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  • Lots of local jazz in random pubs. Terrible DJ night in the basement of the Spinning Wheel on Saturday nights I think, go here to get mindlessly drunk and then feel sad when you are walking the sensible sleepy Northfield Avenue.
  • club boulavard on tuesday nites. live bands.
  • Halfway House in West Ealing (now the Broadwalk Hotel) has a bad rep, but in reality it's just another Irish watering hole that has live music on Fri, Sat and Sun every week. Late licence, closes at 1am Fri, 2am Sat and 11.30 on Sunday. Highly amusing, must try at least once. p.s Sat's best.
  • Ealing isn't amazing for music venues as such, but there are a lot of musician here. Acton has a couple of Open Mic Nights, but Central London is so near that it isn't really a problem. Just take the Central Line to Tottenham Court Road for the famous Astoria, or any other clubs...
  • camden underworld aint local but its worth the trip sometimes! however the broadway boullavard in ealing? cant spell boular whats its name they now have live bands on in the week!! good stuff well done
  • George and Dragon Acton (Shebeen) Offering the most comprehensive range of live music in the area Tuesday - Sunday, open till 2am Friday - Saturday. Tuesday- Original Night. Wednesday- Jam Night. Thursday- Kareoke. Friday & Saturday Jazzfunk B4 11pm and Cover bands through till 2am. Sunday- live music from 7pm Modern jazz from 9.30pm Contact- 020 8896 9499
  • Finigan's Wale is always packed out. Wide range of clientel, students to middle aged irishmen. Nice feel. Bands usually do okay covers on Thurs, Fri and Sat. Fri nights best time for attractive women.
  • The Shebeen c/o George & Dragon 183 The High Street Acton London W3 9DJ
  • Walpole Park hosts an event called The Ealing Jazz Festival every summer. Past events have consisted mainy of boozy balding straw hat bedecked local houseowners boozing it up at an outdoor tent. The toilets most years are the vandalised ones(a red brick block in some bushes) normally in the park.Camping star rating 1 out of 10(very very dirty.) This event has had numerous complaints and local yob trouble usually lurks somewhere in the background.
  • The nearest is the Shepherds Bush Empire which has a very eclectic mix of music: Mel C to John Shuttleworth.
  • none to speak of. except town hall when hired
  • The Redback tavern ,not far from Safeways on Acton high St, has a load of great covers bands including Loony tunes, Usual Supects and East of Eden. An Aussie bar but cheap entry and a great crowd - wear something cool though cos it WILL be hot in there, even on sunday afterenoon.
  • Don't forget the EALING JAZZ FESTIVAL - held outdoors in late summer every year in Walpole Park, free. A few big names as well as local musicians like Hanwell's Keith Waite.

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