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Clubs (Dance Music) and Music Bars
  • Tower House
  • Raffles for the gays so I hear
  • Life Jiggy's Lorenzo's Harlem (ned shed)
  • life,life,life. Great place to work. Luv ye gail xx
  • Atrocity (Velocity) - Overpriced Hole Harlem - nedshed Life - see above Lorenzos -Quite decent
  • They like to D I S C O to the Y M C A in Raffles
  • Velocity! (was The Kinema Ballroom)
  • JOHNSONS best club in the town by far. Gd Djs Relaxed atmosphere and a reli gd laugh n nite oot.
  • Jiggys is the bollox likez....awbdy says it shit but a hink its gid bad 4 a bit eh jam tae!! xxx
  • A complete chronological history of The Kinema Ballroom Dunfermline can be found at
  • The only halfway civilised and interesting indie alternative night is held by Kev Lynch about once a month upstairs at Monty's in that steep street with the naff kiltshop and the computer shop next to the Stephens Bakery. Everywhere else and yes, neds and nasty sourfaced females. Horrible.
  • Too many nightclubs playing bland chart/R&B nonsense. Give us a decent indie club/night.
  • jiggies(johnsons) ultimite after skl club! even opens on bank holidays
  • Tappie Toories is the best music bar in the town, live bands during the week, DJs at the weekend! Come down to join the party! -
  • The Ballroom and the Foondry = Ned Sheds! Harlems good! As is Monty's and Sinkys!!
  • JONSONS- (after school) "club". not sure wether youl get in? jonsons is your heaven. mind the bald guy at the door however. if hes in a mood he mite sweat on you. the bouncers arnt the soundest youl meet, but pretty stupid wen it comes to guessin someones age. PANTS MUSIC, cheap drink
  • Johnsons all th way m8!Am 14 n dini get n anywhere else :,( Z MAN ..............
  • The ballroom has just been done up, unsuprisingly is still full of neds and people that think 500miles and, as someone stated before, dance remixes of 80's rock is "pure quality". Johnsons? Still as cheap as ever and still as poor. The Collective(Harlem) has a fab RnB night on wednesdays, dunno about the weekends though.
  • Sinky's, the watering hole (underage), fresh (tuesday night acoustic sesh), somewhere else,
  • If your definition of dance music is hearing 'call on me' and other 140bpm remixes of terrible soft rock ballads for the 3000th time, then the foundry, the ballroom, life and johnson's will be right up your street. Brio, Monty's and the new club in Collective occasionally have semi-decent music, but they never seem to have the same DJ more than once, so the quality varies (greatly).
  • Hello when was the last time someone wrote on this! the 1990's or somthing. The Ballroom is supposedly the place to be at the mo but a fiver to get in then have no room to even move, good 1! I say Jhonsons all the way! Also the Foundry which is reasonably new is great. any thing else i wouldnt bother.
  • All shite, bad tunes,bad folk, pricey drink. with the exeption of Alphabraks at Montys every month-Rinsin'
  • The Foundry
  • The ballroom for an easy ride with one (or two if your up for it) of the many desperados mthat's in there. Club life if your boring. Johnsons if your underage or a paedo.
  • Foundry's taking everyone from all the normal places the now - not sure it's so much a club as a pub/restuarant/late night opening place! Across from the Fire Station. Avoid the Ballroom at all costs! Sticky floors and meat market!
  • johnsons=losers sinkys=shit mardis=shit the ballroom=ok gid for a bit of skirt montys=hmm ok
  • The Ballroom for underage talent. Apparently.
  • Sinkys when the table dancers are on.
  • life is brilliant on a wed night mid week sesh cheap drink 1 all night,then the ballroom good music normally can pick up some1 your own age 21-40ish
  • the people with the other comments are so timewarped liberties,porkies,or whatever they call it is called life+its an excellent club 1 a drink all night,the ballroom is excellent it was originally called the cinema ballroom then it was nite magic then hollywood boulevard+now its back to "the ballroom" if you go out for a night in dunfermline here are two clubs you dont want to miss.
  • I ended up in a place called PJ's on my one visit to Dunfermline. It was truly appalling, and incredibly unsophisticated. The crowd actually got off on dancing to '500 Miles' by The Proclaimers, need i say more? This is not the place to go if you want a good dance!
  • Ballroom is the best nightblub in Dunfermline and isnt really special. Johnsons is cheap, and on Fridays it has a buy one get one free offer...but people that go there are normally not as old as the ones that go to the Ballroom.
  • ballroom is ok if you're wasted, but life on a Wednesday is best.
  • Johnsons. Classic back in the day, introduced me to soul funk jazz and early Chicago house. Still getting down today to D-train, EW&F, Change, House Nation, Gil Scott Heron ... and Irene Reid. Thanks to Neil and Warren! The beat goes on...
  • The Ballroom - where everyone wore something white so that the ultra-violet light would show off their non-existent tans and pearly white teeth (although unbeknowns to some, capped teeth and falsers would glow greyly beside their brilliant white neighbours!). Also, dancing round handbags with your mates while all the local young team would pace round in an ever-increasing circle before 'tapping' a favoured miss on the shoulder for a dance - no words necessary!
  • Well, the Ballroom is now THE place to be on a Saturday night, though I have heard that Stevie Kerr from Beat 106 is gonna be frequenting the 'Kids Club' that is Genesis(formerly supposed over 21's Lorenzos), starting from tonight. that should increase their currently low clientele. Life is cheap, but claustrophobic.And don't even try Jiggy's(Johnson's for those of you not in the know). It's an under ager's paradise and the DJ is pants.
  • lorenzos such a good place wednesday grab a grannie i diont think so for us schoolies back then now older and wiser good time then i've heard its changed gutted
  • not many really. The ballroom (cattle market!) Lorenzo's now renamed Genesis (not much better than the Ballroom!)
  • Put it this way, I would never set foot in "Genesis" again unless I fancied being head butted for no apparent reason by certain X-bouncers!! enough said!!!
  • Ballroom. Ned city. If you can fit in, you're in with a chance. Johnsons. Ageing casuals. I don't think so. Little girls, methinks. Some being very young... In fact if it weren't for a certain bouncer, whose name will go unknown (short spanish dude, in charge of the ballroom as well, you know who I'm talking about ;) ) it could get a lot worse. Life. Cheap. My mum's mates go there which is NEVER a good sign. PJ Molloys. My mate claims to DJ there. I've never been. Sorted.
  • pj molloys on a sunday - good band!
  • I miss the Ballroom!!!! Sad but true, but the US has no cheesy clubs!!
  • The Ballroom is now open again. It was the ballroom, then something differnt and is now the ballroom again. Madness and the Ruts played in the 70s
  • The Ballroom is still the main place to be in Dunfermline at the moment but its still too busy on a Saturday night try The newly decorated Lorrenzoes now known as Genesis for a wee change to the Ballroom. If you want cheap drink all night every night then head down to Club Life for classic happy hour. They also have the classic Karaoke on a Thursday night and the midweek sesh on a wednesday (1 a drink all night long)
  • The ballroom? Well what can you say about the place except that factory workers like it and the music's mince. Yes, it's that sort of place where neds and nedesses go, meet and (eventually) copulate - usually after a couple of hours. Still, having a venue for neds means the best -or rather best of a bad bunch- clientele filters down to Lourenzoes; then again, anyone discerning wouldn't actually BOTHER with Dunfermline's nightclubs.
  • The Ballroom is the biz! Pity about the crowds!! If you like good music come here, good atmosphere, definetely go, but if it bothers you that you are crushed avoid Saturdays. Genesis- newly done up, haven't been but it sounds okay. Life, good music, cheap drink, free to get into, what more do you want?
  • Handbags at the ready for Monty's Nitespot and Lorenzo's... two litres of vodka and you might survive the Ballroom... Don't go to Porky's (Life, Liberty, whatever it's called now) no matter how much you think it might have improved... the pseudo-marble (read plastic) lion 'statues' that adorn the entrance don't change the fact that it SUCKS.
  • The BallRoom (used to be Hollywood Boulevard), Lourenzoes (Lourenzwhores), Liberties.., Monty's (eek), that Irish Bar next to Lourenzoes whose name I can't remember..
  • Johnsons, Porky's, and the latest addition- The Ballroom.
  • Ballroom is the place to be at the mo!! You'll enjoy it if you like hitting your head off brick walls
  • lorenzos - dodgy full of 14 year olds recently opened dance hall opposite fire station not sure yet how it will turn out
  • the kinema ballroom
  • Lorenzo's - Always packed, slightly cheezy, just been refurbished Johnsons - Better music, but too small. Liberty's - Pretty big, but full of school kids Club XS - Gay club
  • Lorenzo's (avoid Wednesday night- Grab a Grannie!), Liberty Club, Johnson's .
  • Club Liberty, if you're not in bed by 1 am then come home, usually frequented by under 16 slappers, and squadies after under 16 yera old slappers. Lorenzo's, for your 30 something slapper.
  • Hahahahaha!!!! SORRY - l'd stick to golf clubs. Seriously, there are a couple of 'nitespots' (that's not a trendy spelling term, that an comment on the hair hygiene. - Lourenzo's(if you like it handbag stylee) Porky's(if you like it meat market) Johnsons(full of ageing casuals from the 80's) There is a few "new" ones; but it puts shivers down my spine.
  • Lorenzo Marques is a dance-round-your bag club!!But it is sooooooo nice!

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