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  • It is tiresome and annoying reading some of the comments on this site about Eltham. Many show a total lack of understanding of the community by focussing in on an event that is 14 years old. Like anywhere in the UK there will be spats of crime and it is wrong to signal Eltham out as being any different. In fact when you think deeply about it those that condemn the people of Eltham based on the action of 4 or 5 people, 14 years ago, are being no less discriminatory. They are judging the bulk of Eltham's 60k+ people on this one event. In fact I did not live in Eltham 14 years ago, nor did many of my neighbours some of who come from other cultural backgrounds. To suggest that Eltham is a racist's strong hold is absurd and again shows either a total lack of current knowledge about Eltham or a hidden agenda. In the end it was not the fact that it happened in Eltham that was the concern, it was the way the Metropolitan Police handled the matter, that has nothing to do with Eltham but a lot to do with the morals and attitudes of people in Great Britain as a whole. Perhaps the next writer would be kind enough to start by stating those he/she has discriminated against, and they would be lying if they said none. Eltham in 2006 saw the launch of a magazine to promote all that is good about Eltham. Its aim, by highlighting the inherent good in our community is to help further improve and promote equality, good citizenship and friendliness. It is easy to signal out the bad in any society, in fact they get too much press. The magazine aim is to re-enforced the ideal for the good news to be promoted. It does not ignore the bad news, there are plenty of ordinary papers out there selling on the sensational news concept, it promotes all that is good about Eltham, and there is plenty that needs to be given a reasonable forum. In the vast majority the citizens of Eltham are friendly, community minded, honourable people. They are proud of living in Eltham with its rich history, record of service, patience and endurance. They have not forgotten the past, and have learnt from the it, but it also serves no purpose to dwell in it. In the main Eltham and its residents are a moral community. There is a strong feeling that it is the time to rally together tpo reject all forms of antisocial behaviour, be it racism, graffiti, vandalism, street drinking, bullying and all forms of crime. The police cannot do it alone, the council or government cannot achieve it through legislation, but the people can together make Eltham a better place. An ideal becomes reality with thoughtful action
  • many of the girls!!
  • Booers, great stationery shop almost next to Showells at the top of the High St
  • There is a small but dedicated stall for The Socialist Worker on saturday mornings on the High St for those who dig more than 'Acourt worship.
  • There is a brilliant toy shop,called Showells at top of high street,good stuff AND SKATEBORADS probably not 'professional' ones nice and cheap

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