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Corner eateries, quick bites and the local chippy

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Cheap Food
  • La Farola, The Nizam, The Monsoon, The Ship, New Evergreen
  • mc donalds ,taylors fish bar,costa,chutney,kings centre
  • Monsoon indian, quick service, polite, and good food, hope they give me a free curry for this!
  • McShit. - Right next to the skate park.
  • The Crow's Nest has recently started serving home-cooked meals throught the day; from breakfasts to light lunches and whole meals. I would also reccommend their Sunday roasts. The meals are not expensive, are very good sized portions and high quality.
  • The bloke at the new chicken shop in london road is a great geezer, and the chickens a good scoff.
  • If ya skint and want a decent meal go to Azads or Shapla Indian Takeaway. Chinese go to New Jade Garden. I would say Wing Wah but food has got a bit disspointing. For kebab go and see Umit at Megabites. For Steak get out of EG, go to The Hedghogg Crawley Down...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  • mega bytes is totally disgusting, but dus good kebabs, theres a mcdonalds, and theres a wimpy which ive been to once, and swore never to go to again.
  • Safeways. allways a winner, 17p Lemonade!!! its getting cheaper!
  • Wimpy.
  • Portafino, Prezzo independent lovely Italian restaraunts. New Thai at bottom of town oppostite Broadway looks good. Pizza House, Pizza Express, Monsoon, Nizam, La Farola has upped the stakes and is apparently serving good, up-to-date image with tapas.
  • mc doanelds charcoal grill dominows pizza and pizza pashaion
  • Emporer in Felbridge is great, and the Pizza House has the largest and tastiest garlic bread around.
  • dixyland chicken...those chicken burgers are just the best
  • East Grinstead is a brilliant town if you like eating out and sampling Spanish, Indian, Chinese, Italian or Spanish food. We even have two fish and chip shops, and pubs serving a bit of everything from around the globe. No Japanese restaurants yet - opportunists take note...
  • Mcdonalds (EWWWWWWWWW!!) Portefinos nice itailen near TUZZY MUZZY
  • Pizza Express is really nice but you have to wait for a table, Porto Finos is also luvverly! McDonalds food is always cold
  • The new tapas bar opposite the Broadway is pretty damn good tapas. You have to book but hey it's good value for money and the staff are getting their act together on the service side.
  • WICKENDENS sweetie shop....YESSSS!!!!
  • The Azad. The best place to eat in East Grinstead. Indian food, which is obviously great, and Huge bottles of Cobra beer. The only thing is that the owner, Ally (we go there that often we know his name) seems to think that its illegal for 16 year olds to drink alcohol with a meal, WHICH IT ISNT, but never the less, he serves us anyway, and gives us the odd round of free vodkas every now and then.
  • The Monsoon is an absolutely legendary curry house. Food is superb and reasonably priced.
  • Wing Wah is legendary! Portofino is a good Italian. Some decent pizza places too. And now we've got Maccie D's!
  • Pizza House is the best.Good food, nice people, good prices and they sell Peroni. Best Curry. The Monsoon in the high street. The Sunday Buffet is fab and they do look after you. Avoid La Ferola. Overpriced mediocre food and a waiting list that must be made up.
  • Ah the WingWah! Lovely Jubbly!
  • See the Rose and Crown under Pubs
  • Taylors Fish Bar - for fish and chips (pies are poor though); Dixieland Fried Chicken for fab chicken (but crap chips); Wing Wah for chinese; one of many for a curry - none are great; and Mega-Bites for food poisoning. Is that libellous? Wickenden's does a nice range of boiled sweets.
  • Porto Fino Italian restaurant has friendly efficient service and mouth-watering food. The Pollo Piemontese had a creamy sauce to die for.
  • Wimpy and not to forget the yet to be built MacDonalds which beleive it or not we are all looking forward to
  • Every kind of takeaway, plus many restaurants. However, you must like being the sole item of interest in the waiter's night, because most people in town either don't want to eat out, or they eat out somewhere else.
  • Pizza House 125 London Rd Tel: 01342 315925. Manager Ercan. Great food very reasonable prices, friendly atmosphere great for special occasions/parties or just a visit if you're in the area.
  • Chinese chippie near the Wimpy: brilliant chillie burgers, way above normal standard.
  • Several pubs & restaurants in the area serve good food.

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