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  • dus anyone no where stanky or skanky lives[ john stankovich ] in eegremont.he works for mayson bros and has been shagging my wife down millom and my fkn mates wife little twat
  • 63 east road, young kids welcome
  • moved up here a couple of years ago and found no problems with the locals infact the crowd that get in the central and the cat are cracking people plus great music at the central and a great place to live
  • Blue Bell, July 2009 Me and 8 other lads decided to stay in Egremont for a weekend away, thought we'd check out the local pub for a night out and what a mistake it turned out to be. I feel sorry for the nicer locals who have to put up with this group of pond scum which frequent this pub. I think the only reason me and my friends didn't get a good pasting was down to me being good friends with a regular in their. The young lads drinking at this pub have little going for them and wont think twice about hitting you in the back of the head if they don't like the look of you!!! Needless to say, we went to Whitehaven the next night which was much better and safer!!
  • Went back to Egremont a few weeks ago and went into the Blue Bell. I was disappointed to find the previous occupiers had moved on after five years or so. It's a shame because the atmosphere was always good and the beer even better - probably the only drinkable pint in Egremont! Also about the only pub you could walk in without getting a smack in the ear! This is a strange town, where the decent people are outcasts and undesirables are the norm.
  • After having lived here for a year I will only go in 3 of the local pubs: The Wheatsheaf, under protest. The Ship. The Kings Arms: been taken over by a lad called Gary recently, what a change, its clean, pleasant and friendly! If you want to see horse racing go to The Cat. If you want a fight then try The Red Lion or The Central. If you want to meet some of the strangest people you'll ever see the then go to The Blue Bell.
  • The Kings Arms, that is the place to be, with the new owner Bobby Allen,live entertainment, a reasonable priced pint or short, and a good laugh with the regulars, what more do you need for a good night out
  • the red lion is a good pub
  • i would have to say that the BLUE BELL is by far the best pub in Egremont and i recommend that everyone try it as its got a great atmosphere and the bottles are only 1.40
  • red lion is the place to be mate
  • Kings Arms, The Cat Inn, Ship Launch, Blue Bell, The British Legion, Black Bull, The Central and The Wheatsheaf
  • the blue bell has gone completely downhill in the past few months. however, the ship is much improved!
  • Can the Kings be beaten? It's expensive but the best in West Cumbria
  • Red Lion: pool table 20p a game.
  • if your not from egremont steer well clear of the red lion, horn, and black bull where lords will start a fight with u cos thats the only enjoyment they get out of life. central used to be ok when i lived up there but i think its got new owners now, havent been in for a while
  • the nile,central,king's arms and the black bull
  • Red Lion, The Cat, The Horn The CENTRAL
  • THE RED LION!!!!!! Best pub in England, no the world, see you in there!
  • BOXERBEAT DISCO has been in the CENTRAL PUB for the last three yrs. THE CENTRAL is now run by ALAN HOOKS [HOOKY] & KAREN TAYLOR they also have the QUEENS ARMS whitehaven. You'll find entertainment every fri & sat in THE CENTRAL . 1:00 a pint every thurs & sun 7pm til 8pm
  • The Blue Bell is a quality is the only place where there is no loud music and leary lads shouting. And there is healthy discussion and debate between the men every friday night.
  • the more civilised of pubs are: the Cat recently refurbished Although now missing Dawn and Dave, The Kings Arms with its Voluptuous, barmaids The Red lion also with pretty barmaids the Blue Bell The centrall and of course the wheatsheaf there are others but no one goes there
  • The Horn, The Wheatsheaf, The Blue Bell, The Nile, The Larch House, The Black Bull, The Central, The Cat, The King`s Arms, The Legion, The Ship Launch, Egremont Rangers ARLFC, Egremont RUFC and The Falcon Club.
  • The Kings Arms is probably the best
  • The Cat (Main Street) small, but with own dart board.

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