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Hookup Spots
  • The corner of West, South & High. The Pump Corner Posse. Hard on the charge & high on meth.
  • The Dorking park is well up there. I cotch up the top near the railway and trainspot with my parents.
  • Hey...I wnet to the Billabong ages ago and I loved it, but I wanna go back for my 18th and cant find it...does it still exist in Dorking or anywhere near? Prob seem like a stupid question, I know, but if sum1 knows where it is...can u email me at cheers big ears.
  • The caves behind kuoni, aparently loadsa people died there and its full of aspestos, cool if ur pissed
  • The new town map outside Barclays, shows those lost in the town where everything is. Plus it has a list of events going on. Lots of pretty pictures and tons of info about where things are. Sponsored by Denbies our local vineyard - doesn't every town have one?
  • Going down meadowbank or down the dean to drink cans of super strongbow when you're 14!!oh and the fair on the dean another excuse to get drunk and be sick!!!
  • How about the nower in winter time , with all the kids from sondes place skyving off school & racing down the hill , if you was really brave you would go from the very top over the path then down the main hill , on your mums best tray you nicked from home.milletts
  • our famous hang out spot?..... post office bench! like a load of has-beens, where are those lazy hazy days of childhood??? how i miss them.
  • You want to watch out for all them dorking lads because all they want to do is get in birds knickers, you will find them dotted around the malthouse and the jolly butchers. and them twats with the hats who are usually situated down the reck. you will know who they are by the way they walk and their white baseball caps.......
  • meadowbank skate park is no more some pikes burnt it.wat tits!!!!!
  • Outside the white horse hotel, grave yard, skate ramp, kebab shop.... you name them ,i'll be there every friday night in my white shell suit
  • i always meet up with friends outside woolworths, because everyone knows where it is and its where everyone gets off the bus.
  • Located at the South Street, Dorking, Surrey, New Curry Garden boasts great food, service, atmosphere and decor.The moment one steps into the restaurant, one is struck immediately by the aroma and vibrancy of this place. It is a brilliantly set-up restaurant with classy styling and a fresh modern approach for an Indian/Bangladeshi Cuisine (NOTE this curry place is not your regular 'curry house'. The colour scheme, furnishings, and the lighting, gel together beautifully as if it were a peice of art. The food and service at the New Curry Garden fits perfectly with their moto: ‘TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE’. With mouth-watering dishes at reasonable prices, this is one place not to be missed when in Dorking. Visit New Curry Garden: you will not be disappointed. One final point NEW CURRY GARDEN IS BRILLIANT!!!
  • A few years ago when I used to do it,it was-The Multi Storey Car Park, MeadowBank, The 'Woolworths Massive'...But know they are all in the pubs!! There are a select few that host these(I will not mention them)
  • Michael Bradley's house is a well known hook up spot, if you're single and easy, and have about a fiver. Problem is, its in Ashtead. Good for a romp
  • Upsons Mums house shes the biggest slapper in the county 5p a go behind burger king oh and try out his sister too
  • Outside Woolworths!
  • The bushes on the top of Box Hill near the lookout.
  • THE CAVES .......DEFINATELY plus i find the alley by whsmiths is great.
  • Outside the kebab shop for a decent fight or if you're old and smell of wee, Lyon's Court and if you drink meths - the bench outside the P.O.!
  • The junction box outside Woolworths if you think your hard enough, and the steps of the White Horse hotel when you have progressed far enough up the social ladder (you managed to get a FULL TIME job in Sainsbury's after leaving school).
  • the bench in the wreck near by the football ground
  • Meadowbank recreation ground, essential items: bottle of something vaguely alcholic and no ID.

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