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Cheap Food
  • Try Lunchbox menu at Chinese Chef, £3.50 for a good portion of chinese + prawn crackers and a can of fizzy pop! Other than that, Ealing is not for the hungry poor man. Tesco sandwiches are the best price to weight ratio for food I can think of.
  • Butlers Thai - cheap and cheerful and very friendly.
  • A food desert
  • Coco Noodle, by Coffee Republic and Burger King, opp. Natwest. around 5 a meal, they do Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, huge portions, all delicious.
  • CoCo Noodle between Burger KIng and Coffee Republic, opp Natwest in EBdwy
  • Montys South Ealing Road yum yum!
  • huh huh huh
  • Co Co's noodle bar is fast and tasty, good atmosphere too. 2NX is a humble little venue, playing live music once a week. Both are cheap and close to the tube station. O'niells and the Bell both do cheap 2 4 1 lunches.
  • Same goes for food - in ealing, you are never far from some kind of food shop of varying quality.
  • panini cafe
  • panini cafe
  • There is a fantastic Persian restaurant in South Ealing called Zhi Noo (appologies for incorrect spelling). They serve lovely kebabs and I don't mean minging meat cut from a spinning stick! The food is fantastic and very cheap.
  • The Hare and Tortoise just up from Ealing Broadway station is great. Oriental noodle bar, grumpy waitresses.
  • Carluccios down that creepy road, the one with the irish pub on in the broadway or pizza organic on pitshanger lane
  • from the bins, top nosh!!!!!!!!!1
  • My Old Dutch - nice pancakes bit expensive.. try the english breakfast one.
  • There are 2 Indian Restaurants in Southall both called The Brilliant.These guys really make an effort.they serve in cruise liners waiters white and gold uniforms.the food is cheap but very unique.the branch closest to Southall burned down and is being refurbished for 6 months. The Japanese noodle place in bond street serves soup bowls that are too salty.(At 8 bowl)I think they are using salt dashi.... Its Ok otherwise but loads of office parties why is when these dinosaurs all get together they think they can be rude yell in loud voices and bully other customers by their behaviour? They all come from the offices along Uxbridge Road and The Council HQ. A little known Portuguese place along the top shops row of Acton Market Place(adjacent Post Office Safeway)serves real Portuguese fayre.Which means cabbage soup.Very firendly unassuming atmosphere. Filled with smoke and a large TV. One serveues with 3 inch fingernails onetime put me off. Otherwise theyll help by making you anything in home cooking style. Sctually theres 2 Portuguese cafes there.Dont expect fancy dishes though mainly snacks.Reasonably cheap considering.
  • I have been to EVERY chinese restuarant in Ealing, and Maxims is the only one that has me going back again and again. the food is fab, try the frogs legs!!
  • It's New..EAT AS MUCH AS YOU LIKE buffet, cheap cheap, great value for money Chinese and Oriental food.. a meal for a tenner! Dragon King, Royale Leisure Park, near the Warner cinema and bowling alley...
  • Ealing PArk Tavern - I have had some excellent meals here - but last night it was the best ever pheasant wonderful can not recommend this place highly enough - but what I cant understand is how he stays so slim !!!
  • Good but expensive - Parade, Charlotte's Place; Good Greek: Wine and Moussaka;
  • perfect fried chicken in west ealing (or PFC.. haha!) is a bit dodgy perhaps.
  • Service in many of the Restaurants around South and West Ealing has detiorated at lunch time. Recently a customer was told literally "we cant be bothered to cook for you as we are all watching football".(West Ealing-Indian) In another last orders were announced at 1.30pm though the restaurant closes at 2.30pm.(South Ealing-Bangladeshi) There seems to be indifference as to whether these empty places were filled or not.
  • We always enjoyed a ggod curry from Monty's. It was near Ealing Broadway.
  • A new Italian Deli has opened.The opening night was a huge party.Since then its somewhat quieter. The initial 25 minute wait for strange sauces at 3.50 for two spoonfuls and the Im too busy to serve you wait a long time were making a mint attitude has made it the second and last time I shall visit. Canned drinks are twice the price nearly of the West End Italian delis.
  • i believe that a carluccios is due to open where the old footlights restaurant used to be that the alarm used to go off all the time at night when i used to rent a flat in bond street. top italian food.
  • The Kebab shop next to the station does a wicked 1 lunchtime kebab BARGAIN!
  • There are a variety of Takeaway Foodshops in nearby Acton High Street stretching up to Ealing Common,all along The Uxbridge Road,most are pretty dire though cheap serving the usual fayre of Chinese,Indian,and other fried foods.
  • Euro Cafe in the Mall.Euro/Mediteranean mix. Best informal eat out in the borough.
  • You do not seem to mention The Lantern Taverna, 5 Grosvenor Parade, Ealing Common, W5 3NN. Tel 020 8992 4267. Some Reviews of The Lantern from As ever with a Greek restaurant, don't eat every last bit on those little plates they first bring out as part of a meze menu. You'll be full, and then amazed and horrified as first the meat, and then the fish appears and you've got very little space left for it. The Lantern has an attractive area at the front which is popular in summer, and if you go in hot weather, you'll be put in a holiday mood. The restaurant features live music 7 nights a week. The singer may be a throwback to the Seventies, or even Sixties, but it all adds to the evening's entertainment. Cool it isn't, fun it is. Your comments Peter L. writes (Oct 2000): Through 1990-93, we were very fortunate to have lived in Ealing, and during that short time, the Lantern was our favourite restaurant in all England. We took absolutely every visitor that we had, from both Canada, and from Germany, for supper there at least once. The food and the live entertainment made every evening that we visited an evening well remembered. We look forward to the day that we can again drop by. Ann K. writes (Sep 2000): Just by chance we went to The Lantern last Saturday. We had such a great time that I feel I have to write to you. The atmosphere was electric and the food was good. The Cypriot beer was very drinkable but what made the night was the singer. Don't know his name but he was a great Bob Dylan fan and played his songs really well. Next time I am over in London I will definitely go again. Kate W. writes (May 2000): You can't have a bad night at the Greek - they won't let you! Never had anything else but the Meze (and I've been a fair few times...). Why would you when you get everything on the menu and it just keeps on coming until you admit defeat? In all honesty though, its not the food that makes it great at all - its the buckets of beer, the tambourines and maracas, the greasy haired musician who churns out all your favourites that you can't help singing along to, and even the toilets are that little bit special... Nikki S. writes (Apr 2000): I went to the Lantern with some of my mates for my birthday and had a fantastic time... we booked a table for 7.30pm and didn't leave the restaurant until gone midnight - not because the service was slow - but we were having too much fun!! Paul B. writes (Mar 2000): Just has to be the best and most friendly Greek Cypriot restaurant in the U.K. Michael(the owner)can often be found at the bar. Millie writes (Jan 2000): The Lantern is a really friendly place to go for an evening out. Live music most nights, but you need to book for weekends. Greek food which is good value for money (try the "full catastrophe" an combination of various meats,greek salad,chips,onion rings, mushrooms for 2 people to share. Staff are always friendly and the owner is usually on hand to ensure you have a good night.
  • Monty's Nepalese, Northfield Avenue W13 & South Ealing Road W5 The curries come in large portions, they are rich, well-spiced, plain white rice is very good, Kebabs marvelous.
  • avoid the kebabs near the station - they're rank.
  • The spanish tapas bar aint bad at lunch time a new sushi place next door has also opened all pretty good value...
  • New Monty's in the Broadway Shopping Centre (near the Post office) is excellent. A sublime Chickjen Jalfrezi. The Parade Restaurant, owned the people who own Sunny's in Barnes is first rate as is The Clock in nearby Hanwell.
  • Minsky's Diner worth a mention. American/Mexican food - very cheap lunchtime specials. Monty's for Indian, although I'd head for the one near the Post Office rather than the one near the station. New Leaf for Chinese - expensive but darn good! Pizza On The Green (Haven Green) for Italian. Bruschetta to die for.
  • a few reasonable indians otherwise very poor choice for a big city
  • Ginos in Ealing Broadway is worth a visit.
  • WAFFLE WAGON in the broadway centre.
  • For a FAB curry go to the Clay Oven near Ealing Broadway. (their advert for functions and parties is also quite amusing if you ahppen to see it at the local cinema!)
  • some locals OK but nothing spectacular 2 huge Chinese hypermarkets over in Alperton eg Loo Hing Huge Indian one "Dadoos"recently shut due to lack of business.
  • Nando's is definitely the best take-away bargain in the district.
  • For absolutely the *best* brekkie (of the greasy spoon variety!) check out the Europa Cafe next to the Nat West bank on the Broadway. Absolutely yummy and definitely not dripping in fat. The prices are very reasonable and its always spotlessly clean. The staff are all really friendly too. Tis the best in all London!
  • There's a very friendly little cafe cum restaurant next to the fire station called Ragazzi's (new owners late '95... food not quite so hot), where you can bring your own wine (might be worth checking that point since change of owners).
  • Noughts and Crosses: This really is an excellent restaurant, to my mind the best in Ealing by a long way. It is not cheap and appeals to a rather older age group but it serves really wonderful food in a small, but very stylish setting (it is on The Grove). Book in advance for weekends because it is much in demand. The owner is nervy, attentive and deeply sensitive! Go there.
  • Mamma Amalfi: Surprisingly this is good too. Why is this surprising? Because it is a theme restaurant (probably owned by some brewing giant or Cafe Rouge/Flo/Dome. What is more, it is situated in an old Mazda garage, heavily covering up its heritage. Food is good, prices decent, but I wish the waitresses would not put smiley faces on the bottom of the receipt to make you want to tip them.
  • Nandoes: This is billed as Portuguese chicken. It really is very decent. Try it instead of KFC!
  • Best Curry House is the Tandoori Villa in South Ealing. Cheap and very tasty. Handly located near the New Inn (St Mary's Road) which is a fine pub. After a curry you can drop into Kebab Delight for a spendid Kebab served up by the local Turks.
  • In West Ealing is BB's restaurant, which I have always found enjoyable. His speciality is 'Crabback' - great Caribean food and not too expensive!
  • Recommended restaurant on Ealing Common next door to The Grange Pub called "Charlotte's Place".
  • Toss up between the best Indian restaurants in Ealing... Gitanjli of Mayfair, situated opposite The Bell pub (Shortly to be the New Bell) Uxbridge Road. Ealing Broadway. Or The Haweli, Uxbridge Road, West Ealing, opposite Daniel's department store.
  • No contest when it comes to Chinese cuisine: (forget Maxims, it's too expensive) it has to be The North China, although this is cheating a bit, it's actually over the border in Acton, next to the old Acton tram garage on the Uxbridge Road. Although another one comes to mind, it's The New Peking, The Avenue, West Ealing. Near West Ealing Station.
  • Must give Zayka Indian Restuarant a mention. It's just opposite St Marys Church in South Ealing. Admittedly, the decor is basic bu the food (and the prices) ar excellent as is the service.
  • 7-Eleven nearby the depot for when you're skating.
  • Ealing is rich in restaurants of every type. Whether your tastes are American, Balti, British, Chinese, Dutch, French, Greek, Indian, Indonesian, Italian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Japanese, Persian, Spanish, Sri Lankan, Thai or Vegetarian.
  • One of the best chinese restaurants outside of Chinatown is Maxim's in Northfields Avenue.
  • A very good local restaurant is Lisa's in Pitshanger Lane.
  • The Pizza Express is a particularly nice one.
  • The New Leaf Chinese in Bond Street.
  • The delightful Curry House next to the People's Phone Shop has also changed hands recently, and has subsequently suffered from crap food, even crappier service and is generally full of people who are all complaining about the service. Pity, as the food is quite cheap, though.

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