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Cafes and Coffee Shops in East Dereham, Norfolk*

High tea and a sticky bun

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Cafes and Coffee Shops
  • Loads of coffee shops.
  • Loads of coffee shops.
  • Loads of coffee shops.
  • Loads of coffee shops.
  • @thegallery art gallery has a coffee shop included in it. Nice coffee, locally-made cakes, fresh sandwiches and paninis made on the spot.
  • Palmers Coffee shop - cheese on toast brill...
  • The Maple Tree in Norwich Street serves THE best coffee in Dereham. NO contest. Lovely polite people there too.
  • Bugger all,just chip shops and junk food.Where is the decent cafe with nice homemade food and clean tables and cutlery and polite staff?Do i just have higher standards than everyone else in Dereham?
  • The Florin and Norfolk Kitchen - full of sad fat bus drivers
  • The Sticky Bun serves hot chocolate like dishwater...YUK!
  • blue corner cafe ;)
  • above Woolworths, Bakers oven.
  • florin... never mind norfolk kitchen... lush
  • Pearls
  • Norfolk kitchen and the florin - save your money?!
  • The Norfolk Kitchen town centre East Dereham This is almost most my most favorite place on earth dispite not being allowed cholestrol. never ever in thirty years have I had the smallest complaint. What other bussiness can you say that about . well must tell the truth just one had unfineshed cup of coffee taken away 999.9 out of a hundred and I am JUST a Customer
  • Why not try the Cafe at Woolworths in Market Place? It's tucked away upstairs at the back of the store, so doesn't get as packed on Market Days as some of the other Cafes in Dereham. You can always find a seat, the staff are friendly, they do a mean breakfast and are even open Sundays!
  • NORFOLK KITCHEN !! make a good old cup a tea ( watch Becky dont spit in it!!!
  • Bakers oven Candi & her girls a real treat, all good food. yum yum pigs bum
  • Bakers oven in Nelson Court best coffee and cakes around. Hmmmmmmmmmm
  • Worth going to Norfolk Kitchen - try the all day breakfast - one great fry up!
  • avoid the florin. it aint 1 of the most hygyinec places i know
  • bakers oven
  • My advice is.....dont go anywhere near the FLORIN is such a dive!!!

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