nice vintage stuff. In the high street.
  • officers club is by the back exit of marks & spencers
  • Juice (High Street) near Post Office - sells pre-teen and teenagers clothing, shoes etc. Recently opened (Nov 2005). Shubbees - on High Street sells teen clothing - next to Brown's cafe (rumoured to be closing tho...) Origin Clothing also on High Street - sells brand name jeans, shirts for men and women. Other clothes shops include - Bakehouse (West Street) upmarket women's clothing shop and Nina Boutique also on West Street - fashionable upmarket women's clothing.
  • Jane Elliot - an expensive and upmarket 'pink and fluffy' ladies' shop, which isn't useful to most of the young population. Millets - cold weather jackets and walking gear only. Dapper - for expensive suits. Edinburgh Woolen Mill - yes. No. Hammels and Papillion - for the over 50s, and expensive. See a trend? Hi-life stocks a few small boarder clothes (by the Harley Davidson shop). Marks and Spencers - my workplace! It's a tiny branch, though, and basic. Monsoon - the ONLY main chain for any decent casual wear in Dorking, and only for women, but it's also pricey. Basically, there are as many charity shops as real clothes shops - even counting the 'pintless fashion' ones as 'real'.
  • Two new clothing shops have opened for teenagers both on the High Street! Yes... I know it is hard to believe. One is called Origin and the other one is called Shubee (apologies for the mispelling!) Both are 'independent' retailers which brand name labels at good prices. Also a place has opened in St. Martins Walk for young kids called Little Cherubs - also independently run with good quality items of clothing.
  • origin in the high street sells loads of designer gear
  • No clothes shops worth mentioning! Not even a Next - pathetic! Even Leatherhead has once for crying out loud!!
  • Jane's trendy pink shop has got more cool clothes in and not just for the wrinklies! She has a cute dod hamish as well that does a great begging trick!
  • Girls watch out for the new Pink shop in the High Street, called Jane Elliot, good trendy gear here, some designer but no too pricey. Check out the owners cool dog Hamish, he does a neat 'begging' trick!
  • A new ladies clothes shop has opened up on the high street - Jane Elliot - cannot miss it as the shop's facade is PINK!!
  • milletts
  • Dorking desperately needs a decent clothes shop for men and women. All there is a Monsoon, Edinborough Woolen Mill.
  • Marks and spencers for me
  • Etams in closing down in July 2001. Looks like we will probably get another charity shop!
  • etam is pretty good for dorking! i sometimes go in there and try stuff on and dont buy it! um also hi-life the skateboard shop
  • Etams(don't even go there), Monsoon(bit pricey), Hammells(for the over 50's) That is about all there is to offer for the ladies...for the men there is a little designer shop in South Street, Dapper is a new shop-Very smart suits for weddings etc
  • Hi-life, with it's 'high' staff.
  • Hi Life on that corner somewhere...good for all your boardin' needs...almost.
  • Marks and Spencers.
  • You can buy any type of garment from the numerous charity shops, as long as you're looking for it in brown.
  • Etam and Human nature for the scented candles and floaty cardigans

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