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HIRING NOW CASH IN HAND! by Danny Selclene (Member 10309662) on 17-Nov-2016
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LOOKING FOR A PROFESSIONAL CLEANER? by Danny Selclene (Member 10309662) on 17-Nov-2016
Glengarry Road, East Dulwich by Maggie Hall (Member 10162889) on 14-Jun-2016
Hi. My single name was Margaret Finch. I lived at 94 Bushey Hill Road, Camberwell until 1961 when we moved to 67B Glengarry Road in East Dulwich. I went to Lyndhurst Grove Primary School from 1952 to 1958 and Peckham Girls' School from 1958 to 1965. I would love to hear from any old friends, school mates, teachers, etc and know how everyone is getting on and what life has held for you during all these years.   
New Website by JOHN (Member 10293416) on 30-May-2014
Hi, I have created a new website about Camberwell Borough Council, East Dulwich & Surrounding areas, if you have any photos & memories of these areas and would like be able to share that would be great, I have uploaded many of my own photos & memories and also photos & memories from many people that has been able to help, the web address is camberwellboroughcouncil.co.uk

Best Wishes, John
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Championship Boxing At York Hall, London on April 27th by Gianluca Di Caro (Member 10284643) on 13-Apr-2013
Byrne-Morris Headlines April 27th York Hall Event

Dean ‘Irish Lightning’ Byrne versus Jay ‘IOW Assassin’ Morris, for the International Masters Welterweight title, heads up the upcoming Dave Murphy promoted ‘Thunder & Lightning’ event, which takes place at York Hall in London on Saturday 27th April 2013.
Making his debut on the show is 2010 Commonwealth Boxing Championships Gold Med... more >>
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Palace of peace lordship lane by MICHAEL TROTTIER (Member 10231813) on 16-Jul-2011
This was open circa 1973-1977 I lived at East Duchwich road goose green and thicket road and underhill road anyone there   
Family History; East Dulwich; Edwardian Blog by chris payne (Member 10263099) on 6-Jul-2011
I am interested in the history of East Dulwich, particularly during the time 1890-1910, the period during which my grandfather's family lived there. His name was Charles Frederick Payne. I have recently transcribed my grandfather's pocket diaries for 1903 and 1904 when he lived in Landcroft Road, and later Ferris Road, and worked in the City of London. I am putting his diaries up on a website in ... more >>   
  • Re: Family History; East Dulwich; Edwardian Blog by Fredella Hogg (Member 10285557) on 15-May-2013
    Hi Chris, I am also searching for family history, my Great Grandfather lived in Lordship Lane Dulwich, his name was Henry J Govier. How wonderful to have the diaries to work from.
    I am desperately looking for info on his first born daughter, my Grandmother Agnes Govier, she died aged 27 in 1936. I have no idea how or where to go to try and find a picture of her. I have only just found this sid... more >>

Shirley Bown by Diane Maish nee Dowie (Member 10259939) on 8-Jun-2011
Hi - I'm looking for my old friend Shirley Bown who lived at 7 Whateley Road. Shirley's gran and her uncle and aunt lived at no 9. After they moved another aunt, Edith, moved into no 9 with her husband and two daughters, their name was Theobald. Shirley's middle brother Alan and his wife lived in Crystal Palace Road. Shirley had two other brothers John was the youngest. I lived with my family ... more >>   
  • Re: Shirley Bown by JOHN (Member 10293416) on 30-May-2014
    Hi Shirley, I have only just joined this site, my Nan & Grandad, Albert & Harriet Stacey lived at no 5 Whatley Road with their son Les, their daughter was my Mum, Joan(Stacey)Chinery, My Nan's sister Rose lived at no 1 Whatley Road and I remember Pat Wade lived at no 3 with her Mum.

    I have my own website, the address if you would like to look is camberwellboroughcouncil.co.uk
    it features Camb... more >>

  • Re: Shirley Bown by Gary (Member 10299515) on 13-Mar-2015
    Diane Maish nee Dowie

    I stumbled across this site and, although by looks of it is very infrequently used, thought I would reply on the off chance.

    Shirley is my aunt so if you'd like to reply to this or (if possible) email me directly, I can give you some info.

  • Re: Shirley Bown by JOHN (Member 10293416) on 11-Jun-2015
    Hi, Thank you for your reply,any help you can give would be great, would you have any photos/memories of Whatley Road or East Dulwich ?

    Best wishes

Dulwich Hospital by colleenwilson (Member 10141485) on 22-Jan-2011
I trained as a nurse at Dulwich Hospital in the 50,s,and mourn the passing of the old style hospitals with the Nightingale wards. We were a real community in those days and most of the nurses lived in the nurses homes. I havn't walked those corridors for about fifty years and wonder if I made the trip would I get past the gate.Anybody out there who can tell me.   
  • Re: Dulwich Hospital by Teo Brown (Member 10259094) on 12-Mar-2011
    Hi there. My father lives <1 mile away and we both remember the hospital very well. I will be visiting him over the coming 10days, so I will try to ask the hospital when passing & let you know. Take care, Len (Brown)

  • Re: Dulwich Hospital by Peter Essex (Member 10259958) on 3-Apr-2011
    The nursing recollection is a blast from the past, as my grandfather, Edwin Ansley Catchpole, died at Dulwich Hospital in September 1953. He was the caretaker of the school in Grove Vale around World War 2 and just after, then retired to live in Oakhurst Grove.

  • Re: Dulwich Hospital by colleenwilson (Member 10141485) on 15-Dec-2013
    Hi Peter.I started my training at Dulwich March 1954. I also went to Grove Vale School immediately after the war ended so who knows your grandad and I could have had a passing aquaintance

  • Re: Dulwich Hospital by JOHN (Member 10293416) on 30-May-2014
    Hi Colleen, hope you don't mind me contacting you, would you have any photos of East Dulwich Hospital and memories of your time there that you would share or any photos & memories of East Dulwich in general, I have built my own website and trying to add as much information as possible from any one that might be able to help, details below.

    I have created a new website about Camberwell Borough ... more >>

  • Re: Dulwich Hospital by Ray Sweeney (Member 10294439) on 21-Jul-2014
    Hi Teo sadly most of the hospital was demolished around 5 years ago and only the main entrance remains with a few wards to left of that still there.

PUMA, Adults, powered wheelchair for sale by Leslie Fowl (Member 10247415) on 29-Aug-2010
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  • Re: PUMA, Adults, powered wheelchair for sale by Leslie Fowl (Member 10247415) on 25-Sep-2010

Saint Johns and Saint Clements School, Archdale Road by Charles (Chas) G.TRicker (Member 10242045) on 2-Nov-2009
Hi, anyone out there who remembers me, who went to this school mid to late 1950's, I was in Mr Jones's Class. Most new me as charley.   
  • Re: Saint Johns and Saint Clements School, Archdale Road by vic (Member 10251750) on 9-Sep-2010
    Hi.Just come across this site looking for something else.
    I went to st. johns school from 1950 until 1956 and then wm.penn.
    I remember mr. jones also i think a mr.hughes
    english teacher.
    I lived in crawthew grove and use to walk to school with a boy call chris bosworth and john webber he lived in archdale rd.

  • Re: Saint Johns and Saint Clements School, Archdale Road by Diane Maish nee Dowie (Member 10259939) on 8-Jun-2011
    Hi Chas - Although your name sounds familiar I'm sorry don't remember you, however, I was in Mr Jones's class and left after the 11 plus in 1957. I have a brother Keith who is 1 year younger than me. There are a group of old friends who meet up when we can. Have a look at Friends Reunited think we have some old photos posted.

  • Re: Saint Johns and Saint Clements School, Archdale Road by Maureen Taylor. (Was West) (Member 10292846) on 30-Apr-2014
    Hi I also went to St Johns and St Clements school between 1950 and1956. I was in Mr Hughes class in the junior part of the school. Remember Mr Jones I believe there was a Mrs Herne there also. My sister Pamela West and brother Michael also went to same school. Lived in Hindmans Road at no 72 until we moved to Basingstoke in the 60s. And still live there. I have two grown up daughters....... Sa... more >>

  • Re: Saint Johns and Saint Clements School, Archdale Road by Ray Sweeney (Member 10294439) on 21-Jul-2014
    Hi all i too went to St Johns from 1955 until 1960.Some of my teachers were Miss Taylor (she rode a Lamberetta scooter)Mr Hughes Miss Foster and Mr Jones. WE had a leavers church service at Southwark cathedral in 1960 and remember Mr Stone who had become a priest being there.Mr Witham was the headmaster. I remember being milk monitor around 1959 delivering crates of milk to the classrooms before s... more >>

  • Re: Saint Johns and Saint Clements School, Archdale Road by Elizabeth French (Member 10309150) on 28-Oct-2016
    Hi I sent to St.John's and St Clements school from 1952 till about 1957/58 my name was Elizabeth Matthews then. I remember Mr. Withers headmaster.
    My friends were Mavis Roberts. Jill cook Barbara Moore Gillian Hastings and Sandra Gluckett.
    I lived in Crystal palace Rd

  • Re: Saint Johns and Saint Clements School, Archdale Road by Elizabeth French (Member 10309150) on 28-Oct-2016
    That should say I went to St John's school. I then went on to Thomas Carlton school. Would be interested to hear from anyone who might remember me

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Grove Vale School by colleenwilson (Member 10141485) on 13-Apr-2009
Is Grove Vale School still there?Does anyone remember Miss Wilkie the headmistress in the post war years?We were all terrified of her.Other teachers I can remember Mrs Ball who would slap your calves with her big fat hands although she was a lovely lady.Miss Wills who always stage school dramas etc and my favourite Mr Breen .I still remember his fantastic stories he told in serial form.He would si... more >>   
  • Re: Grove Vale School by Teo Brown (Member 10259094) on 12-Mar-2011
    The school is still there and seems to be functioning - although I never seem to get to pass by during school hours and now live far away. The cinema nearby has closed, though (it was where my sister and I used to go for the Saturday am shows). My sister and I went to GV just a few years before: my time there ended in 1962 and hers, I believe, in 1964. We've both tried to 'find' Ruby Wills on the ... more >>

  • Re: Grove Vale School by Peter Essex (Member 10259958) on 3-Apr-2011
    There's a blast from the past! My grandfather, Edwin Ansley Catchpole, was the caretaker of this school during World War 2 and just after, before retiring to live nearby in Oakhurst Grove. The mention of a Miss Wilkie has triggered a very vague and distant recollection of the name. Maybe the caretaker was terrified of her too :-). I was born nearby in February 1944. My mother told two stori... more >>

Old Friends by jtgould (Member 10234317) on 5-Jan-2009
I'm trying to trace Maureen Thompson known as Meem. She lived in Crystal Palace Road around 1960 and had a Brother called Fred.   
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Karaoke in East Dulwich by teichin (Member 10234073) on 21-Dec-2008
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Fun for Housewives/Singles During the Day... by MJ (Member 10233097) on 29-Oct-2008
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East Dulwich Road Goose Green and Goodrich Road by MICHAEL TROTTIER (Member 10231813) on 2-Oct-2008
Hi looking for old friends I lied 119 East Dulwich Road circa Jan 1974-July 1074 then at 33 Goodrich Road circa July 74- 1975..Anyone out there.Use to hang out with Palace of Peace crowd.Somone called Comfort was my neighbour in Goodrich Road and a lovely Indian family husband /wife and two kids..Where are you now   
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