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The Worst Things
  • Labour-run Ealing Council have turned this London Borough into the 'Ghetto of the Suburbs'. There is social and economic deprivation in most Ealing areas such as Southall, Northolt, Greenford, Perivale and Acton. The schools, hospitals, police force and public infrastructure are rubbish and getting worse, despite the working public paying more in council tax. And the rest of Ealing will suffer because the majority of people are naive to re-elect the same political party to run their council over and over again.
  • the q to to get an icecrem
  • Ealing renters complained about their landlords more than ANYWHERE in UK (getwestlondon, 14/4/2016): 'Private renters in Ealing lodged more complaints to their local council than anywhere else in Britain last year, figures show.' 'A Freedom of Information Request obtained by the Trinity Mirror Data Unit shows there were 2,448 complaints by private renters in 2014-15, higher than anywhere in the UK. Complaints in Ealing also totalled 2,847 in 2013-14 and 1,667 in 2010-11.'
  • Greenford, Northolt and Southall. Those mediocre areas need to be removed legally (in writing) from the Ealing Borough. Greenford, Northolt and Southall should form a new borough called 'West London Rejects' (this also includes Hayes).
  • Brentside High School, Dormers Wells, Greenford High School, and Acton High School are four of the worst performing schools in Ealing. Those schools breed career criminals and attract rotten kids from irresponsible feckless parents.
  • Southall murder: 'How will we ever get over this?' A sister's tribute (getwestlondon, 2/4/2014): There have been five stabbings in the Southall and Hayes areas in recent months creating a real sense of fear and confusion among people who live in the area.' The people of Southall deserve this because they are brainwashed and ignorant to always vote for The Labour Party Council and its MPs.
  • In 2013, Ealing has been named the 14th Least Peaceful Area of England & Wales. Since then an frail old lady was mugged and murdered by 2 teenagers in Greenford. Also (in Greenford) a mentally-disabled man was stabbed to death by a gang of thugs. Ealing Broadway has its fair shares of stabbings and shootings.
  • Moved to Ealing in 92 from one of the bad parts of Belfast - rather be @ home now @ least it's safer there!
  • The people that wrote this blog obviously do not know much about Ealing and should go back to where they come from...Ive lived in Ealing all my life...It was once known as the princess of the boroughs and even tho it has gone hill slightly in the years gone by it is still the Queen of Boroughs in my book we have gorgeus spaces such as Ealing common and not one but three parks in such a small vicinity of each other (Warpole, Lammas and Gunnersbury) if anyone is wondering ... ok we have our fair share of youth problems and immigrants but so has the rest of london so open your eyes and if you still dont like Ealing well GET OUT!!!!
  • There's nothing to do if your 15 - 30. Lots of very standard pubs, two appalling clubs. Many people are so ridiculousy reserved you feel like you have a sticker on your forehead saying "IMAGINE I DONT EXIST". People just use Ealing as a satellite town to live in and commute into central London from and as a result nobody gives a s*** about their environment. It's the most standard place in the world. If you are young and want a good night out I guess you are expected to go into central London and return about £100 poorer.
  • Too many non English speaking kids in schools around Acton and especially East Acton.
  • only Somalis and other immigrants seem to get social housing!!!!!!!!! When was the last time a low income working family got housed in council accomodation???? Have a look along your street. (family meaning two parents)!!!!!!***@@@???**
  • Too many Polish , never seen such miserable looking people in all my life.
  • Busy, Greenfords a dump
  • Huge amount of chavs, some residents of Ealing, others come to Ealing from the outskirts.
  • today
  • Lots of horrible people these days, it can be quite rough. This range from chavs to gangs of all races. was never a liberal place and still is not.
  • John Goodman getting murdered in that house in Mattock Lane, and no-one finding his body for months, made me feel so sad :'(
  • huh huh huh
  • The violence in Ealing is certainly on a rise. Mostly teenagers, especially on estates around the hospital and west ealing area. Quite a lot of wierdos and quick tempered people around at night and precautions are vital. Since moving here 5 years ago, ealing has lost some character and there is a vast refugee community that do not appear to want to contribute to the area. The prices of property are unrealistic and it is unachievable to find a decent residence at affordable prices. Council property is fully allocated to refugees and single mothers with dozens of children.
  • Garys, townies, sharons, pikies, Blazin' Squad lookie-likies. Oh and perverts.
  • The endless supply of scumbags who trash the place and beat each other up, then piss of home, and leave us to clean up the mess. It goes to show that if you live in the suburb with the most pubs per square metre, then you're going to attract a LOT of drinkers.
  • ealing has some really strange things going on and as hard as business trys to make it trendy it dont quite work!! as it aint!! ealing is a mishmash of cultures and should find a unite factor instead of a divide factor
  • ealing has some really strange things going on and as hard as business trys to make it trendy it dont quite work!! as it aint!! ealing is a mishmash of cultures and should find a unite factor instead of a divide factor
  • Saturday night in Ealing Broadway
  • Seven year old townies that try and jack you, palm bruises, wasting so much money on travelling to London, certain friends who forget to wake up for travelling to london, getting hurt, Burger King, anti-skater people, Brocalli, Lawrence Wild, American skate scene, boooo
  • North Star, The E2 Bus. The walk down Dudley Gardens!!!!!!!!
  • Too many students for my liking...and don't walk down the uxbridge road late at night...loads of drunks and shady characters.
  • Fast food 'restaurants'-they stink the whole of London out actually make that the world!!! (i would just like to let you guys know that although im 13, i hate them!!!)
  • The small vicnity of Elm Avenue,Delamere Road and Warwick Dene Park is added to the list of potential trouble hotspots to the South Side of Ealing Common.Youths eminating from the mini sink estate entered by Delamere Road do not fit in to this wealthy enclave.They are attemting to terrorise the usual passers by etc. giving them hard looks,shouting the word "Wanker",chasing them etc etc. Warwick Dene Park had its shelter demolished at Police request due to drug taking,(its rumoured) and the BT phone box on the corner is consistently smashed and vandalised.
  • the polish church, imposing it's reign of terror on the residents of ealing, bring down man, crashin down, straight down..know wat i mean
  • The only launderrette for miles around in Pishanger Lane shopping parade. Beware the failing machines...for example the dryer takes 3 20ps to get going instead of the official 1 20p.Half the machines can be out of order at anyone time.Dryers very expensive 20p for c.3 minutes.The superficially charming but often rude Phillipino attendent(s)can get frustrated and start yelling at customers if a machine goes wrong.No way will you get a refund.Theyll try and pin the blame on you.Lost 25 item by ripping.Attendent refused to give back washing and turned machine off in huff.PLays games and is a guilt tripper
  • This site.
  • Pubs that mostly cater for the lowest local moronic slappers and scum who drink, fight, fuck and grunt alot - loudly. Exceptions: The Wheatsheaf and The New Inn. But given the average crime rise and young tosser quota, Ealing is definitely on the way down and don't let equally moronic local estate agents tell you otherwise.
  • Crime in Ealing is soaring.West Ealing and Hanwell appear to be the major concentrations.Be careful if you decide to venture into these areas particulalry after dark.Im not kidding.Gang rape and assault is becoming a weekly occurrence round there. The problem?About 5000 unemployed teenagers and declining commercial environment. Punches,attacks,thefts,aggressions of all sorts are proliferating and are being carried out by both white and blacks.
  • The boarded up houses on Hanger Lane and Western Avenue, result of planners and authorities not able to make minds up. Ugly to look at, and makes us angry when we think of people looking for somewhere decent and affordable to live.
  • What theyll put up in place of The monstrous high Rises, if anything like Brentford its all some secret yuppie plan..
  • ealing broadway town centre - totally unimaginative.....strip joints and rat and parrot is that the best we can do??
  • The litter strewn entrance to The Ealing Green Delivery Office (prior to tidy up). Increasingly large gangs of teenagers spray painting trees on Ealing Green by the war memorial,and congregating on skateboards there and by the underground entrance to The Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre where there is a concrete ramp they use noisily. The traffic congestion caused by people carriers on school runs. THis is reaching gridlock proportions.
  • Ealing is full of nutters and people with no manners.
  • The nearby suburb of Greenford in The Borough of Ealing,is right on the outer fringes of London.The air here is fresh.Green fields are in view.Sadly the small town is in decline the local Sainsburys closing this summer along with the Marks and Spencers in nearby West Ealing.Greenford is like a town from the 1950s.There is considerable tension here between the semi detached little Englanders and the marauding refugees and inner city residents who explore.But sadly the Inner London City Culture stops very firmly here.There are only open fields and farms with little or no Social housing past here.
  • Ealing Broadway Train Station...especially late at night! several times, people who i know have been mugged there (not to mention myself!) and they were only passing by! people hang around there a lot and it's definately one of the worst things about ealing...the crime!
  • Noisy. Crowded. Violent. Traffic Jammed. It smells. The house prices are absurd. Everyone always says its so convenient for other Shepherds Bush & the cultural desert that is Brentford?
  • Pavements ruined by cable companies. I live in one of the most populated streets in ealing and the pavement has been constantly ripped up by cable companies and other services and replaced with cheap ugly tarmac. The trees and streetlights seem to have come out in sympathy and died/fallen over.
  • The Pubs, Overpriced,Overcrowded,Understaffed
  • The spiralling rents eg. over 100 for a tiny "room" (smaller than geneva Convention cell size literally) with no cooking facilities or bath and a view of a brick wall. Such things ought to be banned in Britain!PS I told the landlord I was not interested.He has 5 such rooms unlet for 6 months and no wonder!
  • Grays garage on the Uxbridge Road, near Ealing Hospital. Don't go there. They took a welding torch to the underneath of my mates car to weld the exhaust and blew the car up!
  • The intense,ugly and very stupid "alcohol"and "violence""culture" on weekend nights.Large groups of noisy swearing moroic thugs rove around the town centre. There have been regular fights and even some murders this past year. Its very unpleasant for older people and children.They have no sensitivity or idea of romance at all.Its horrible!They aggress anyone no like them. Some of the talk is very stupid.You cant legislate against stupidity. The "pubs"play loud thumping music. If you fear assault steer clear of this place at night.The thugs come from up to 20 miles around from pits like Slough,Wembley and Southall.Be warned! Morning after the alleys are urine smelling and the streets absolutely littered with greasy junk food wrappers and broken beer bottles.
  • The EXORBITANT house prices.
  • Traffic and West Ealing
  • the clinging to the idea that Ealing is a "successful"Borough when its going down the pits with numerous large office buildings that have been unrented for up to 3 years. No one wants to set up here...........
  • The litter and deteriorating condition of the shop frontages in Ealing generally. I live abroad now but visit regularly , and am saddened by the decline. Finally the numbers of 'refugees'that are swamping the local population and adding to the social strain. (shades of Colonel Blimp!)Ealing is/was really a very nice place to live (if you have to live in London) but it is being allowed to sink I hope the council wakes up before it is too late.
  • Service and miserable staff in The HMV store opposite Marks and Spencers
  • high rates of unemployment,refugees(20,000 since 1995) poor rented accommodation, school run congestion, crime and gangs roaming big councuil estates no posh places or good dance hall
  • The ultra-conservative Polish community, who really aren't very nice or whole people (and I speak from a Polish viewpoint- my name is A.Wonsowski.)
  • Like most councils, the borough doesn't do too much for those of us who live in the corners of the Borough. Few services, poor branch libraries, too few recycling banks... and outside central Ealing there is almost nowhere decent to eat.

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