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Clubs (Dance Music) and Music Bars
  • total gash night out, get yourself up to the arches ya bunch of planks..
  • venue club has a good selection of DJs and bands. Jumping Jaks for chart music. Chancers for Kareoke. Greens bar has live bands at weekends.
  • jumpin jaks only night out in towm and its no very good
  • venue is the place to go. I went into jaks once the some people there were very young
  • The venue is the only decent bit for buzzin tunes and that. Loreburn Hall on the 28th of october 2005 Temptations. If you are a dedicated raver then BE THERE!!! 7 til 11. and whoever said QFX have split up. GOBSHITE. they played at the Powerhouse in sunderland 2 weeks ago!
  • THE VENUE!!! Its got live music every thu and fri night till xmas and the local bands are sharin the stage with bands all over the country. On a friday the sky bar is also open which plays EVERYTHIN frm rnb to indie, by far the best place on a friday. and on a saterday their other bar opens as a real club "for real clubbers" where some awesome dj's play loads of cool commercial and old school dance. plus STELLA IS ONLY 1.50 AND REEF...... THE SAME PRICE. dont bother with anywhere else. the best weekend clubbin iv had in a long time was at the venue. such great variety and friendly staff. ort u cud go to jumpin jaks, be ignored by all staff who are stoor faced gits and dance to the YMCA. your choice!!!
  • Hello to all the West Coast shellsuit monkeys, isn't Dumfries such a lovely place. When you're not out at night: whilst on a previous page. I noticed an advert for the junction showing bands such as qfx, so, I just thought I would shear something I had heard with you all. QFX have finally broke up, not before time, the story is front man Kirk has dumped his older woman for a bit young thing, and is heading to the sunset of America to wine and dine the new lover. Note: to all you girls who may have seen Kirk T. from qfx you could only assume that this girl half his age has 'signs in front of her eyes, restricting her view to his real plump ugliness. Don't quote me on this, but rumours have it, her brother may be found rather attractive as well:: work that one out yourself. PS. Well done, Kirk from 50 to 15 is a fantastic result for man of your age..
  • theloft. r.i.p.
  • The White Hart is the best pub in town gr8 music
  • bar i.d as a pre club warm up, plays funky house although one of the dj's needs to learn to mix better, look out for policy nights, amazing house top class dj's, well recommended to any visitor, some people think it's a gay barwhich is total balls, then on to chancers or the venue for some trancie shite, bith places bit cheesy, (venue for the young girls ;) ) AVOID JUMPIN JAKS ABSOLUTE DUMP!!!!!
  • we need more heavy metal gigs in dumfries . come on all heavy metal fans . we need to stand up and shout . THE WHITE HART pub rocks . it is the only place their is for heavy metal fans . if u are a heavy metal fan . get your self over to the white hart on weekends and make the white hart for the meeting place for us heavy metal fans
  • Jumpin Jaks - Butlins every weekend! Aren't we blessed! If you've seen it once, you've seen it all. But the sad truth is that its the only place to be if you want to meet people you know. Everyone used to slag off the Junction but bring it back now, that's what I say. If you want to see some really young looking people on a Saturday night try JayKays!
  • the lyver is quite a chilled place apart fae sum of the bar staff,mostly the female bar staff,they're just not nice to you if you've not got a willy and especially if your know who you are ladies!!!
  • chancers was exalent at the weekend. was down staires and i was getting it on untill i came up the staires and the music was even better. could not believe my ears when i heard pretty green eyes being blasted out, its the best song ever.
  • the clubs are ok i alway have a great nite when i am out any way ma pals are great so we make it great
  • What a load of shite. The Venue could be way cooler if they moved the Thursday night live lounge to a Friday or Saturday with an alternative rock punk disco after. Let the fxxkin junkie neds go dance in lochside where they belong. oh & then drop a bomb! Chancers is for dancers... my arse! IT`S FOR LOSERS that are happy to shag someone`s granny rather than go home on their own. White Hart is probably best on a Friday night or LIVE AT THE WITCH TRIALS NIGHT. Lookout for Live events @ THe Venue hosted by WHITE NOIZE ENTERTAINMENT. Should be real class!!!
  • The White Hart does a few *ahem* club nites upstairs. Prefer club nites like The Mission/Asylum (Studio 24, Carlton Road), DKY et al in Edinburgh. Opium has good selection of club nites as well (Cowgate, Edinburgh) ...... Damn anyone remember the Crypt in Dumfries? That was a damn good nite out.
  • erm the venue,jumpin jaks,the yard, their all great places if you want to go out listen to some dance music, get drunk and probably end up gettin chucked out by the dumfries police (been there done that dont ever wanna do it again!)
  • THE VENUE!!!
  • The venue is getting alot better, they dont just play shitty chees any more, they hold music nights of all different genres, red alert propaganda (hip hop) red alert bass science (drum and bass), band nights, acoustic nights, locked (house) its not just cheesy dance anymore thank god!!!
  • I remember Oughtons pub and some group called Kruza oh they were extremely dreadful for my ears haha ....neil!
  • DUMPFRIES- the anus of scotland,full of idiots who think a good nite oot is gettin pissed and startin a sad gitts! LOL ;-)
  • The Hart, local dive bar but its improved a lot recently. aum of the clientele are rather young in appearence though.
  • I remeber Judy was the venue a loooooong time ago LOL we looked so young in those days I am suprised the the bouncers let us i
  • WHITE HART!!!!!!!!
  • Dumfries Model Car Club -
  • Jumpin Jacks = shite pit for complete scum and slags who like to slaver on cock. Venue = I think this place might have been ok at one point but the staff are ugly filthy stinking shite guzzlers. Chancers = a bingo hall combined with a bar.....shite.
  • the labour club in loakside
  • Why the Venue got a facelift i dont know because it was goin downhill before that and its reaching the bottom as we speak, jumpin jaks might not be a dance club but its a good place to go
  • Ah, The new look venue is in the town now, wicked lookin place, oh and a lot of balls too..?? still the only place to go at the weekend(just to get away from all those idiots dancin to YMCA, Steps, Grease, every nite in the OTHER place)
  • If you want your feet to be stuck to the ground then the best place by far has got to be chancers nightclub!!
  • Finally dumfries has a decent place to go! The Yard newly opened in 2001 is a slice of city life in our small town! New Years Eve 2001 was one of the best nights out if dumfries I've had, and we spent the whole night in the yard, which says a lot for the other pubs and clubs in the town! And all the guys loved it cos everyon was gettin searched at the door when a lassie could have wlaked in wi anythin in her pockets or stuffed in a pocket of her bag!
  • All the 'clubs' in dumfries are pure crap!!! No good music. HIP-HOP and Drum + Base fans. Go to RED ALERT!! Upstairs at the white hart on fridays monthly. Next one is on Dec 21st! Trust me it's amazing!!!
  • The Junction is really bad but the Venue is ok, well it's better than it used to be anyway!
  • The Junction is hot property-14 and 15 yearolds are in the past, now it boast the most upbeat, modern and eurohouse sounds in Dumfries-trust me it's where it's at! It's pickin' up trade and surely will is set to be the place to be seen!
  • All the entries in this category are dated if you've been in the Junction in the last 3 2 months you'll know this to be true!!! The atmosphere is electric most Saturday nights! For God sake what club in Dumfries can boast about them just sealing a deal with cream, and that they are now resident every last saturday in the month!!!...Here's a few that have played the Junction, Fragma, Colours, QFX, Middlerow, Lock and Load, N-Trance, Tina Cousins, Warrior...etc etc... the list is endless. To sum up the junction; cheap drink, freindly faces, upbeat large and loud tunes, electric atmosphere all wrapped up in the most club like, clean and well kept night club in the town!!....And they're due for a refurbishment and rename in January!! Watch this space piss heads!!! ENJJJOOOY!
  • All the entries in this category are dated if you've been in the Junction in the last 3 2 months you'll know this to be true!!! The atmosphere is electric most Saturday nights! For God sake what club in Dumfries can boast about them just sealing a deal with cream, and that they are now resident every last saturday in the month!!!...Here's a few that have played the Junction, Fragma, Colours, QFX, Middlerow, Lock and Load, N-Trance, Tina Cousins, Warrior...etc etc... the list is endless. To sum up the junction; cheap drink, freindly faces, upbeat large and loud tunes, electric atmosphere all wrapped up in the most club like, clean and well kept night club in the town!!....And they're due for a refurbishment and rename in January!! Watch this space piss heads!!! ENJJJOOOY!
  • The Venue - Very busy young crowd, very hot & sweaty though, The Junction used to be the best in town by miles, but alas has fallen by the wayside with dodgy DJ's, expensive warm drinks & ugly punters. Chancers - looking tp pull that 42yr old mum of 2..? - Chancers is your spot..!
  • Clubed to death more like it! That's what happens if you move into Dumfries and have the audasity to show your face "up the toon," past six o'clock at night! They may as well rename the the infirmary "The Venue," as this is where half the em, "Clientele," end up by the end of the night anyway!!
  • Chancers is the biggest dive in the history of the universe, full of (urgh) minging Cairndale Hotel staff making the place look REALLY ugly...still you might want to check out their now infamous 'Pull A Pig' night (every night).
  • The Venue is not the place to go unless you are out of your nut on E,s or any other illicit drug. The bouncers are animals, which is fine if your a dog, and beat you up, before throwing you down stairs, if your cheeky to, or even bang into, one of thier PALS(personal arse lickers)the music is average, the clientelle are average, unless The Scunners are playing (real talent), and the drink is to expensive. Over rated night spot but okay for a laugh, only dont pay to get in, you'll feel like you've been robbed. Chancers for Dancers, again, you must be out of your mind to go there, the carpets are made of chewing gum, the bouncers are predators(keep your teenage daughters away)and they give real meaning to why bouncers wear Dick ie bows. The drink is cheaper and if your really drunk and want to make a fool of yourself, have a go on the Karry okay. For a really good night out in Dumfries, go to the station and catch a train to Carlisle, at least no one will ask you for the bus fare home.
  • Souter Johnnies and Chancers pubs are great for Dirty Dancing Girls...
  • The White Hart, the only place to hear great dance music, have a laugh and the drinks cheap too!!!!!!
  • All I can say is DO NOT GO TO THE SANDBAR.
  • Oh dear God - where do you start? Junction, Chancers and the other one - places you wipe your feet on your way out. Is that the best Dumfries can do?
  • Dumfries also plays host to a destincly crazy theatre group known as "Dumfries Youth Theatre" who performed in the opening of the gael force 2000 events with a series of street theater shows in and around the town centre. The drama group, at the moment basses at the Oasis Youth Project is ever growing in it's madness and origeonality and performs with the kind of enthusiasm only reserved for those who are the best at what they do and enjoy it most.
  • only place i can feel comfortable is the white heart. if approached are open to many types of music.the only club(if you can give it that title)where you can wear what you like and dance how you like without feeling uncomfortable.
  • the venue is prob the place 2 b seen in the toon! if u turn up 2 the junction then u will b bombarded by 15 year oldz on the other hand if u go 2 chancers then u will prob catch the grannies in there havin a wee bop b4 they return hame wi their winnings fae the bingo!!!
  • Night spot, Hot spot, Not shit - The VENUE. Home of the After Blaster - do not try this at home. Great view from the Sky Bar (people vomiting in the Burns' Statue flower beds and fights over women a must). Two floors of superb music (Sky Bar- retro, Downstairs- dance), live bands (next up- TERRORVISION DEC 1), great staff and a lively atmosphere. Start to queue NOW or you'll have a long wait. But as a great philosopher once wrote, 'One can tell the quality of the banging tunes and cheap alcohol by the length of the queue one must adhere to in order to get in.'
  • Da Venue is the place 2 B with it's cheesy 60's 70's and 80's tunes, not 2 mention the sexy staff and the hunky bouncers! ha ha! ( they wish! ).... or there is chancers where U can pic up a granny, or some 50 year old guy havin a mid-life crisis! Or if U have recently gone 2 secondary school the junner is the place 4! "What a selection"!
  • Slipstream = gayscene
  • Chancers - scum singing karaoke - your feet stick to the floor! Junction - juvenile attempt at Ibiza style club - more like 80's disco The Venue - probably the best club - mainly house/some techno - insist on playing 70's disco tracks - seriously cheesy. Still full of people from Dumfries though which is a shame.
  • The Venue 4 the atmosphere!!!!!!!!!! the Junction 4 cheap drinks and the best pub??? The Worlds End .... 4 the talent!!! ahahaha
  • The Venue is the place to be if you like turn up with very large pupils and stare at the youth club menagerie which infests the place. Don't try getting in on a Friday or Saturday night after midnight because they still employ neanderthal dress codes and the que will leave you standing for an hour+.
  • Don't go to the Junction if you're over 15. We call Chancers the "Last chance saloon", and only venture there as a last resort. The best place there is no The Venue which used to be The Loft. 2 levels, dance and house, and upstairs a mixture of 70s 80s 90s and some light dance. Check out the great new indie night on Wednesday night (Chris Graham), makes a change from the karaoke at Chancers.
  • If the Loft ever gets re-opened, it can be quite good and is always cheap. Never go to Chancers. One phrase sums it up: Old people singing Karaoke.
  • I think there is only The Junction now (used to be called VideoPlex when that sort of thing was dead trendy). There is another called Chancers but I heard someone was murdered there (unheard of crime in Dumfries) so not recommended. All I remember is the smell of disinfectant sticking in your throat ALL the time... and bad DJ's.
  • There used to be Pinky and Perky's which I have to mention even if it is no longer there...many happy youthful nights spent there. An Indie heaven.
  • Hmm Chancers i have never been to, Have hear dit is dodgy. The Junction is pretty bad. The Loft is your best bet.
  • Recently opened: The Loft, as with Chancers, best avoided if you want to stay alive

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