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Hookup Spots
  • theres a lidl in dursley and the security guard only lets 2 people in at a time and if you try and get it he tries to wrestle you to the ground (its crazy)
  • the cross roads like near wood fields
  • i prefer my sheep bumming to comence on the top of cam peak.go to the much referd to cam skate park and ask for "the hut"if you want to take light drugs
  • The rec is good in the daytime when footballs not on but in the evening it seems a bit dodgey n i wouldnt recommend it lol
  • ok rumour is spelt wrong! Another good thing is Emma Walton
  • you can really hook up anywhere,by one of dursleys "famous" landmarks.Just beware of the giggling tenage slags on stolen bikes,who are out to ruin your day.They will take any item of clothing you have left lying around(or rip it off your body,snarling at the mouth) and dipose of it,prehaps in the river,or a dog poo bin.If they try to do this just hit the little bitches hard,insult their mother and spit on them,Then leave quick before they arive with their "crew".
  • There is absolutley nowhere to hang out now that Sweet Surrender has closed...the sweets were yummy and so was the shop owner.We all went there for free sweets from Dale and free sex...with Dale.
  • behind the coop on the step in the old bridge 2 get high
  • many little scallies hang around the new skate park nowadays so watch out.
  • There's always dear ol' Sweet Surrender, just down from the Town Hall, opposite the church. It's very pink, and can veritably say that nothing in there is good for you. There's even a bit above the shop floor that has sofas and nice disco-y lighting. Just to prove Dursley's druggie culture, I swear that one set of swirling, multicoloured lights are all shaped like syringes. You can have a good game of twister there, or snuggle up with your significant other, or play the horribly frustrating 'upwords' (a lot like scrabble). Unfortunately, no swearing allowed unless you say you're American (then you can say 'crap'). Dale doesn't allow profanities on the upwords board, either.
  • Sweet surrender (just behind that room on stilts) got some sofas and music and games and stuff and a good place to hang around in the warm if u got nowt better to do. Beware however some customers (and owner) are very opinionated on their choice of music! its the only place you can be a teenager, walk in and spend 4 hours talking to a man in a pink shirt (and his purple haired slave) while playing scrabble and still feel like everything is perfectly normal.
  • Skate spots for skaters (obviously). For townies, wherever sk8rs are or outside a shop so they don't have 2 go far for another bottle of white lightening.
  • we used 2 ang round d co op m8 but we got bord so we now ang round d quiksave which is safe man
  • The co op , quick save and st jamses church IF you are in the so called hard posse and your name is frockey . If you skate the co op the post office and kite and skate are quite good
  • uz scalliz lve angin round d co op or quck save init .tes froz uz at so us cam bc . thr iz lds a scalliz rnd dis wayz init . thre iz d music blck @ redknock . go dere if you wana met som mre salliez D RECK
  • dursley town center . co op quick , save and one stop if you want to look hard
  • co op , dursley town center + redknock
  • Theres the warehouse for towines but your best bet is capones on punk nights.. or just by a few cans and have a smoke up the rec
  • The Reck
  • The church in the town centre has a flat roof section where youngsters can easily climb and hide. Perfect for smoking through those home made bottle contraptions, the town is so famous for! Another favourite spot is along the banks of the river Cam which runs through the town. Many a young girl was deflowered by the riverside and many a young boy whiles away his time spitting and pissing in the water.
  • Dursley - A One horse Town, where even the horse left due to boredom and the desire to get a life. A town full of no hope, no future and no prospects. Suggested ideas for future regeneration... A Big Missile through the centre of it and start again.. Night clubs and venues are a dive full of under age drinkers, who cant hold their drink..One pint and they are over the limit.
  • The rec seems quite popular with the cider drinkers these days.
  • Park bench outside The Woodfields One Stop ( Ripp Off )shop.
  • The weed-hole, top of dursley, by the round about, The recreation ground, home of durley drugged up townie shits...
  • On the corner of the road outside the swimming pool.
  • The church wall

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