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  • Is there still a cinema in dumfries????
  • A traditional cinema the Odean on shakespeare street, never changed in decades but great sound, screen and the refreshments on offer are excellent although very expensive so please smuggle in your own.
  • odeon, burns
  • 1 sceen. nuff said
  • Go to carlisle!
  • 1, and it too is pish. Seats are too wee and the same old lady works there since day 1 and she's still a stinkin old hoormeister. "ye want popcorn?" nah, fuck off.
  • well theres a cinema in dumfries, 2 actually but ye see they aint very good cuz they take weeks for good films to get here and they arent very big either but! again your guarenteed to have a lot of fun there, not that you'll see much of your film tho cuz its kinda hard 2 dodge all the popcorn fights:P
  • The Odeon has been greatly improved recently, although still only one screen. When are they going to expand? The snacks and drinks seem a little bit expensive, and 4.50 for an adult ticket after 6pm is ridiculous.
  • the local fleapit in sandside....
  • the Odeon, usual national films. the robert burns center has some good independant films on now and then
  • One screen, crap films, need i say more?
  • the ABC what a fleepit..your feet stuck to the seats, hunched up or if you were sensible over the back of the seat in front and those kazzis YUCK
  • yucky, don't bother it's mingin.
  • cinema old and does nto show many new films
  • one screen odeon
  • Its not so much a cinema as a large tv and video. were talking serious leg space, you cant actually get your legs between the seats. They must not have realised until the work was complete.
  • One main cinema with one screen eternally showing Titanic or Harry Potter or some such Hollywood commercial crap, plus one small screen pseudo-arthouse affair showing the same crap for anyone who didn't see it first time around.
  • Although now changed to an Odeon the cinema in Dfs is no better than before! I'm short but those seats even for me give no leg room!
  • The ABC has just got the rights to show Planet of The Apes...the original! Why Pay to see this when you can look at the staff? They make Apes look like Angelina Jolie!!!
  • The ABC can only be deemed comfortable if you are a veteran who lost their legs in combat, there is NO space whatsoever! Burns centre scores points for displaying a bit of imagination in its programme.
  • Small, cramped seats and rarely a blockbuster. Many films NEVER came to Dumfries before being released on video. If you like a good horror, it's 4.50 a seat, which I think is pretty scary.
  • It would be nice to have more than one screen but this town sucks. As for bowling or Quasar, just buy a pellet gun and run about the streets.
  • When is someone going to realise that a multi-screen cinema is a necessity. I think the lady that sells those Cornetos has been there since pre-historic times!! (sorry missus)
  • the burns centre,a very small council run film theatre is the best thing about dumfries.quite a varied choice of films.saw a jean luc goddard film there recently.goddard showing in town, amazing!the big cinema:mainstream crap.
  • ABC is ok...(if u dont mind having a numb ass for about 3 hours afterwards!)
  • Cinema is not bad for a small town I wouldn't travel too far if I were you but it depends on the film The burn's theatre is good for more obscure films but is frequented by the high brow student set looking for arty guff.
  • hmmmm the cinema in dumfries is a bit pricey 4 me likes, it works oot cheaper 4 me 2 travel 2 the yin in carlisle, and using my student card. although dumfries cinema is closer the seats are a bit cramped 4 us leggy peeps.
  • Bobby Burns centre just gets better and better if you love independant films and world cinema, its Dumfries answer to FilmFour.
  • Still only 1 screen at ABC.
  • Hmm cinema amounts to a one screener and the Robert Burns cinema that is tiny anfd you have to book months in advance. I ce skating is popular if you are under 15. Skatning rink is not bad.
  • Yes, but it's crap, the Robert Burns center also has a sort of 'large screen' TV, now showing 'Gone with the Wind'

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