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Musical Instrument Shops and DJ Gear
  • EBGB Music, just done a fantastic job on an acoustic guitar set up for me. Brought it to life and made it so much easier to play. 35 quid for a 'new' guitar! Nice one.
  • Windows in Newcastle. Durham is crap for such things.
  • CBGBs but go armed with knowledge of 5 obscure folk singers and do not give them your guitar to be repaired. My brother found that one out the hard way.
  • durham ebgb
  • There is a small musical instrument shop just outside of the city centre called ebgb.
  • EGBG? Walked past four times a day for a whole year - down by John Olivers, Viaduct - near The Avenue and just before Hawthorn Terrace, They sell guitars and various bits of music.
  • RE EBGB music - someone said they were expensive - I got a fantastic deal on a limited edition Iommi SG. Best quote in the country. Very helpful guy Jus
  • EBGB
  • EBGB's is the best shop, although the indoor market has a good guitar stall (but only go when the old guys on, the young guys a prick)
  • the EGBG near the Train Station
  • EBGB's is good if you don't mind a great big hike up the hill
  • Tall Paul doesn't work at ebgb anymore but it is still a good and helpfull shop, they just don't have a giant anymore. :-)
  • EBGB is the only music shop but is v. good, good selection of guitars and wide range of guitar tab books
  • EbGb - BUT it is pretty expensive compared to Guitar shops in Newcastle even though the guy who owns it is great.
  • ebgb music this is great as the prices are gud and the guys in there are really helpful
  • ebgbs is the only one but theyre pretty helpful
  • ebgb - the only one. and its pretty bad.
  • EBGB on Sutton Street. And there used to be a man who was about 6ft 8 working there. He may still be there.
  • ebgb's near the Colpitts
  • EBGB music Near Colpitts Hotel you'll fid it
  • EBGB's is OK, but don't buy his leads (musician: much distain, live gig, nearly killed!)

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