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The Stuff We Can't Fit In Somewhere Else
  • Satirical book based on Dorking. The Dorking Review - A load of old nonsense written by a group of delusional journalists. Contains 'fake' news and features, and can be seen on Amazon etc.
  • I love Dorking but the Telegeraph have got hold of it and half the shops have closed (no link there I think).
  • brilliant for smokin a J as the police arent the most organised
  • Dorking is a pretty old place - and not just the buildings. There are probably more antiques shops and retirement homes here than all of the other shops put together! Seriously, the place is famous for them - and its (overpriced) restaurants. I've lived in and near Dorking for about 14 years and it's white, boring, middle-aged and middle-class. Not awful, but not great either. Basically everything in Dorking is very overpriced. It was beter when we still had an independent record shop, and a youthful pub or two...
  • Renaming Sondes Place as The Priory - how odd.
  • I loved it and hated it, But Dorking will always be apart of me! and Im proud of it!! Cant wait for my next visit!!! Take care fellow Dorking-peeps
  • The guys at 1-on-one are pretty good with computers
  • Dorking Domestic Appliances Must be the best place to buy anything electrical. Much more helpful than Curry's, and they're better looking.
  • There are a few nice men in town...if you are feeling lucky!!
  • Dokring is a very bad place to go! Stay away from here at all costs, unless you are old and like having time on your hands. TO everyone who lives here...I saw get out while you still can!!! One good point however...the amount of pubs in Dorking is totally disproportionate to the amount of people...and they are more than happy to saerve underaged drinkers. So there is an upside. Only thing is you'll end up spending most of your time in this crap little town totally out of your mind, just to escape the tedium.
  • If the boredom and sheer despair of living in Dorking get too much for you there are many places for quick and easy suicide. There are three train stations in Dorking, and when the strikes aren't on...ample opportunity to throw yourself in front of a train. Or how about throwing yourself into the streaming puddle that is the Mole? If all else fails, why not try some of Denbies home grown wine??
  • Though the town has the word 'dork' in its name it also has the word 'king' so do not judge it overly harshly. The best times to visit are Friday / Saturday night when a good schedule is: Start at The Star, have a few pints, play a game of pool, witness a fight, move on. Next stop the King's arms, more pints, sit in the garden, get cold, move on. A good place to relieve that swollen bladder feeling now is in the car-park on the left behind west-street as you head towards the high street. Now a long walk/stagger to the Hogshead, fight your way to the bar, more pints, play stupidly difficult quiz machine at very back of pub, move on. Straight across the road to the kebab shop, meat and chips, don't examine too carefully, move on. Finally Malthouse until closing, last pints, out into car park, watch fight betwwen kevs, relieve yourself in the shadows of the park, go home.
  • There's now a great new listings magazine for Surrey called THE TICKET, with lists, reviews and articles of things to do and places to go. Look out for it at newsagents, supermarkets and petrol stations. Only 1.80
  • Best Bit of Dorking? North Holmwood, the next-door village, but then I live there!
  • Haven't you ever heard of DENBIES?? What sort of people are you?? Well.. Denbies is England's finest vineyard situated in DORKING! It is world famous...
  • Beautiful country walks round and about, Leith Hill, Ranmore, Boxhill and loads of very pretty villages to wander round on the outskirts of Dorking. Gomshall with its ancient mill (now tea rooms & quaint little gift shop) Abinger Hammer with its Clock tower and little man who bashes his hammer on the hour (believe it or not it's a tourist attraction!) Dorking also hosts a large number of antique shops to browse through (if you've got loads of money!) most of them are situated in West Street. People come from all over to see this little old street because nearly all the buildings are listed with tudor wooded beam fronts & cosy log fires to keep you warm while you browse! Even the rich & famous love Dorking - did you know that Oasis have been recording recently in local studios, stayed at 'The Whitehorse Hotel' & signed autographs in St Martins Walk, Dorking's shopping centre! So there you go if it's good enough them surely you must come and visit us!
  • Dorking has the biggest Vineyard and Watercress fields.
  • The name 'Dorking' means 'Deorc's People', and is Ango-Saxon in origin. We have a five-toed hen named after the town, and it is mentioned in the Doomsday book (the town, not the hen).

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