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Cafes and Coffee Shops
  • I love coffe from Coffee Stop, Princes Mall in city centre.
  • STARBUCKS!!!!!!!!! I love it. Costa will suffice when Starbucks is too far away.
  • beanscene rules. is all i have to say.
  • The fourth Floor Restaurant, Harvey Nicholls: Over-rated, over-cooked and over-priced!
  • Baroque on Broughton street
  • Ndebele on Home Street is suberb for South African stuff. There is a greasy cafe on the road up from Tollcross to Brunsfield that does the best bacon roll or sausage on a rol around. Cafe has about four older women in it and a picture a man tatooing a breast on the wall!!
  • The Lost Sock Diner at the end of Broughton Street is lovely for food and coffee and other refreshments( non alchoholic)
  • ham on rye and the toddle in on cockburn street starbucks on the high street and princes street coffee stop and costa in the princes mall costa also in the waverly train station st giles cafe at the st giles cathedral on the royal mile and the youth cafe on victoria street
  • favorit is always a favourite beanscene is a non smoking scene
  • Kaffe Politik!!!!!!!!!!!
  • southern cross and rose st costa,if ur not barred already
  • starbucks can it be any where else
  • -tho expensive starbucks. u dont have to look very far to find 1!! (if u r stoopid try george st!!)
  • look out for the old police boxes that sell coffee. Nice and strong.
  • I've always enjoyed the Elephant House on George IV Bridge. Helios Fountain on Grassmarket does great Vegan and Veggie food. Also has a really good craft and book shop
  • NO-ONE EVER GO TO THE HARD ROCK CAFE - IT'S OVER-PRICED AND OVER-RATED!!!And there's a new cyber cafe on Rose Street called easyEVERYTHING.
  • The Bronx greasy spoon just down from the Playhouse fucking ROCKS.
  • Common Grounds and Nicholsons up from the bridges.

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