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Ex Pats from Earby by Kevin Spencer (Member 10017660) on 19-Mar-2001
Many ex Earby people all over the world have already checked out www.seeitlocal.com - a website currently devoted to Earby. The latest addition is an image gallery. Take a look.   
THE RANCH by ken ranson (Member 10016762) on 10-Mar-2001
  • Re: THE RANCH by Carl Sankey (Member 10027152) on 26-Mar-2001

    Did you have anything to do with the Scouts?

  • Re: THE RANCH by ken ranson (Member 10016762) on 31-Mar-2001
    Hi Carl
    I was cub scout leader at Riley street for many years, any of the little $^%*&^ still alive?

  • Re: THE RANCH by Carl Sankey (Member 10027152) on 1-Apr-2001
    I don't know if anyone is still around, although I did get an e-mail from Steven Marshall.

    I remember very well the trips to the Lake District every summer (Coniston).

  • Re: THE RANCH by ken ranson (Member 10016762) on 2-Apr-2001
    Good times. I to have made contact with Steve

  • Re: THE RANCH by ken ranson (Member 10016762) on 5-Apr-2001
    Photo of Prefab on Ranch found www.earbyranch.co.uk

  • Re: THE RANCH by KEVIN METCALFE (Member 10267176) on 6-Nov-2011
    hello carl,just reg with this site,its been a long time,wud like to hear from anyone who remembers me,i still live in earby on rostle top road,you may remember me as sneck,like to hear from you, cheers sneck

THE RANCH by ken ranson (Member 10016762) on 10-Mar-2001
  • Re: THE RANCH by mark bramwell (Member 10090502) on 23-Feb-2003
    My grandparents lived on the ranch in the early fifties,im not sure of the address ,or how long they lived there(can anybody help).They then moved to 27 Cowgill st,next to the cricket ground.My grandfather worked for Bristol tractors and then Earby light engineering.He was a member of Earby brass band,and also a Comedy band at Bristols.

  • Re: THE RANCH by Gwen Hardacre (Member 10283681) on 9-Aug-2013
    Gwen Hardacre nee Chippendale here I lived on the ranch Warwick drive across from the egg packers 1954 . Lots of memory's .I went to Barlick Modern.

Looking for old contacts by Carl Sankey (Member 10027152) on 27-Feb-2001
Carl Sankey formely an Earby resident. DOB 1957,
went to school with Roger Pickup, Kevin Metcalfe, Alan Hayes Et Al. Wouldn't mind hearing from anyone who remembers me or my older brother John.
I have been living in the Middle East for the last 13 years.
  • Re: Looking for old contacts by eileen lee (Member 10029526) on 31-Mar-2001
    Hi I am sending a message through my mum Eileen. I happened to notice a few names from the past that I recognised Carl Sankey, Kevin Metcalfe, Alan Hayes and Roger Pickup. My name is Janet Alston but previously Janet Lee and i lived on Wentcliffe Drive until i was 13. I remember your names from school!!!!! Wow all those years ago.

  • Re: Looking for old contacts by Carl Sankey (Member 10027152) on 1-Apr-2001
    Hi Janet!

    I also lived on Wentcliffe (No 56 I think), haven't been to Earby for many years. Imoved away in 1974. I remember you and also Pamela Whitehead, Amanda Aldersley, plus Kevin Metcalfe's sisters. Also Alan's sister Janet and Pat.

  • Re: Looking for old contacts by Janet Alston (Member 10029951) on 4-Apr-2001
    Hi Carl, I went back to Earby a couple of years ago..... Alder Hill School has now gone ..Couldnt believe it!!! You remember Margaret Day and Denise on Wentcliffe Drive .... Wow we are getting old, Went up to the waterfalls and did all the tourist bit.

  • Re: Looking for old contacts by Carl Sankey (Member 10027152) on 11-Apr-2001
    Just posting my new e-mail address for anyone who might be interested.


  • Re: Looking for old contacts by Slipknot_Chick (Member 10034049) on 29-May-2001
    roger pickup live on my street, longroyd rd earby, he is a plumber, just incase u didnt know. he lives @ number 30-something, i can find out if u want?

  • Re: Looking for old contacts by Denise sheppard (Member 10251833) on 11-Sep-2010
    Hello to all.What a great surprise to find this site.I would love to hear from any one especially from wentcliffe drive!!!!I would love to meet up with Janet Alston nee lee and Margaret Day??????
    Jimmy Hawthorn my dad died 19 yr ago,he worked at Earby light.my mam still lives on Wentcliffe.I have
    fond memories of Spring field school,bad memories from Alder hill!!!Best wishes
    ... more >>

  • Re: Looking for old contacts by Brian Ritchie (Member 10255759) on 22-Dec-2010
    Hi Carl,

    Brian Ritchie here - don't know whether you remember me - was in your class at school. Live in North of Scotland now. Just browsing and I came across this board.


  • Re: Looking for old contacts by martin firth (Member 10301017) on 21-Jul-2015
    hi denise I remember your dad very well,i used to play snooker with him,a great fella.

Unidentified Flying Objects by jonathan slater (Member 10020929) on 15-Jan-2001
Have you! Seen any mysterious lights or strange objects in our skies lately? A non-profit making scientific research group requires serious reports.   
  • Re: Unidentified Flying Objects by Enid(mason)Goacher (Member 10242017) on 20-Mar-2011
    Hi Aileen Behtal

    This is Enid Mason daughter of Mary and Dick Mason from the green grocers on Water street, we are in South Africa since 1971, I remember New Road School

  • Re: Unidentified Flying Objects by Gwen Hardacre (Member 10283681) on 28-Jul-2013
    Hi Gwen Chippendale here. I remember You .My uncle John Had the pork butchers near your parents shop .Do you remember me. I live in Australia now since 2000 .Hope to hear from you

I was at Earby New Road School from Sept 48 to June 53 by David Hoult (Member 10001325) on 2-Dec-2000
I rememeber the following teachers:

Year 1 - Miss Kippax; year 2 - ? sorry Miss, please forgive me; year 3 - Miss Holcroft; year 4 - Miss Duxbury; year 5 - mr.hewitt, then Mr.Clare.

Does anyone remember Miss Duxbury's stories about her trip to Canada aboard the RMS ... more >>
  • Re: I was at Earby New Road School from Sept 48 to June 53 by JOHN TINDALL (Member 10049176) on 31-Oct-2001
    I was also in the same class. My name is Ayleen Greening (Bethell). We had the shop on Chapel Street opposite the Wesleyan Chapel. I now live in the Blackburn area.

  • Re: I was at Earby New Road School from Sept 48 to June 53 by David Hoult (Member 10001325) on 2-Jan-2002
    Ayleen and John

    Thank you for replying.

    How easily we remember people as soon as their name is mentioned. Sorry I could not recall yours... more >>

  • Re: I was at Earby New Road School from Sept 48 to June 53 by Peter Wright (Member 10090528) on 23-Feb-2003
    Hi Ayleen(and others)
    Just found this site. I'm Peter Wright used to live in School Lane (next door to Geoff, Ayleen and I seem to remember I mended your dad's outside tank at Riley St!!!)
    My mum was a schoolteacher (Mrs. Wright) and my grandad was Ebor Smith the plumber.
    I now live in Rossendale
    Left Earby in 1969 but still go back to mums regularly and am a member of Pendle Motor Club wh... more >>

  • Re: I was at Earby New Road School from Sept 48 to June 53 by c mcivor-harrington (Member 10163621) on 11-Sep-2005
    my name is catherine mcivor harrington i used to live in earby from 1964 till 1982 at 23 victoria road my dad brian knew your grandad and father raymond as he worked for them iremember going to visit uncle raymond at christmas and my dad telling a tale about ebor pouring neat iodine over a cut onhis thumb he'd ripped open with a hammer

  • Re: I was at Earby New Road School from Sept 48 to June 53 by Peter Wright (Member 10090528) on 2-Oct-2005
    Hi Catherine, Thanks for the reply
    Yes I remember the iodine well
    And your dad - I worked with him on odd occasions and I seem to remember being very squashed up in the old Ford van we had between your dad and a back boiler!!
    Where are you now?
    As you probably know, 23 victoria Road stood enpty for a long time but has recently been refurbished into a haidressers shop downstairs and (I think) ... more >>

  • Re: I was at Earby New Road School from Sept 48 to June 53 by Garry Cundall (Member 10219647) on 14-Jan-2008
    I lived in Earby until 1956 when we left and moved to Cheshire.Last year Peter Wright found me through Friends Reunited, we both lived in School Lane and went to New Road School. I remember in my class, Roger Simpson, Micheal Dryden,Dorinda Nichol, Valerie Hogg etc., I recall a visit from Captain Mclaren of Manchester Liners, the class had adopted his ship and he came with wife to talk to us. I st... more >>

  • Re: I was at Earby New Road School from Sept 48 to June 53 by Peter Wright (Member 10090528) on 27-Jan-2008
    Hi Garry - and anyone else who remembers me from Earby.
    Seems like there's nobut thee and me on this site!!!
    One of these days I'll get down to Cheshire - honest!
    I've just been looking at some web photos of Earby - bring back many memories!

  • Re: I was at Earby New Road School from Sept 48 to June 53 by Peter Wright (Member 10090528) on 27-Jan-2008
    PS I also remember the Manchester Liners adopted ship - Manchester Port. I had the prvilege of visiting the ship when she was in dock. Many years later I was to work on what had been the dock area in Salford - now all gone!! I think my mum may be on the photo you have

  • Re: I was at Earby New Road School from Sept 48 to June 53 by Barbara Spencer (now Preston) (Member 10249404) on 7-Jul-2010
    Wonderful to find this site! I have such nostalgia for Earby (I moved away when I was 10 in 1956). I lived at 8 Red Lion Street, then on Riley Street, then on Bawhead Road. My Webster cousins lived on Wentcliffe Drive. Naturally I attended Springfield and New Road schools, and still have many photos of those days. I so remember Bethel's shop - the comforting smell of the place is still in my memor... more >>

  • Re: I was at Earby New Road School from Sept 48 to June 53 by Brian Talbot (Member 10269250) on 5-Jan-2012
    message to Ayleen Greening (Bethel)

    Is your sister Shirley still alive ? She was my first girlfriend when you were about 4 years old! I asked her out the day after she was made the May Queen at Riley Street Church. She was the prettiest girl in Earby !

Ermysteds Old Boys by Kevin Spencer (Member 10017660) on 19-Oct-2000
Have a look at www.ermysteds.org a new site by somme guy in the states - he won't reveal his real name.   
www.whichcrafts.co.uk by AnnieC (Member 10018764) on 18-Oct-2000
Craft shop - knitting wool by Sirdar & Jaeger   
Calling any old friends... by Glen Shuttleworth (Member 10018009) on 4-Oct-2000
Lookin to make contact with anyone that knows or remembers me. Am 27 now (getting old!) and left Earby about 18 yrs ago, used to live in John St just off Colne Rd. Went to Springfield school (taught by Mrs Midgeley), and what memories i do have are good ones. Used to hang out with likes of Gary Kingdon, Chris Mitchell, Fiona Spencer, Judith Slinger, Mark/Deb Foster amongst others.
Am in contact w... more >>
  • Re: Calling any old friends... by chris mitchell (Member 10148970) on 22-Mar-2005
    Na then Glen, I remember you well, I seem to recall laking around on your shed roof, (ahh thengood old days) 31 now and still in touch with Adam and Pete Tennent, get in touch fella. Chris Mitchell

  • Re: Calling any old friends... by Glenn Shuttleworth (Member 10220853) on 5-Feb-2008
    Hi Chris
    Aah yes the good old days. Seems a long time ago now. Its been a while since i have looked on here so don't know if u still do, a catch up would be good.

  • Re: Calling any old friends... by Gus Brennan (Member 10286520) on 18-Jun-2013
    Does anyone know whatever happened to a friend and workmate, of mine an Earby lad called Ray Shuttleworth. We both worked together at Rolls Royce in the seventies. Ray moved down south Torquay, I believe, and I have never heard anything of him since. I do also believe he became a steward of a Conservative club ..I would love to know whatever happened to him .

Earby Community Website by Kevin Spencer (Member 10017660) on 28-Sep-2000
Specifically for use by Earby people or those with an interest in whats happening in the town with local groups. Have a look at www.seeitlocal.com and let me have your comments and/or ideas.   
Ex- earbier by Robert Wear (Member 10017519) on 25-Sep-2000
I just found this web site, I moved from Earby 2 years ago, and would be keen to get messages from anyone who might have known me at school or otherwise.
I am now 22, lived on Colne road,(near the cantoneese) and went to West craven school in Barlick.
I'm now living and working in London
So if you know me, post me a message or sen me an E-mail!
  • Re: Ex- earbier by sweets (Member 10013731) on 29-Oct-2000

    you dont know me but you went to school (i think) with my sister, jamie wardell. well i thought i'd just reply to you and see if it is you.

    ok bye.

  • Re: Ex- earbier by Bob King (Member 10025254) on 8-Mar-2001
    Hi Jodie Wardell, are you the grand daughter of my old mate "Teeny" Wardell the windowcleaner??? If so give him my best regards, we go a long way back. Bob King

  • Re: Ex- earbier by eileen lee (Member 10029526) on 29-Mar-2001
    i was born in Earby and left there 30 years ago.It is really good to read your notice board .Isee many names familiar to me .I was born in aspen lane and when married i lived on wentcliffe drive . my name is Eileen lee formerly Marshall.I still have links with Earby as i have relatives there.

web site by ken ranson (Member 10016762) on 10-Sep-2000
a new web site by a barlicker
please visit and send your comments(nothing rude)

  • Re: web site by stephen lobb (Member 10017319) on 21-Sep-2000
    Does anyone know, or remember, Joel Farnworth - once of Earby. He will now be in his early to mid 40's. He was a bit of a Jack the Lad, with dark curly hair.

    We shared two houses in the Manchester area around 20 years ago. He was a spin bowler and worked for HM Customs & Excise, or similar. We got into a remarkable scrape one morning when I was towing his dead MG Midget back from a garage in A... more >>

VIDEOS OF EARBY by Michael Crewdson (Member 10011591) on 30-Jul-2000
Hi all you EarbyItes - My name is Michael Crewdson

I have produced a number of Historical Videos about Earby - They are all available to purchase -
They are recorded on VHS (UK PAL) Only, but can be converted to any format once purchased in your own country.

There are 9 EARBY VIDEOS covering many subjects and years from 1940 to 1970's and cost... more >>
  • Re: VIDEOS OF EARBY by Michael Crewdson (Member 10249555) on 2-May-2013
    An update of my Videos,
    Simply email me for a comprehensive Catalogue..

  • Re: VIDEOS OF EARBY by Alan sutcliffe (Member 10293272) on 24-May-2014
    Did you live on Springfield ave next door to Kevin Marshall at one time?

  • Re: VIDEOS OF EARBY by Michael Crewdson (Member 10249555) on 27-Sep-2015
    Hi Allan, YES that's me, did live at 8 Springfield Avenue next to Kevin Marshall.
    Where are you now ?? Do you remember all the Bogie Carts I had, I used to lend them out at 6p per day !!

  • Re: VIDEOS OF EARBY by john firth (Member 10316211) on 6-Oct-2017

    Just looking at Earby on internet remembered your videos how are you

    best wishes John Firth

Earby... by Victoria (Member 10013625) on 17-Jun-2000
I used to live in Earby, I moved in 1994 to California, where I still live and was at work playing on the internet and came across this web page, I almost fell off my chair, I didn't think anyone outside of Earby even knew it existed!! It made me smile, my family still live in Earby near the Red Lion on Red lIon Street, I visit as often as I can. Reading the messages made me want to write and see... more >>   
  • Re: Earby... by Judith Slinger (Member 10018689) on 17-Oct-2000
    hi vicky I can remember you but I think my brother
    Ian is more your age!hes now living in oman,give me a call if you want more information

Earby & District Local History Society - Katherine Bruce Glasier Exhibition by Bob Abel (Member 10013376) on 11-Jun-2000
Earby and District Local History Society is commemorating the 50th anniversary of the death of one of Earby's most famous residents, Katherine Bruce Glasier.

KBG lived in Earby for the last 28 years of her life at Glen Cottage which is now the Youth Hostel. The cottage was given to the Youth Hostel Associaiton in 1958 in her memory.

KBG was a founder member of the Independent Labour Party in... more >>
Earby by Stacey Smith (Member 10012916) on 3-Jun-2000
I lived in Earby between 1981 and 1995 and would like to here from any of my old friends, I am now 20 yrs old an miss Earby like crazy, You are probably most likely to remember my Dad, Des Smith the local Bobbie, any way get in touch , I live in Plymouth now.   
  • Re: Earby by Dr.Paul Miller (Member 10025177) on 2-Feb-2001
    Hi Stacey,
    Just a quick note to say "hello" from your ex family doc. Why do we old Earbyers get to look at the town in this web site? I was just doing a bit of surfing! I remember you and the family well. Glad all is well with you. I left the practice in Earby in 1997 after 20 years there.My home is still in Earby, but I work now for the British Forces in Germany as a G.P. to the troops and ... more >>

  • Re: Earby by Vikki Smith (Member 10065853) on 17-Apr-2002
    This is a message for Dr Miller. I don't know if you will remember me but you may well remember my family, some were Smith's and my mother's side were Teasdale's. I am the youngest, Vikki, now 21 and living in Huddersfield, just finished a degree and starting another in september. Just wanted to say thanx for being a brilliant family doctor. If there were more like you the NHS would be a better place. Take care.

  • Re: Earby by Gwen Hardacre (Member 10283681) on 13-Mar-2013
    Best doctor we ever had Gwen Hardacre And Dawn Sanderson

Calling all old friends.......... by Tony Tetley (Member 10010499) on 25-Apr-2000
Hi Folks,
I lived in Earby ,in the early to mid 60s
I played music,in a group called BLACK SHEEP
I lived on the Ranch.....and worked at Armoride,and Earby Light Engineers.....I have a Good Friend who still lives there....Garry Cooper and wife Margaret... Station hotel,s a good place for a pint.....i went to Alder Hill School too...
. Just a few memories...if you have any..please let me know.... more >>
  • Re: Calling all old friends.......... by Alan Broomhead (Member 10019948) on 9-Nov-2000
    Hi Tony,

    If you were in a band in the 60's, you might know my ex-brother in law. He played with a group called "The Inmates" who were based in Barnoldswick & Earby. His name is Mick Burrows and he lived on Wentcliffe Drive in Earby. He was the drummer with the band. I seem to recall him working for Armoride's aswell, although I am not sure of this.
    I have lost contact with Mick these days, but... more >>

  • Re: Calling all old friends.......... by Janet Alston (Member 10029951) on 4-Apr-2001
    I remember Mick Burrows . I lived on Wentcliffe Drive and had a piece of his shirt just incase he got famous and i could sell it..... wonder what happened to my clipping!!!

  • Re: Calling all old friends.......... by Colin Batt (Member 10034879) on 8-Jun-2001
    For all old Inmates and Black Sheep fans check out Norman Perry's web site at http://www.milesvanp.u-net.com/

    Did the sixties really swing ?

  • Re: Calling all old friends.......... by laura chapman (Member 10261599) on 22-May-2011
    hi if its the same mick burrows he now lives in a flat in the station hotel.

BRISTOL TRACTORS by PHILIP DAY (Member 10005893) on 4-Jan-2000
  • Re: BRISTOL TRACTORS by Graham and Jean Smith (Member 10013782) on 21-Jun-2000
    We have replied to P Day's query re Bristol Tractors directly.

    We run a register on the Bristol 10 Tractors produced between 1932 and 1947 and our friend Stuart runs a register on Bristol Tractors from 1947 to the early 1970's. After 1945 they were produced at "Southbridge or Slough Bridge" Works, Earby. They were produced there until approximately 1970. Does anyone have any information on t... more >>

  • Re: BRISTOL TRACTORS by Anthony Heald (Member 10014281) on 11-Jul-2000
    You mean 'Sough Bridge'. Sough (pronounced Suff) was my home until I moved away to go to college, and mum & dad are still there. I think my brother worked at Bristol Tractors for a while. The building is still there, now divided into small industrial units.

Earby and District Local History Society by Earby and District Local History Society (Member 10004937) on 20-Nov-1999

The Society was founded 5 years ago and currently has over 50 members both locally
and throughout the UK.

The Society’s aims are to raise awareness, foster an interest in and facilitat... more >>
  • Re: Earby and District Local History Society by Carole Clark (Member 10001799) on 14-Feb-2000
    Thanks to Bob Abel, I've been in touch with Barbara Barrett who used to teach at Earby Springfield School in the late '40s/early '50s. She was Miss Lonsdale at that time. Bob's notice in the Earby Historical Newsletter with respect to a request for old school photographs was seen by Barbara who very kindly sent copies of school children at Springfield School to Bob who, in turn, forwarded them t... more >>

  • Re: Earby and District Local History Society by Carole Clark (Member 10001799) on 15-Feb-2000
    oops! That should be copies OF PHOTOGRAPHS of school children

The Rigby girls by hazel hewitt (Member 10002034) on 1-Oct-1999
There is a family of several sisters named Rigby,
all Christian names beginning with J. Would specially like to contact Jennifer (now living in Canada) or Joan. Jennifer replied to a previous message of mine concerning my sister Joyce Honey -she was just about to leave Canada for a holiday in Earby (!) but would get back to me when she returned home. Still haven't heard and am hoping she has jus... more >>
  • Re: The Rigby girls by hazel hewitt (Member 10002034) on 19-Oct-1999
    19th October.
    Jenifer has been found and hopes to put me in touch with Joan. I'm thrilled to bits!!

  • Re: The Rigby girls by Enid(mason)Goacher (Member 10242017) on 1-Nov-2009
    I was at school with the rigby sisters and knew them very well I know Jenifer is in Canada but have never been in contact with her, I do however correspond with Carole Bennett( now Clark) Would be great to hear from Jenifer or Joan, perhaps Joan is still living in Earby, after I was married to Barrie Goacher we stayed at 49 Red Lion street until 1971 when we emigrated to South Afria.
    Looking... more >>

  • Re: The Rigby girls by Gwen Hardacre (Member 10283681) on 15-Mar-2013
    Hi remember me Gwen Chippendale. I remember Joan Rigby.I also remember Enid Mason.Do u remember my uncle John Livsey the pork butcher.Am now Hardacre and live in Australia

  • Re: The Rigby girls by Marlene Laycock (Member 10284675) on 23-Feb-2017
    I remember Joan Rigby and I think it was Michael Farnsworth (hope I have right name) bopping in a competition at the Fairground that came to Earby, probably around 1959-60.

    I also remember Gwen Chippendale from the Ranch.

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