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Do You Want to Increase Your Income in 2009 ? by David Taylor (Member 10103609) on 1-Jan-2009

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Do you freecycle? by Chriss Norton (Member 10192380) on 29-Aug-2006
Are you Spring Cleaning? Clearing out your attic or shed? If so, Don't Just Chuck Things Out Freecycle Them!

West Norfolk Freecycle is part of a global group,
Who are committed to reducing waste by recycling and reusing unwanted items. more >>
Do you freecycle? by Chriss Norton (Member 10192380) on 29-Aug-2006
Are you Spring Cleaning? Clearing out your attic or shed? If so, Don't Just Chuck Things Out Freecycle Them!
West Norfolk Freecycle is part of a global group,
Who are committed to reducing waste by recycling and reusing unwanted items.

Almost anything can be recycled from Appliances to Your old Kitc... more >>
Things to do in Norfolk for Families by R Anthony (Member 10181020) on 1-Apr-2006
I have set up a free website with information about activities and events for children and families in Norfolk. Find it at   
Gliding Holidays by Malcolm Jackson (Member 10123942) on 23-Mar-2006
Fancy a holiday with a difference this year? Why not learn to fly gliders at Kent Gliding Club, near Challock, Kent? Visit the website at for more details.   
Downham Market Escorts by Sam (Member 10167055) on 20-Oct-2005
Looking for that special female for that function or party?

Or just fun & games at home or your hotel 0707... more >>
A Grandfather's Plea From the Past by Brenda MacCulloch (Member 10035523) on 22-Nov-2004
A Grandfather's Plea From the Past
I am not sure who you may be or where you might be living, I can only assume that if you are reading this you have some interest in family history and that’s good because of the pickle that my ggggrandaughters Pam and Brenda, have found themselves in when trying to find out where I came from, who my parents were and if I had any brothers and sisters. The same fo... more >>
Downham Grammar School, Ryston End, late 60's by Rose Dempsey (Member 10065756) on 3-Oct-2004
Hey, anyone on here attend the school at this time? I was in 2P in 67/68 and 4p in 69/70. Remember a lot of the teachers, Miss Wylie (later Mrs Hook),Mr Forest, Mr Bibby, Mrs Norman, Mr Howells, Miss Johnson. Can't remember who taught chemistry or who the little lab technician was.

Mr Pearson was the headmaster back then. Anyone have any pictures from those years?... more >>
  • Re: Downham Grammar School, Ryston End, late 60's by Lee Pickard (Member 10136364) on 3-Nov-2004
    Did not attend your school,from Worksop Notts.
    However I am trying to locate Michael Carroll.
    Do you know him or anyone that does who would give him my email
    Please can you help.



  • Re: Downham Grammar School, Ryston End, late 60's by arabrab (Member 10138251) on 22-Nov-2004
    You're having a laugh - try the local nick!!

  • Re: Downham Grammar School, Ryston End, late 60's by Doug Canham (Member 10210033) on 29-Jun-2007
    A few more names - Mrs Smith (Chem) Mr Yule (Wwk) Mr Hampson (Maths) Mr Leggott (Geog) Late Mr Wiseman (French) and Mr Huggins (PE).
    Headmaster was Maurice Pearson, after whom M and P got their form names.
    Doug (Nigel) Canham
    M - 1966 to 1971
    Now living in Stoke Ferry after 'doing' the world.

  • Re: Downham Grammar School, Ryston End, late 60's by Susan Lipscombe-Ridley (Member 10239204) on 26-Jul-2009
    Hello Nigel this is Susan Lipscombe living in Sleaford Lincolnshire with my two girls and one son and am busy working from home on my new business. love to hear from old friends

  • Re: Downham Grammar School, Ryston End, late 60's by Rose Dempsey (Member 10179826) on 5-Dec-2011
    There is a group now on Facebook - Downham Grammar School - if anyone is interested:)

lost family by Denise (Member 10057433) on 18-Sep-2004
Jessie and Reginald Palmer lived in Wimbledon, they had two daughters, Edna who remained a spinster and Vera who married a pig farmer from Norfolk, I do not have a surname for them, If you find any of the family history familiar then please get in contac with me,

Yours in anticipation Denise Issott
Improve your LOVE making use Kamagra by simon (Member 10125487) on 6-Sep-2004
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michael powell by richard bird (Member 10130547) on 23-Aug-2004
allrite donkey get in touch with nob. for a chat it would be nice to hear from an old mate.cheers mick...........richard(phil collins)bird.
Russell Family, Downham Market by John Russell (Member 10114311) on 8-Jan-2004
I am trying to piece together the Russell family history in Downham Market. I believe my late grandfather, Stanley Russell still has a sister, Edna? living in Downham Market.
Can anyone help me with any information?
  • Re: Russell Family, Downham Market by mark larmet (Member 10258193) on 18-Feb-2011
    hi what info do you require might be able to help please contact if you still require info regarding edna russel now long

  • Re: Russell Family, Downham Market by John S Russell (Member 10267822) on 25-Nov-2011
    Hi My name is John S Russell, come across this question by acident. would be very interested to know who you both are. My relatives I believe still live in Downham Market.
    If you are still interested please contact me. My email is

  • Re: Russell Family, Downham Market by Josephine Bryan (Member 10259181) on 15-Jun-2012
    Hi,I know this a long time since you posted on this site but i have only just seen it but please allow me to explain.
    My name is Josephine Bryan my g/father was Frederick Augustus Shepherd he was the youngest so of Walter and Charlotte Shepherd ne Russell,my g/g/granfather was Elias Russell of downham market.
    I live in essex but have visited downham and the shop that Elias once had many times i ... more >>

  • Re: Russell Family, Downham Market by mark larmet (Member 10258193) on 9-Jan-2013
    hi if your family includes the name edna russell daughter of stanley and nellie please make contact with me as i may have the info you require

MASON FAMILY RESEARCH (SHINGLES) by Mynee (Member 10060109) on 7-Jan-2004
Researching MASON family history (Surrey, UK). In 1890, RICHARD married KATE AMELIA SHINGLES in the Wesleyan chapel, Downham Mkt. In 1891 they were living in Windlesham, Surrey, but by 1901 they appear to have separated. All help gratefully received - what happened to RICHARD and KATE? Next appearance of RICHARD is in Cambs/Lincs in 1926. Thanks a lot.   
Couple looking for work by Martin Dearden (Member 10098058) on 3-Jun-2003
Middle aged hard working couple are looking to escape the maddening crowd, and are seeking work with accomodation.
Mr Martin dearden is 55 years old and is hard working multiskilled. Capable of anthying from joinery painting I am currently in electrical engineering can work with computers including repairs and up grades.
Catherine dearden is a highly skilled seretary currently working at Northan... more >>
  • Re: Couple looking for work by qeffects (Member 10184509) on 8-May-2006

    We are from Croatia and look for person in UK.
    We have business offer. Please visit our site for more details.

    Below you will find a few sentences from our site to explain shortly our busin... more >>

George Woodham by Richard Pitt (Member 10097164) on 22-May-2003
I am trying to find my great uncle, George Woodham, last known to live at Sacrod Cottage, Common Road, Denver, in Oct 1967. I believe he was a friend of Jim Russell. Would be grateful for any information anybody could give me.
Richard Pitt
  • Re: George Woodham by John Russell (Member 10114311) on 8-Jan-2004
    Jim Russell was a cousin of my late grandfather stanley Russell from Downham Market. I am in the very early stages of tracking down my family history. If I find anything out about your relative I will contact you via this board.

teresa cook lost sister by dean cook (Member 10095553) on 3-May-2003
i am looking for my sister she used to live just over the river on the right,she has a little girl called Emily,she is also a short little sod but i love her and lost her number and have not spoke for a few years if you know her tell her to contact Dean   
Want to win a luxury holiday? Want to be on TV? by Deception (Member 10092119) on 18-Mar-2003
ITV are looking for couples, from the Anglia/Meridian/LWT regions, to appear on a new psychological dating show called Deception!

Could you fake it with someone else’s other half? Could you deceive a panel of body language and psychology experts in to thinking that you were a genuine couple? If you could, then you stand to win the holiday of a lifetime.

We are looking for couples who have be... more >>
Barber, Webster and Coy families by Cheryl (Member 10080175) on 18-Oct-2002
Hello. I'm trying to find out more on my family from Walpole St Andrew but which includes BARBER, WEBSTER and COY members from Dowham Market. Are any descendents reading this? I would love to get in touch with them for any infomation they may have, however little. I believe the BARBER family had a business growing gladioli in Downham Market in the early 1900s. Thank you
  • downham high school 1984-86 by steve broad (Member 10087325) on 13-Jan-2003
    i would love to hear from anyone who knows me (steve broad ) and went to school with me . My parents ran the CDY (centre for downham youth ) also anyone who remembers dressing up as st trinians in the carnival in 1983 people id love to hear from michelle (froggy) amanda mayes , gavin flower contact me at thanks

Gutteridge by Andy Gutteridge (Member 10062918) on 20-Mar-2002
My Grandfather was born in or around Downham and I'm trying to trace the family line. I'd love to hear from anyone who may be able to help ... Andy   
  • Re: Gutteridge by Gary Hewitt (Member 10191918) on 23-Aug-2006
    I have a lot of info on Gutteridge, as it was my mothers family, in Downham & Wimbotsham.
    Let me know what names to link & I'll send you my info.


IM LOOKING FOR ROBERT BROWN..... by Jenny (Member 10016891) on 15-Aug-2001
yep im looking for robert brown..hes like 18 or you know if he still exists???.....i want to get in touch with him but have no way of doing so...i know he went/goes to downham sixth form center doing art or someat and lives in Fincham....thats all.....thanks, jenny xx   
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