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Live Music Venues
  • Bannermans on the Cowgate have lots of bands ( There's also Henry's Cellar Bar, a great place to hear all kinds of alternative music (
  • Ghillie Dhu - good music, good food, VERY good whiskey...amd they serve Cairn o Mohr wine as well!
  • Forest Cafe is safe to go in now that that bearded prat Tim Bleasdale is banned from squawking on the stage. unforutnately, Edinburgh city not banned him yet from squawking on the streets.
  • The Forest at Bristo Square... Good 'ol Whistlebinkies on the bridges :)
  • The Gratton Hounds is usually full of Chavs talking hyper-gyp but at the weekends it home to rockers and loads cool bands.
  • The Gratton Hound has these mental drum and bass nights sometimes. Kinda ok but its full of chavs shouting and gossiping in speed-pyke. They're not local so it's a bit scary.
  • The carriers quarters in Leith has started doing live music on Thursdays and Sundays, go and see Sabai, a female duo playing unusual cover tunes on violin and guitar and brilliant originals, the best pub music experience you will find in town.
  • Mcbackpackers/bannermans/Nektar/gig/cabaret voltaire/
  • Counting House above the Blind Poet on West Nicolson St.
  • the Corn Exchange. That new place "Gig" which used to be the Revolution night club.
  • Backpackers on Queensferry Road on a Saturday night when baby tiger are unleashing their latest band(s) who are still searching for that elusive second chord.
  • for your big world famous bands, its a bus to glasgow i'm afraid. but for smaller uk bands, its usually the corn exchange (a bit far out of town for my liking and a bit boring - just a big square hall) or the liquid rooms (more atmospheric, with a big balcony thing), sometimes at the caves or bongo club.
  • Malt Shovel on a tuesday, a really really good swing band!
  • Liquid rooms...saw Glenn hughes from Deep purple play there.
  • LIVE JAZZ@ The Left Bank on Hasties Close(GUTHRIE STREET) EVERY SUNDAY 9.30PM til late. ADMISSION FREE!
  • Marcos is proving to be a good place to play and see bands.
  • Finnegan's wake (irish, in case you hadn't guessed it)
  • The Caledonian Backpackers has gigs from local and touring bands every Saturday in the bar - good night.
  • if your a new band lookin for some gigs i would recomend whistle binkies on southbridge (backs on to nidrie street), abit more experinced bans should try some place like the venu or the liquid rooms
  • venues in Edinburgh are the liquid room on victoria sstreet studio 24 on calton road the venue on calton road the bongo club on new street the edinburgh corn exchange but i'm not to sure what the sreet is called where it is situated
  • There is a place called the mission thats ment to b totaly amazin soo i thot i wud let u know. i dont actuall know where it is but shit happenz just ask people bout it in Edinburgh and they will probably know. itz a good place to pull lol
  • corn exchange
  • The Venue, etc.
  • the venue and the liquid rooms
  • -Corn Exchange -Liquid Rooms -Studio 24
  • bongo club in new street for anyone who likes alternative stuff like jazz, funk, reggae with a good atmosphere all week
  • The venue, liquid room, not bad. Edinburgh really needs a decent venue. somewhere like the barrowlands.
  • The Venue on Calton Road for live music. The liquid Room does some of that as well. Festival Theatre for Classical music and big shows. Edinburgh Playhouse as well. Wilkie House for smaller stuff. And the Subway if you're really desparate.
  • Unfortunately the fabulous and ever memorable Cas Rock has closed.Many a thought comes to mind but Saturday afternoons were the business. Anyone Know where Rab Howitt's band plays now? I could do with a fix!
  • The Liquid Rooms are alright. Saw that Swedish rock star guy Andreas Johnson there in March, and we done some serious flirting. Best fun I've had in ages.
  • i hear the tap'o'lauriston's closing shop. fond memories of many a warm pint pre-idlewild gig in the cas rock next door. them's were the days when roddy would hurl his shoes off, exposing rather fetching red socks, and curl up on the floor screaming into his mike ...and that was just the first song. mind you, i saw some stinking punk snogging his dog in the tap once, after getting it drunk on the contents of the dregs tray...nice!
  • Henry's Jazz Bar (just off Lothian Road)
  • Jazz Joint at Henry's Celler bar, opposite ABC cinema on lothian road. Wierd set up: old chinese guy own the place and live music everynight. the music ranges from lush jazz vocal by some chick on wendesdays to hip hop, live drum and bass, or jazzed up latino. djs are edinburgh finest who also play in cafe graffiti and stuff. place is dead wee and because the crowd is very mixed, the atmosphere is brillant. most nights end up with 20 people dancing in the 2 by 3 meter space in front of the 'stage'.
  • The Venue. Stones used to be OK, but thats closed now. And the Queen St Oyster Bar (rumoured to be closing) has one guy who plays blues at the perfect volume for a chilled night out. Generally, good bands only come to Edinburgh once every five years or so.
  • Caz Rock Cafe
  • The Music Box, Victoria Street
  • Venue, Carlton Road
The best live music venues are
  • La Tache Cellarbar, Rutland Street the best atmosphere although more for an older crowd and always busy so go early.
    'La Tache', as you called it (known as L'Attache to the people who owned it) no longer exists, but has been replaced by a pub called The Drunken Monk. It too has live music, though you will find much better music elsewhere (I would highly recommend The Tron Ceilidh House, known colloquially just as 'The Tron', just off the Royal Mile behind the old Tron Kirk, or perhaps The Shore Bar & Restaurant in Leith, which has traditional music every Wednesday and Saturday nights). The Shore also has some of the best food in the city.
  • Platform 1 Rutland Street 0131-225-2433

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