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Live Music Venues
  • Pjs,Alhambra ,velocity,
  • PJ Malloys. Good pub but the bands are getting too exclusively Indie these days though. They need to be more broad in their choice of artists.
  • PJ Malloys for the indie scenesters. Monty's for the Emo's Sinky's for pensioners.
  • PJ Molloys has some good bands.
  • Pjs Montys Music Bar
  • 'V-Live' (was The Kinema Ballroom) Live bands very soon (Bluetones in January) (visit & The Corner Music Bar (was Sinky's)
  • syncies is a good place but we could do with somehwere that gives song writers a venue to perform for a few minutes and hang out too
  • All tours bypass Dunfermline, except Belle and Sebastian a few years back. Great place if you like Nazareth! Or sixties bands with none of the original members!!
  • Monty's and Epoque for live bands.
  • PJ Molloy's has a band on every weekend. Quite small but bands usually quite good.
  • Dunfermline, or at least some of us, are under the opinion that all musicians in Dunfermline should be "it the jam nite oan a fursday nite!" and others prefer going to PJ Molloys for a band and cavort with the georgous manageress. But if yer a classy, mature "fee-attor toaff" then roll on up to a show at the Carnegie Hall. A good place just to chill out and go mellow with acoustic acts would none other than Stu's old place, Tappies. Still looking for really chilled out, nae worries place though.
  • Ballroom. So I'm told
  • The folk club get some good names in.
  • hmm well theres a few gigs being played at the townhouse, a community center on a side street near the old cinema thats okaaaaay.
  • Played my first ever gigs at pubs around the town...The Elizabeathan, the pub opposite the Baldridgeburn Insty, ....
  • Sinkys run a jam night on thursdays, good old fasioned live rock'n'roll
  • The Heating Chamber - great venue, shame about the music
  • The world's other Carnegie Hall.
  • Sinky's :Thursday band night upstairs.
  • good selection of pubs upholding Dunfermline's long standing musical tradition, such as:Sinky's P J Molloys The Roadhouse A youth club that has bands playing every Saturday from as far away as London is the Mad Cow Club, bring your own booze and party on down at Tower House.
  • Carnegie hall - full of youth theatre gigs & Porky's full of festering Nazareth fans.

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