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  • Avoid the North Star in Ealing. The door staff are increasingly out of control. A clear case of weak pub management. This used to be a decent pub but it is on a steady downward decline. Don't go.
  • The Feathers, later the Townhouse has closed and is becoming a Metro Bank
  • Edwards has closed
  • Edwards, is a must nicer pub then it once was. still can get over crowed though. Finigans wake, no more underage drinkers its a fact, well ok maybe not but still its not the same pub it was a few years back, live bands are much better the crowds dont act like they want to fight you and the drinks are cheap what more could you ask for.
  • Edwards, is a must nicer pub then it once was. still can get over crowed though. Finigans wake, no more underage drinkers its a fact, well ok maybe not but still its not the same pub it was a few years back, live bands are much better the crowds dont act like they want to fight you and the drinks are cheap what more could you ask for.
  • O Neils
  • Townhouse, i love that place, mind you, there are some pretty strange ppl in there. At least everytime i go in there, i have a story to tell when i get home...
  • The Wheatsheaf, The brewary tap, the rose and crown in brentford, the black horse in greenford, The duke of Kent, o neils,
  • good places are The Green, North Star, Hogshead and The Haven in Ealing Broadway. smaller pubs towards South Ealing. The Drayton in West Ealing.
  • The North Star - nice for a drink, but I would rather starve than eat here again, the food is revolting slop and overpriced - try Baroque in West Ealing for a trendy bar with good food.
  • On Christmas Eve, I could not get to the bar of the Fuller's pub on the Avenue in West Ealing. So I went over the road to this bar called the The Avenue. It was really good, they were playing some old school beats that reminded me of when i use to do the running man, brillant! The 'scenery' was pretty good as well - but that might have been my bar googles!
  • huh huh huh
  • The Drayton in West Ealing looks ok from the outside, dire on the inside and fantastic from the rear. One of the biggest, brightest bear gardens I've ever seen. It also has a kids play area and table service. Baroque in West Ealing offers a cosier, kids free zone with a small but adequate beer garden and most importantly, loads of board games! If you're stuck in the area and want a dance in the evening, CJ'S club (attached to the 3 wishes) isn't too bad.
  • Finnegans Wake used to be a good old laugh, but now they let too many jailbait kids in! (Turst me, I worked there for two years!) Also, the new manager is a wally and has completely ruined the atmosphere of the place. I used to love drinking in ealing, but there are too many dickheads around these days. And don't even bother on a friday or saturday. The only place i can recommend to drink in ealing is the North Star, opposite the Town House. Cool bar, ace staff, nice crowd and top DJs every night - bit expensive though :(
  • finigans wake in ealing has live bands !! check it out at the weekend good studenty pub
  • finigans wake in ealing has live bands !! check it out at the weekend good studenty pub
  • The Avenue - wine bar in West Ealing. Excellent cocktails - good atmosphere. Happy hour on week nights early evening
  • Roddys Bar in South Ealing - Tiny itsy Irish Bar.
  • North Star - Not that way inclined Spinning wheel - good bands on a weekend. O'neils - Good 2 for 1 meals all week Town House - The only place with a pool table and its about 1.50 a game!
  • THE FRONT ROOM, ACTON ... Lovely bar staff, shame about the landlord and his HENCHMEN BOUNCERS who are more than happy to assult customers (women as well!) at drinking up time to get you out of the pub ...
  • Try the Baroque on the uxbridge road in west ealing...mixed crowd, great cocktails...I highly recommend ordering a Cubra Libra with Havanah Club 7 year old's not on the menu but it's the best drink in there!!!
  • North Star - undergone a transformation so that it now looks more like all the other pubs, hence crap.
  • All the pubs in ealing are rubbish! Will sum1 plz open a good 1?!
  • Had an excellent Sunday dinner a while back in the Windmill, Gunnersbury Lane, worth waiting for so I'd say it was homecooked. Pity the beer selection there was not that great. But when I used to drop in some evenings with a mate, Geoff, who lived local, there always seemed a friendly crowd. (and good quiz nights)Geoff died a few years back and the pub acquired a commemorative bench in his name in the back garden. The Red Lion and Pineapple and the Kings Head have been rightly mentioned, Geoff reckoned the former once had a pineapple tree in the bar, anyone testify to that? I'd like to put in a word for the Greystoke at North Ealing, I used to drop in there sometimes when changing from tube to bus, found the beer though only Courage Best quite reasonable and very cheap. Also, perhaps by sheer luck, got into conversation with a couple of people, first night, and henceforth whenever I went in I found myself enjoying the crack with some of the regulars. And friendly bar staff. Now a question - Greystoke is a local name (Greystoke estate and Greystoke court are just up Hanger Lane) but was Edgar Rice Burroughs ever connected with Ealing? Reason I ask is Tarzan was named Lord Greystoke. Just a coincidence or was there a link? Lastly a word of regret. When I was living in the vicinity of North Acton I went into the Castle one Sunday, and found there was live jazz on. Got myself a pint of Fullers and a good vantage point by some people I recognised from the Kings Head (news and drinkers travel) and ordered a roast dinner. Enjoyed the jazz and food and beer, and resolved to do this every Sunday (although I was working early Sunday mornings, and inclined to kip in the afternoon). I'd probably still be going there now, taking the bus. Alas, it was announced that there would be no more Sunday jazz sessions as the brewery had decided against it. What is it about a crowded pub that makes brewery managements decide to put a stop to whatever has attracted the crowd in? What a pity that Fullers, who produce some damn good ales, employ miserable dickheads to dictate the running of their pubs.
  • Yates.....loads of "kids" eith typo's on there passports ther too, konw what i mean
  • The North Star! What on earth is going on. Once the final resting place for the serious drinker in Ealing ie decor was drab but the beer was good. Now its a f**king tossers emporium. Wood floors, 60-70's furniture, shirts and skirts. You can't move in the place and it has bouncers now! For crying out loud.
  • I work for Broadcasting Dataservices in St Leaonards Road next to the fire station. Over the road is Ashby's (formally the Prince Arthur). It is a modestly decorated boozer with good decent people behind the bar, serving Kronenbourg, Fosters, John Smiths, Strongbow and a good selection of bottled beers and alcopops. I have spent many friday afternoons and many 1.20's in this place shooting pool with colleagues Gav, Phil, Ben, Matt.......Big up Al and his staff!
  • The warehouse has deceased (thank god) and its replacement is somewhat the opposite of the Djing garage types - rock - I saw a Jimi Hendrix cover band in there, they were pretty good but the place was deadly silent. These days its pretty popular, and Monday night's there's an unofficial game players night i.e. geeks
  • Just wanted to mention the Dining Rooms at the Ealing Park Tavern. What was a rough 'pint and a punch' pub is now full of chilled jazzy types and the food is absolutely fantastic. Kind of British/traditional/gastro, their Sunday lunch is great if a little pricey.
  • North Star in Ealing Broadway. Nice quiet haven from the hideous/moron-filled/ear-shattering watering holes that pass for pubs in the rest of Ealing. Pity the guy who runs it is a miserable, officious tosser who's happy to flog you a pint at 11 and chuck you out five minutes later very very rudely.
  • The New Inn and The Castle Inn on St Mary's Road sometimes have student types. Usually an old man's thing quite. Towards Grange off St Mary's Road the Rose and Crown is a nice quite pub
  • During Football matches the pubs are packed out with yobs.
  • I lived in Ealing, London in 1988-89. We all hung out in the Haven. (is it still there) Also the Feathers was popular. Would love to visit again soon.
  • the new ealing park tavern has been renovated fantastically...used to be penny flyer. confused mix of middle aged - middle class and south ealing psychos
  • for atruely fress faced crowd go to what once (long ago in my youth) muswells and is now warhouse cafe/bar. which is shut most of the week due to no one turning up and lack of staff but becomes 'alive' on weekends were angery young men listen to the sounds of their mates Djing the best/worst of house and garage. cheap pints in the week (when its open) and surprsingly cheap house doubles.
  • Whilst other stand in huge queues outside the only other 2 late-night licensing bars in Ealing Broadway (Priory/Town House), why not visit Ealing BRoadways best kept secret, The Baracuda Bar. Cheap entry, reasonibly priced drinks, late license, and you can even get a table on weekend nights! What more do you need?
  • yates in ealing great for cheap drinks and an all round good night out
  • Get on a bus and get to Acton - the Red Lion and Pineapple is a Wetherspoons pub and thus has CHEAP DRINKS! A young lively crowd (usually people who are moving on to the Redback or the Shebeen (at the back of the George and Dragon) for extended drinking hours....)
  • Finnegans is bad. No, look - it's bad. Really bad. Do you get it? It's BAD. Young-faced crowd (spot the euphamism), smoky, dark, loud (in a bad way), very fake irish atmosphere and all. does have a pool table (now) and a big screen, though. but overall the Haven, Better Half, and maybe Edwards are good bets. Or get to Acton for the RedBack Tavern.
  • North Star - looks good but the Landlord has a tendancy to push you out very early which is annoying. King's Arms - easily the best pub in Ealing. Tucked away from the crowds on The Grove, as comfy as your own living room and has featured in Only Fools & Horses and Men Behaving Badly. Only pub in Ealing where you can get a seat on a Saturday night and served within 30 minutes! Yates's Wine Lodge if you're REALLY desperate...
  • overall dangerous(recent serious assaults & murders) rip offy,filled with drunken morons
  • Avoid the Rose and Crown in South Ealing It is a nice looking 'Quaint' pub but is packed with smokers. You will get lung cancer in under 30 minutes in that pub. The Foresters Northfields ave. is good for a quiet drink.
  • very unsafe dirty boozy there have been vary many late night assaults and even murder is quite common(See Ealing Gazette) not recommonded comment "I wouldnt let my cat piss in there"
  • The North Star is a great pub - situatated right on the Broadway next to Lloyds. Its a traditional English pub with no frills but plenty of atmosphere. A local's local!
  • Worst things about Ealing nightlife - without a shadow of doubt - the bloody awful Feathers Pub on the Broadway and the nasty northern Yates' Wine Lodge round the back of Bond Street.
  • The Feathers Pub has now been renovated and renamed The Town House; unfortunately it is still a particularly crap and uninspiring pub.
  • There's a pretty naff and extremely pretentious Polish Wine Bar at the back of the Shopping Centre (full of paintings and earnest meedyah types).
  • Best places? The Red Lion pub in St Mary's Road, opposite the old Ealing Studios, and the Prince Arthur pub in Bond Street towards West Ealing...
  • Also see Dave Griffith's pub guide for Ealing
  • To watch footy on Sky check out the Queen Victoria Pub.
    [But] The Queen Victoria has since been turned into an Irish theme pub called Finnigan's Wake.
  • In my opinion one of the best pubs is the Red Lion and Pineapple - corner of Uxbridge Road and Gunnersburry Lane (nearest tube - Acton Central, or take one of the frequent 207 buses down from the center of Ealing - towards Acton). It's a Weatherspoon so the prices are good - it has guest beers and its big - with nice windows.
  • The Kings Head - next to Safeway in Acton is also a good one.
  • The Hogshead brewery next to Mamma Amalfi's also deserves a mention for its 12+ real ales - but it gets busy later on.
  • The Drayton Court (The Avenue) Good Fullers pub with a lovely, large garden. Ideal for summer drinking. Also a fringe theatre on the premises.
  • This is cheating somewhat but the White Horse in Brentford (E2 bus) is well worth a visit, friendly, never too crowded with a beautiful beer garden. It's also worth going to to stroll through the rather posh (and unexpected! Butts Estate).
  • The Red Lion (St Mary's Road) is little gem of a pub. Small, cosy good beer, the only noise the hum of conversation with a pretty beer garden - also its not far from a good Indian called Zayka and the New Inn although this pub isn't as good as it used to be - its not too bad on weeknights.

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