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The Stuff We Can't Fit In Somewhere Else
  • 20,000 living in rabbit-hutch rooms in just one borough! Number in multiple occupation is SEVENTY times official estimate (Daily Mail,22/4/2015):'Thousands of family homes in a single London borough are being crammed with migrants. The Prime Minister revealed there were a staggering 20,000 houses in multiple occupation (HMO) in Ealing, West London, after a raid to crack down on illegal immigration.This is nearly 70 times the official figure of 300 – demonstrating the scale of the problem facing Home Office enforcement staff.'
  • Greenford (in Ealing) has the same mediocre shops to bogus thuggish refugees and degenerate teens/young adults (cheap takeaways, charities, betting shops, newsagents, crap pubs, halal meat shops etc). And people still complain about the rise of obesity, alcohol addiction, diabetes, and problems with personal finance due to gambling addiction).
  • One of the first places where the Rolling Stones performed live was in a tiny basement R&B club (might have been the ABC Club) opposite the pub that used to be called The Feathers, in Ealing Broadway.
  • It might be worth adding information on cash machines to your site. As someone who’s just moved to the Southern end of Hanwell, I was surprised to find out that the ATM at the Esso garage on Boston Rd charges a whopping £1.99 per withdrawal, whereas within walking distance, there are two free ATMs, at the Shell garage on Church Rd and the Post Office on the Uxbridge Rd in Hanwell. Worth knowing if you ever visit Hanwell!
  • Ealing is changing big time.Morrisssons closes down at the end of July 2006.The Central Library also in Setpember 2006 for a large scale re devlopment.Ealing has seen more violent drunken clubbing murders reported in the local press.The town centre is detiorating.
  • ok, heres the time to mention West Five, in south Ealing. Its the local gay club. check it out on a saturday night
  • Pink Floyd, in their earliest incarnation, were booed off by a particularly conservative crowd in the 60's. they obviously did not appreciate psychedelic rock.
  • Newsagents, seeing as there's nothing for Ealing under this category, go to the one in Northfield Ave, near to the butchers and the cardamom restaurant and sinton andrews, opp. Tesco, they sell olde fashioned sweets quite cheaply and they're much more yummy than extortionately priced chocolate bars.
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  • Most of Ealing are fucked up little townie cunts so truthfully you'd be better off going to Kingston or Camden
  • huh huh huh
  • Ealing can offer a lot to the elderly, families and young couples. Rising crime and property prices are a problem. The suggested tram link would disrupt ealing's traffic flow if approved and would replace much of the 207's route. Ealing broadway offers broadband capabilities and digital cable also. The ealing gazette is a good source of info for the area, inc. things to do and c.
  • Top tip. The food and wine shop that is next to the Priory and opposite 'Office Angels' in Ealing Broadway will sell you booze after hours if you ask them nicely. Just don't be obvious "Half a litre of Malibu please mate." is all you need to say... wink wink nudge nudge
  • used to be relatively cool early to mid eighties, now a complete shitehole. word of advice? runaway, go far and dont ever go back, its not the same.
  • ealing has a music festival every summer its cool we love it the trouble with ealing is it dont have anywhere cool to hang in the evenings in the winter!!!
  • ealing has a music festival every summer its cool we love it the trouble with ealing is it dont have anywhere cool to hang in the evenings in the winter!!!
  • Its poo - DO NOT COME HERE!!! Beware the North Star...
  • The largest selection of nutters EVER. (1) the long haired skinny guy who mutters to himself and laughs as people pass him (2) The old bearded guy in the grubby grey coat (3) The rasta guy who talks to traffic ("Its coming, the end, and nobody knows it", actual quote i heard) (4) The short fat balding guy who yells at passers by but hides it using his 'invisible mobile phone'. This guy loves to act normal, then yell suddenly at unsuspecting women. ("EVERYONE IS LOOKING AT YOU!!!!!", "IM WASTING MY LIFE", actual quotes). (5) The Tourettes Big Issue seller who *toot* can't help *toot* but whistle every *toot* few *toot* words.
  • Ealing Library now has free Internet Access.Thats the good news. Staff spy on customers and what they download.Thats the bad news. The staff use peepholes in the noticeboard behind the computers. Also there are a large number of twats using the computers and a large number of dweebs on the staff.A highly unpleasant place.
  • my 10" mickey ;D
  • Tell the readers entering this site how shit it is
  • Cyclists ought to particularly watchg out going furrher west than Ealing.In Southall vicinity a 60 year old cyclist was chucked in a canal and robbed. In Walpole Park a cyclist was chased his bike damaged and attacked by youths. Another was punched in the face by bullies in West Ealing area. Bicycle thefts are skyrocketing around Ealing Green area (A major bike park)
  • lots of denists on haven green
  • Martin Brothers pottery - tucked away in the Pitshanger Manor museum is some really grotesque (deliberately) pottery made by the Martin Brothers at their pottery in Southall in the late 19th. century. Great big herons, and monstrous fish, etc. If your mates left you to wake up in there after a night on the bevvy, you'd rush out and sign the teetotal pledge! But I like it. Even though if you bought such stuff for the house (assuming you could get it nowadays) it would probably be grounds for a divorce. To confuse matters, the house is nowhere near Pitshanger Lane, but on the way into Walpole Park, by Ealing Green. A grandiose entrance. see also
  • The Central Library is increasingly overcrowded as it serves as a double for several nearby Colleges who dont have libraries (TVU came 96th on the University academic achievment list). Library rules are constantly ignored as gangs of mainly Asian students talk,chew gum,make mobile phone calls,stick chewing gum under desks,sit on the floor,take all the chairs and internet sessions(free BTW).The library is due to close entirely for refurbishment in June and July for 4 weeks. Its well nigh impossible to get a seat in the library in term time anywhere in thge library.This situation prevails day after day.
  • The Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre is nearing a complete refit as of November 2001 New measures include white painted "hitech"canopies. A new no bicycles to be parked in the centre rule. New seating in the square. New hi tech lighting and security cameras. In the centre stores recently closed or in trouble include Burtons(Closed still empty),Disney,Thomas Cook, Toy Stack(Closed)Gas showroom(closed),Whittards,Marks and Spencer(Nearby West Ealing store closed),possibly Dixons.
  • Local Bands - Running With Scissors - - Lights Out At 9 (b/f's band v.good) - mummy says i'm special (kick ass punk rockers, very very very good) links to other bands on these websites
  • The chewing gum.The council is desperately trying to remove tons of it from Ealings'Pavements.However its also under all the tables in the central library and under all the computer desks in The Ealing Tertiary College.
  • Book shops - The FARA charity shop in greenford broadway (near Martin's newsagent on the corner) is quite good for books, most for 30p but it's alla bit jumbled up. there's also the alzheimers charity shop (again in greenford broadway) near to variety video. however, if your're looking for something specific/new then i'd recommend waterstones in ealing broadway centre (near to our price and the WAFFLE WAGON (yay!!)) OR you could try bargain books on the same road as WHsmiths altho that's kinda jumbled too but CHEAP BOOKS.whatever you do, DON'T go into WHsmiths.... it's rubbish, just an oversized newsagents if you ask me.... and you are asking me, aintcha? - matt
  • After living here for 15 years i'm a bit bored of it now (maily the EB Nightlife) but it's a nice place. Property prices are stupid (just stupid). Was the leafiest suburb in the world (or something) in 1998. Guess they cut all the trees down!
  • Ealing remains a quite nice place during the day. Its kind of cosy and cutzy but really rather too dirty. The local newsagents carry far too much pornography. Pornography is legal BTW. But if they are going to sell it why not sell nice porn eh? I never see anyone buying it but it carries on.... I have not yet got a reply from any Ealing Council e mail address.Ever.
  • Ford has Car Showrooms in Alperton &Ealing Common both may be set to close.
  • Ealing is a quiet place for middle aged people it can verge on the quiet I wouldnt want to spend my life here though
  • There's a bloke with a beard dressed in a coat and suit who walks around randomly swearing at people queuing in the tube station. He's been doing this for about 2 years. Well I think it's funny anyway.
  • Gurnell Swimming Pool. This is a facility of Ealing or not???? Also a mention of the Ealing Cyberia cafe wouldn't go amiss.
  • Accommodation in Ealing - Various accommodation is available from hotels to Bed & Breakfast. Ealing Tourist Flats offer comfortable, quiet self catering apartments for business or holidays.
  • Have you got some spare time? Do you want to help others? Or, improve your CV?
    We are an independant charity which has links with over 100 charities and voluntary groups. Come in for an informal interview to see what you can do to help - it may change your life! Contact: Diana Moore. Ealing Volunteer Bureau. 84 Uxbridge Road, West Ealing. W13 8RA. Tel: 0181 579 6273.
  • Anyone who wants to join the best brass band in Ealing, West London ought to join the Hanwell Band. These rehearse from 8pm until 10pm on Mondays and Thursdays at Holy Cross Church, Ferrymead Gardens, Greenford, Ealing. Come along and play with us before going down the pub afterwards. The Secretarys name is Paul Thompson ( get in touch and come down. Also if anyone wants us to perform at their events we can.
  • Northfields, once considered the "poor end" of Ealing, was largely constructed between the wars. It has streets and streets of attractive terraced housing, and is considered a great place for families with young children; safe, clean, lots of open space, good schools, and retaining a traditional shopping street with a Tube station on the Picadilly Line. Lots of restaurants.
  • There are two LARGE BOOTSALES - Sundays at Springfield Road, Southall, and Saturday and Sunday at Windmill Lane/Uxbridge Road junction (until the site is developed?). A good market, especially for cheap food and fruit/veg, is in the car park of the big cinema opposite the Town Hall in Ealing on Tuesday and Saturday.
  • Ealing has active ENVIRONMENTAL GROUPS - around 1,500 people voted for the Green Party in the last elections, and the labour Council is pro-environment in most matters.
    • Ealing LETS - a group who exchange goods and services, outside the money economy. C/o The Treasurer, 3 Sunderland Rd, W5 4JY
    • Ealing Friends of the Earth - currently campaigning against a Macdonalds in the heart of the Borough's ethnic neighbourhood, Southall - and many other issues. phone Frances Browne, 0181 579 7034
    • Local Agenda 21, the citizen's forum for debate on local issues, has many active groups meeting regularly on environmental, transport-related and community topics. Citizens get a voice - usually. Contact the coordinator, Mike Calderbank, at the Council - 0181 758 5269.

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