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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • Philip Sparrowhawk. Supposedly the biggest marijuana supplier of all time born and lived in Epsom. Later exposed as working for MI6 and the UN while infiltrating terrorist organisations through the drug trade. Writes under the name Peter Street.
  • Jimmy White. Oh yeeeahh
  • Andrea - the weather woman from GMTV lives in Ashtead - I saw her in the Ashley Centre (HoF) chewing gum and looking miserable Plenty of footballers etc live in nearby Oxshott on Fairoak Lane and Queens Drive
  • Posh Spice went to the dance school - or so people say - Lane School of Dance.
  • Jimmy White lives in the white house with a gate by the train tracks on West Hill, coming out of Epsom past the Marquis of Granby. Why not go and shout JIMMY WHITE into his intercom?
  • we had the one from girls aloud *sigh*
  • John Terry (Chelsea captain and England international) used to, might still have a house here. Jody Morris (Millwall player, formerly of Chelsea). Neil Ardley and Des Byrne also might live in the area.
  • alex kingston?
  • another famous person from Epsom - you probably never heard of him DRIVERS: PETER GETHIN Name: Peter Gethin Nationality: Great Britain Date of birth: February 21, 1940 - Epsom, Surrey Popular and chirpy pint-sized son of successful jockey Ken Gethin, Peter's great moment came in the 1971 Italian Grand Prix at Monza when he forced his BRM P160 into the lead at the last corner, winning the race by one-hundredth of a second at an average speed of 151.634mph. Not only was it the smallest margin of victory recorded up to then in Formula 1 history, but this success was also achieved at a record average. Gethin started in junior league British Formula 3 and won the first British Formula 5000 title in 1969 in a McLaren M10B. He gained promotion to Formula 1 with the McLaren team the following year in the aftermath of Bruce McLaren's sad death, making a midseason switch to BRM in the summer of 1971. Gethin then stayed with BRM trough to the end of 1972 after which his Formula career petered to a halt, with only a couple of guest drivers in 1973 (BRM in Canada) and 1974 (Embassy Hill at Brands Hatch) remaining. He later became involved in driver management, first with Formula 2 March driver Beppe Gabbiani and later for the Formula 1 Toleman team in 1984. He now runs a corporate high performance driving school at the Goodwood circuit near Chichester.
  • oh, ah hem. (does this count?) i was born in Epsom in the sixties and lived thier till i was nine. where my parents moved a lot (now a actor) living in worcster park. i have been on stage at the london pladiam (show case) for new talent. was on tv (channel 5) History of anaesthetics, as a pateint/hospital porter. stared in the musical "Blitz", in banstad, as "harry", have done various extra work. most recently came back from the edinburgh fringe festival, from doing the play "The queen is dead" (lots of fun and hard work) should be doing pantomime, this watch this space and name. cheers steve kingett
  • Norman Wisdom lives in my Dads old block of flats in Epsom. He still lives there as far as I know!
  • John Terry the Chelsea player lives around here somewhere.
  • Alex kingston-da english girl off ER nd "boudicca" went 2 rosebery school-also known as "house on whores hill"
  • jimmy white has the only gated house in epsom lol,normon wisdom, JIMMY PAGE WOOOOOOO
  • Jimmy White the snooker player lives in a 1 million mansion with wife and kiddies. Can be seen driving his black BMW with personal plate 'CUE BOY'.
  • Pop group 'NeverBlue' have recorded there
  • Jimmy page,guitarist and founder member of LED ZEPPELIN born here.
  • Mark Read from boyband A1 went to Epsom and Ewell high School
  • A-Level Boy from Chris Evans Breakfast Show is a resident, I know as i heard him talking about the town on the radio!!!
  • Jody Morris a young Chelsea player lives round about here. Steps the pop band were auditioned in Bourne Hall - one of them - Lee lived in Epsom.
  • Norman Wisdom, apparently Mr Grimsdale (but I've never seen him)
  • Joe Strummer of the Clash went to school here. Also, George Harrison got married here.
  • Petula Clark was born there Posh Spice went to dance school there Oliver Reed was married there
  • Julia Ormond grew up here.
  • Norman Wisdom ?! John Constable Stanley Baker

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